Pro-Family Illinois Voters Finally Have a Reason to Thank Governor Rauner
By John Biver   |   04.17.17
Despite playing coy in a few private meetings during his campaign in 2014, Bruce Rauner turned out to support pro-abortion, pro-LGBT and pro-cultural rot. So his announcement last week that he would veto legislation that would authorize taxpayer funding of...
“Trans”-Cultism and Sex-Selection Abortions
By Laurie Higgins   |   04.13.17
Anti-truth claims will always collapse into incoherence and self-contradiction, if not under the weight of the individual and cultural destruction that follows in their wake. Let’s look at the confluence of several “progressive” anti-truth claims and the intellectual and moral incoherence that results from embracing them:
Momentum Building To Defund Planned Parenthood
By Chris Iverson   |   03.31.17
A politically dramatic scene occurred on March 30th. U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson (R-Georgia), recovering from back surgery, and Vice President Mike Pence arrived in the U.S. Senate to cast votes for a bill that reverses an abortion-clinic Obama-era...
Abortionist Works on Bicep Strength to Extract Those Darn Baby Heads
By Laurie Higgins   |   03.30.17
The Center for Medical Progress has released a disturbing new video in which David Daleiden interviews abortionist/obstetrician Dr. DeShawn Taylor who used to kill humans in the womb for Planned Parenthood but started her own abattoir in Arizona in 2013. Taylor is also a member of NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona and the National Abortion Federation Society of Family Planning.
Hey Feminists! The U.S. Constitution Does Not NEED an Equal Rights Amendment
By Tami Jackson   |   03.27.17
What exactly is the meaning of feminism? It sounds innocuous enough, like something akin to feminine. Declaring a man masculine or woman feminine is a good thing, not a pejorative. That is unless you are an ardent, radical feminist. According...
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Making Illinois a Shelter State for Abortion
By Monte Larrick   |   03.23.17
A legendary life leader says Illinois could become a safe haven for abortion if House Bill 40 is enacted. Not only does the Planned Parenthood-backed legislation force taxpayers to fund abortions, it removes language in state law that protects unborn children.
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Beyond Boycotting to Stewardship
By Israel Wayne   |   03.22.17
To boycott, or not to boycott? That is the question. Inevitably a company will take a social position that offends the sensibilities of a large segment of their customer base. This happens on the political right and left. Those whose...
New Legislation Threatens the Lifesaving Work of Sidewalk Counseling
By Andrew Willis   |   03.21.17
Thousands of children are alive today because pro-life sidewalk counselors stand outside abortion clinics offering encouragement and information about the abortion alternatives to pregnant mothers. It is one of the most effective ways to save the unborn. New legislation, however,...
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The Barbarism of Feminism
By Laurie Higgins   |   03.20.17
Just when you think you’ve seen the depths of the cultural rebellion against God, it gets worse. The Catholic media outlet Crux reported on the blasphemous and ghoulish event that took place in Argentina on the increasingly infamous International Women’s Day, held this year on March 8.
Illinois is Broke, but Lawmakers Still Want to Start Paying for Abortions
By Monte Larrick   |   03.16.17
Illinois lawmakers haven't been able to craft a truly balanced state budget for years and now the Left wants to add funding for abortions to the spending list. Enactment of House Bill 40 will likely come at the expense of programs that help women and children.
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