When Parents Push Back Against Transanity
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   06.18.18
We’ve been saying for years that there will be a pushback against LGBTQ extremism. And it’s not because people are uncaring. Or intolerant. Or bigoted. Or unfair. Instead, the pushback comes as a rational reaction to the rising tide of transanity.
How LGBT Activism Works, Illustrated in Front Of Our Eyes
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   06.14.18
It starts with one outraged person. Then, the outrage gets reported. Next, it becomes a story. Then it becomes a cause. It’s happening today, right in front of our eyes. Earlier this week I reported how YouTube had come under...
Moral Standards on the Decline, New Survey Shows
Americans are becoming more permissive on moral issues like smoking pot, same sex relations, divorce, pornography, even polygamy. That’s according to Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs survey, which was conducted May 1-10 and released this week. The trends are the interesting part.
Accepting, Including, Embracing, and Sharing Deviance
By Laurie Higgins   |   06.11.18
What kind of twisted person makes a YouTube video in which she tells two five-year-old girls and two five-year-old boys that as a “child,” she “questioned” her sexuality and that she watched the movie Nell multiple times in order to see actress Jodie Foster naked?
Harvard’s Gender Decision on Historic Choirs Strikes a Bad Note
The Harvard College administration is forcing the Harvard Glee Club, founded in 1858 and the oldest collegiate choir in the nation, to open its membership to women following the adoption of new rules, The Harvard Crimson announced. The traditionally all-female Radcliffe Choral Society at Harvard, founded in 1899, is also subject to the new rules. Changes to the Ivy League choral mainstays come under the leadership of Dean Rakesh Khurana.
Compasses, Canteens, Campfires and Condoms
By John Biver   |   05.24.18
The newly renamed "Scouts BSA" is in the news again – this time amid reports that both condoms and alcohol will be available at next year's World Scout Jamboree.
Conversation with Homosexual Journalist
By Laurie Higgins   |   05.23.18
I was part of an extended Facebook conversation with Chuck Colbert, a homosexual journalist from the Boston area who graduated from Notre Dame University but has renounced his Catholic faith and converted to Reform Judaism. He expressed virtually every...
Intolerant Journalist Demonstrates Biblical Ignorance
By Laurie Higgins   |   05.21.18
Dahleen Glanton, columnist for the Chicago Tribune, recently penned a column about homosexuality that began with this ironic statement: “It is painful to acknowledge one’s own intolerance.” Glanton doesn’t say who’s experiencing this pain, but one thing’s for sure: It’s...
Mormon Exodus from Scouting Is Good for Boys
By Robert Knight   |   05.18.18
It’s official. The Mormons have finally figured out that they can’t do business with the devil. Bully for them. More specifically, the Salt Lake City-based denomination is flipping off the demonic forces assigned by Beelzebub to wage war on God’s...
Identity Politics: Statism, Paganism, and Cultural Marxism
By John Biver   |   05.16.18
American political conservatives continue to offer the American public a vision for how we should govern ourselves. While it is outlined in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution (as well as state constitutions), a more specific approach is delineated in the Republican Party’s National Platform. The Illinois GOP Platform is also a conservative document. Here are just a few specifics in a nutshell:
Socially Constructing Polymorphous Perversity
By Laurie Higgins   |   05.14.18
As I said in an interview with Elizabeth Economou, who writes for Laura Ingraham’s Lifezette, “The Left likes to think that every belief with which they disagree is a product of social conditioning, never questioning whether their ideology is a...
Which Is the Smallest and Most Rejected Minority in America?
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   05.11.18
How would you answer this question? Which group is the smallest, most rejected minority in our country? African Americans have certainly suffered terribly through our history. But they are not the smallest minority today, making up roughly 12 percent of...
National Review Online Demagogue Taunts Conservatives
By Laurie Higgins   |   05.10.18
There’s a troubling piece titled “Time for a Compromise on Transgenderism” posted on National Review online and written by purportedly conservative, “gay vegetarian”  J. J. McCullough. In condescending language, McCullough argues that it’s time for Americans to hop...
English and Math Proficiency Takes a Back Seat to LGBTQ Propaganda
By John Biver   |   05.09.18
Here was the headline: “Only 33 Percent of Students Proficient in English, Math.” Last month, IFI’s Laurie Higgins wrote: “Devilish Details in School Sexuality-Indoctrination Bill.” And in a recent IFA Spotlight podcast, Higgins discussed the Illinois state senate’s approval of...
Torching Marriage
By Laurie Higgins   |   05.07.18
Let’s try a little thought experiment: Let’s imagine that now, after legally recognizing intrinsically non-marital same-sex unions as “marriages,” we notice that there remains a unique type of relationship that is identified by the following features: it is composed of two people of major age who are not closely related by blood, are of opposite sexes, and engage in the only kind of sexual act that is naturally procreative. We decide that as language-users there must be a term to identify this particular, commonplace, and cross-cultural type of relationship. Let’s call it “huwelijk.”
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