Warn Your Children About the Religion of Wokeism
By David E. Smith   |   11.19.21
God’s Word is filled with promises, commands, exhortations, and encouragement. Scripture is also replete with warnings. In 1 John 2:15-16, we read: “Do not love the world nor the things of the world. If anyone loves the world, the love...
Fatuous Floor Debate on Parental Notice of Abortion Act
By Laurie Higgins   |   11.12.21
The euphemistically titled “Youth Health and Safety Act” (HB 370) has passed both the Illinois House and Senate. Leftists who believe it takes a village to strip parents of their natural rights and strip preborn humans of their right to live are close to fulfilling their promise to make Illinois America’s bloodiest killing field.  HB 370 will repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act passed in 1995 that requires parents of minor pregnant girls to be notified at least 48 hours before girls can have their babies killed.
Some Crucial Questions for Proponents and Opponents of CRT
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   11.08.21
In America today, when it comes to the question of Critical Race Theory (CRT), we are like ships – really, like battleships – passing each other in the night. One side shouts, “We’ve got to get CRT out of our schools! It is hurting our children!” The other side responds, “CRT is not being taught in our children’s schools! This is just a racist dog whistle!” Is there any way to bridge the divide?
The Pilgrims and Socialism
By Dr. Jerry Newcombe   |   11.04.21
Socialism, one of history’s worst ideas, has been disproved repeatedly and without exception. Yet it keeps rearing its ugly head—constantly being rebranded as a good idea.

Socialism only benefits the ruling class who implement this form of government theft.
No, Juan Williams. ‘Parents’ Rights’ Is Not a Code for White Race Politics
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   11.03.21
In his November 1 op-ed for The Hill, Fox News Analyst Juan Williams claimed that the “parents’ rights’ mantra in the Virginia gubernatorial elections is simply “a code for white race politics.” To the contrary, this really is about parents’ rights and about what is best for all children. To inject charges of white supremacy and racism is to miss the whole point of why so many parents are so upset. In all candor and with due respect, I would have expected better from Mr. Williams.
“Intentional Childlessness” on the Rise
“I never expected to be the poster child for sterilization,” Rachel Daimond told Suzy Weiss in a recent article titled, “First Comes Love, Then Comes Sterilization” focusing on a troubling trend among American young adults. For several months, Diamond has been using social media, especially Tick Tock, to document her decision to undergo sterilization to guarantee that she would never have children. Diamond, like a growing number of young adults, is part of the “intentionally child free” or anti-natalist movement.
Rod Dreher Warns Live Not by Lies
By Laurie Higgins   |   10.26.21
In his important new book Live Not by Lies, Rod Dreher explores the reasons so few Americans are willing to resist the pervasive and growing “soft totalitarianism” for which the left is responsible. Citing political philosopher and Holocaust survivor Hannah...
Why the Heavy-Handed Mandate Bullying?
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   10.25.21
I am not an anti-vaxxer, and plenty of my friends and colleagues have been vaccinated. And, from the perspective of those who believe that the COVID-19 vaccinations are safe and effective and even life-saving, I can understand the desire to see everyone vaccinated. But what I cannot possibly understand is the threatening, vindictive, heavy-handed bullying in conjunction with the mandates. Not only are these unfair and even cruel, but they give fuel to the fire of those who view the mandates as nothing less than dangerous governmental overreach.
Cowardice and the Neutering of America
By Laurie Higgins   |   10.12.21
The great evil in America for over two centuries was slavery and its ugly aftermath. Too many Christians for too long stood passive as Satan attacked the humanity of African Americans. Too few had the courage to do what Wheaton...
When Parents Became the Enemy
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   10.11.21
With all the ominous things taking place in America – and there are certainly quite a few – perhaps none is more ominous than this: Parents are being demonized. Moms and dads have become he enemy. It is now the government (or the education system) vs. those entrusted with raising the next generation. How on earth did this happen? We have certainly come a long way from the days of Father Knows Best – a very long way.
Critical Race Theory Is Anti-Christian
By Oliver Perry   |   10.08.21
Critical Race Theory is hard to understand, perhaps deliberately so. Its advocates use common terms differently than do the rest of us. For example, almost everybody associates “racist”[1] with someone who thinks one race is superior to others. But to these advocates, every American is automatically racist, even if no racial intent exists at all.

Even Christians are being deceived by Critical Race Theory. For example, one religious college held a conference that claimed “there is no such thing as being white and being a Christian.”[2] This statement underscores the need to understand the claims of Critical Race Theory and how it impacts Christianity.
Reports of Menstruation Changes Following Vaccine are Ignored
By Kristi Shaffer   |   10.06.21
Reports from women experiencing menstruation changes following receiving the vaccine are growing. In the United Kingdom, there have now been over 30,000 women reporting changes to their menstrual cycles. These changes include extreme bleeding, pain, and skipping cycles. As reports spread through the U.K. and the U.S., some young women are concerned that the vaccines could affect their reproductive ability.
Be Biblically Correct Not Politically Correct (Acts 17:26)
America is an increasingly divided nation. We divide ourselves according to race, gender, sexual identity, vaccination status, and other factors that force us to focus on how we are different. The concept is known as “identity politics” or “tribalism.” Politicians make matters worse by encouraging tribalism and portraying themselves as the champions of various identity groups. To say or do anything disapproved of by a given identity group is considered politically incorrect.
Legendary Hypocrisy and Deceit of Democrats
By Laurie Higgins   |   09.22.21
As Leftists unravel and incinerate the fabric of America, it’s helpful—unpleasant but helpful—to recall some of their now legendary acts of hypocrisy and deceit, including the widespread use of Newspeak. So, let’s start with that. While claiming to have a...
Responding to the Rise of Single Motherhood and Feminism
By Kristi Shaffer   |   09.21.21
Fatherless children are quickly becoming the norm in the United States. At one time, it was primarily young and poorly educated women who became single mothers. Today that trend is changing. Educated women in their mid-thirties are often having their...
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