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Critical Race Theory Is Anti-Christian

Critical Race Theory is hard to understand, perhaps deliberately so. Its advocates use common terms differently than do the rest of us. For example, almost everybody associates “racist”[1] with someone who thinks one race is superior to others. But to these advocates, every American is automatically racist, even if no racial intent exists at all.

Even Christians are being deceived by Critical Race Theory. For example, one religious college held a conference that claimed “there is no such thing as being white and being a Christian.”[2] This statement underscores the need to understand the claims of Critical Race Theory and how it impacts Christianity.
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The Time for School Choice Is Past Due

An old story tells of a big, successful store with a plaque in the employees’ lounge which read: “Rule #1. The customer’s always right. Rule #2. If you ever think the customer is wrong, reread Rule #1.”

I bring this up because the public school education establishment (to be distinguished from the rank and file teachers, many of whom are dedicated public servants), often treat their customers as if they’re wrong and as if the education elites know better than the dumb parents.

School choice is the ultimate answer to America’s education crisis, and there ought to be bipartisan agreement …

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Tax-Funded Illinois Propagandists Slam 1776 Report’s Honest History

Tax-funded propagandists in media and academia across Illinois are demonizing the historic 1776 Report report on the public's dime, without offering any examples of errors or inaccuracies among the facts presented by President Donald J. Trump's 1776 Commission.
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Red Cross Called Out For ‘Misleading’ Climate & Disaster Claims

The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) called out the International Red Cross for releasing what it calls a “grossly misleading” report on climate change. The Red Cross report claims the number of climate and weather-related disasters have increased by 35% since 1990, when a UN report released in October shows climate-related disasters have declined by 15 percent in the last 20 years.
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It’s All Queer, All Year

What if I told you that a community of American citizens who are defined by a set of subjective, self-disclosed, and self-defined characteristics and personal behaviors have designated at least 163 days of the calendar year to national and international observances honoring their choices? What if I also told you that the group made up only a fraction of the U.S. population? What would you think?

You would probably have two questions: who are these people and what gives?

“These people” are members of the LGBTQ+ syndicate and we’re right in the middle of their annual “LGBT Pride Month.” If …

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Scandalous Actions by Faux-Female in Co-Ed MN High School Locker Room

According to a lawsuit filed yesterday by the Alliance Defending Freedom, a high school boy in the city of Virginia, Minnesota (near Duluth) who is pretending to be a girl and whom school administrators allow to invade the privacy of girls has been accused of engaging in vulgar sexual gestures in a girls’ locker room.
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Margaret Sanger, Busted

In late August a group of about two dozen African-American pastors staged a protest outside of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.

The National Portrait Gallery isn’t the kind of D.C. landmark you normally associate with protests, but then again, this wasn’t your standard-issue D.C. protest. It was an attempt to set a long-distorted historical record straight.

The protesters demanded the removal of a bust of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger from an exhibit entitled “Struggle for Justice.” To understand why they’re making this demand, you need to know about both the exhibit and Sanger’s views.

The exhibit features …

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