America Needs a Great Conservative Reset
By Laurie Higgins   |   05.26.22
A Democrat-controlled presidency and U.S. Congress (as well as state legislatures) will further empower the arrogant, ignorant, divisive, tyrannical cancel culture that has taken root in every major cultural institution in America. Academia, the mainstream press, Big Tech, corporate America, Hollywood, and professional medical and mental health organizations collude to censor the dissemination of ideas leftists hate and oppress those who disseminate them. The power these institutions already enjoy and employ to destroy speech rights, religious liberty, and careers is not enough to satiate the unquenchable thirst for power of leftists.
The Great Reset is a Sneaky Cultural Revolution
By Oliver Perry   |   05.25.22
What is this Great Reset? We’ll find that it’s yet another attempt to establish socialism. In this scheme businesses will be persuaded to voluntarily accept government control. We’d silently shift into accepting a socialist economy, along with the rest of its agenda, without even realizing it.
How Compromised Preaching Is Contributing to Our Cultural Rot
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   05.24.22
For many years, I have stated that a major reason America is so messed up is that much of the American Church is also messed up. And a major reason that so much of the American Church is messed up is that so many Christian leaders are also messed up. The domino effect is quite real.
Trying to Defrock George Washington
By Dr. Jerry Newcombe   |   05.19.22
First, they came for the George Washington mural in a school in San Francisco—because our first president had been a slaveowner. Later they came for his name on the same school, and as of last count, the name survived. Then, they came for the statues of the father of our country during the summer of statue-toppling.

Now, the left wants to strip his name from his eponymous university.
‘You Are the Salt of the Earth’
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   05.17.22
In one of the most famous passages in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said to His disciples (and, by extension, to His followers today), “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” (Matthew 5:13; He followed this by saying that we were the light of the world.)
Babies’ Formula Threatened by the Supply Chain Failures
By Kristi Shaffer   |   05.04.22
The supply chain shortages have caused bare shelves throughout the nation. Most of us remember the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, searching for household cleansers and hand gel. Although low cleaning supplies are aggravating, the new shortage could be serious for the most innocent among us. The U.S. is facing a severe lack of baby formula.
Musk vs. Leftist Hatred of Free Speech
By Laurie Higgins   |   04.28.22
The ugly truth about leftists is that their desire for freedom extends only to members of the hive. Only worker bees enslaved to the drag Queen should be permitted to speak in the virtual public square. If Americans didn’t realize...
Hatred Animates the Left
By Laurie Higgins   |   04.20.22
As we head into the next presidential campaign season, it would serve us well to remember how leftist hatred and the lies they created to serve their hatred have caused ordinary Americans to suffer. Leftist hatred of former President Trump...
Ideologically Grooming Kids in Schools
By Laurie Higgins   |   04.15.22
Parents, grandparents and Christian leaders must understand how morally and intellectually unmoored activists are corrupting our children. Many of these activists are teaching our children in our government schools. They propagandize in many ways, including through literature, direct instruction, and demagoguery. They propagate highly controversial beliefs without telling young students that the “explanations” are controversial, disputed, pagan-based, and devoid of scientific support.
To Stupidity and Beyond
“To infinity and beyond!” In November of 1995, the first of four blockbuster animated films in the Toy Story franchise was released by Walt Disney Pictures to both audience and critical acclaim. With Toy Story, astute businesspeople at the Walt Disney Company created a cash-cow franchise capable of producing revenue for years to come by creating and delivering a product that appealed to their target audience of parents and children. Unfortunately, the Walt Disney Company’s leap from a business focused on producing broadly appealing content to a business exemplifying the latest version of woke corporate activism, redefining the nature and use of a company’s products, has taken the company to the height of stupidity and beyond.
Worried About Heart Health?
By Micah Clark   |   04.06.22
There is an interesting national poll finding that most parents are worried about their children’s spiritual condition. The Christian polling firm led by George Barna surveyed parents with children under the age of 18 and measured their level of concern regarding their peers.
Loving What God Loves
By Rev. Thorin Anderson   |   03.30.22
A harmonious and happy marriage requires many ingredients, not the least of which is the number of things which the husband and wife have in common.  Wise couples understand that each of them will need to let some things go, and also learn to appreciate the things their spouse appreciates.  They understand that change will be essential for harmony.
Dr. Peter Leithart: How Are We Living in Apocalyptic Times
By Laurie Higgins   |   03.12.22
IFI is pleased to offer these interviews in short savory segments for your edification beginning with Peter Leithart, president of Theopolis Institute and teacher at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Leithart is a prolific writer who has authored many books and writes a regular column for First Things Magazine.
Adolph Putin?
By Rev. Thorin Anderson   |   03.07.22
What we are witnessing in Ukraine is not a tragedy, it is an atrocity.  A tragedy is when an innocent person dies in an accident.  What Vladimir Putin is inflicting on the people of Ukraine, and to some extent on his own military personnel and citizens, is an abomination, an unjustified violation of every standard of justice and goodness.  It is an evil that Europe and the world have not witnessed since Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. 
Are We on the Edge of World War III?
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   02.28.22
What are the implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Could it be that we are on the edge of a massively costly, truly disastrous, global war? And what does this feel like for the people of Ukraine?
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