Redefining Child Abuse
By Thomas Hampson   |   02.28.24
Whenever a legislator proposes a new law, supposedly, that new law is intended to solve some problem. But what problem does the law proposed by Anne Stava-Murray seek to solve in HB 4876? Her bill would expand the definition of child abuse to include a parent or other member of the household who...
Biden’s New Mandate for Gender Indoctrination
By Alex Newman   |   02.24.24
Under the guise of protecting the “civil rights” of students, the Biden administration unveiled a new regulation purporting to force government schools nationwide to bow before all the invented “gender identities” and sexual perversions that now dominate the “education” system. The rule would also purport to overturn state laws banning males in girls’ sports. 
“Three in One Flesh?”
By Ecce Verum   |   02.23.24
The "slippery slope" idea is sometimes a fallacy. But other times, it's simply the way the world works. Concerned conservative Christians—the ones who warned us that legalizing one sexual perversion would lead to another down the road—were right. Say hello to polyamory, 2024.
Polyamory and Open Marriage
By Kenna Rose   |   02.20.24
When a culture increasingly redefines marriage, marriage itself will eventually become meaningless. If marriage can mean anything you want it to, then it actually means nothing. An example of this is a new trend that is emerging in our country: open marriages and polyamory.
Edwardsville HS: Installing Multi-gender, Multi-stall Bathroom
By Kathy Athearn   |   02.16.24
This September, Edwardsville H.S. will begin construction on its building to include multi-stall, unisex bathrooms... Doing so will force girls to share bathrooms with boys and vice versa – all in an effort to be more “inclusive” to transgender students. School Board officials decided to move forward with a bathroom remodel after HB 1286 was signed into law by Gov. Pritzker last year.
Children’s Health & Parental Rights on the Chopping Block!
By David E. Smith   |   02.12.24
We are calling your attention to an alarming and pathetic bill that is currently pending in the Illinois General Assembly. We are hoping and praying that there is a strong response in opposition to this totalitarian effort to this outrageous effort to dismantle parental rights in Illinois.
The Most Rigorous Sexual Ethicist Ever: Jesus Christ
By David E. Smith   |   02.11.24
Did Jesus have anything to say about homosexuality? Do we have any authority to say that any sin is worse than another? Just how important is the issue of homosexuality to the church today? In the video below, Dr. Robert Gagnon sets the record straight during his session at the IFI Worldview Conference in 2022...
Securing Our Future
By Thomas Hampson   |   02.09.24
Our ability to protect children from sexual exploitation is declining every day.  The environment has become sexually saturated.  Prime-time programs on broadcast television promote casual sex, even for teens.  Pornography is impossible to avoid short of disconnecting all electronics.  Standards of dress and conduct have become eroticized.  Societal taboos about sexual experimentation have severely eroded, and internal inhibitions have steeply declined.
A Convenient Dodge
Jesus forgave the sinner. He didn’t accommodate the sin. We read about this in John, Chapter 8 — often referred to as the “Woman caught in the act of adultery.” (John 8:2-11) Any of us who have read or heard this story about the adulterous woman should be asking why the Pharisees were not so hot on the idea of dealing with the sin of the adulterous man. And we should clearly see that Jesus is a God of mercy and forgiveness. Does He then excuse adultery? Hardly.
Christians, Stop Living Like You’re Lost!
By Rev. Thorin Anderson   |   02.03.24
“Amazing grace! how sweet the sound-that saved a wretch like me!  I once was lost but now am found. . . .” These opening words from John Newton’s famous gospel song acknowledge the reality of our lost condition without Jesus Christ.
Wokeness at the NFL Continues
By David E. Smith   |   02.03.24
It's disappointing to learn that the NFL continues to celebrate and ally itself with divisive left-wing ideologies. My family and I once looked forward to football season. We'd often watch games on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings. But the NFL's embrace of radical and anti-family political agendas has alienated us once too many times.
Illinois Youth Survey Warrants Caution
By Ecce Verum   |   02.02.24
Every school has to know at least a little bit about the students it is teaching, and every school has to provide at least something of value to its students. But there's a flipside—in pursuit of these goals, schools should not pry into areas of family life beyond their proper purview. While every family will have slightly different standards about what is appropriate for schools to inquire about or provide for their kids, I think that concerned parents and observers of the education system may soon sound the alarm that schools are becoming too intrusive.
The Mistake by the Lake: Alistair Begg, Public Sins, and the Decay of Evangelicalism
By Brandon Myers   |   02.01.24
In a recent American Reformer article detailing the decay of doctrine among Evangelicals, the point that generated the most attention by far concerned popular pastor Alistair Begg’s counsel from September of last year in which he advised a woman to attend her grandchild’s transgender “wedding.”
By Thomas Hampson   |   01.31.24
There are 341,000 students in the Chicago Public Schools, divided among 638 schools—476 elementary schools and 162 high schools. According to the recent report by the Chicago Public Schools Office of Inspector General (OIG), there were 446 sexual misconduct allegations reported to the OIG during the calendar year 2023.
Polyamory and the ‘Next Sexual Revolution’ That Has Been Here for Years
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   01.29.24
Has polyamory become more acceptable to more Americans? A 2023 Pew Research poll reports 50% of Americans say open marriages "are somewhat or completely unacceptable. This includes 37% who say these marriages are completely unacceptable and 13% who say they’re somewhat unacceptable."
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