LAST CALL: Meet Kevin & Sam Sorbo at IFI’s October Banquet!
By David E. Smith   |   09.05.22
The "Early Bird Special" for the IFI Annual Banquet expires on Monday, so please don't delay, sign up today!
Reserve Your 2022 General Election Voter Guides Now!
By Kathy Valente   |   08.23.22
We will be printing a limited number of the 2022 General Election Voter Guides. While we will make it available on our website to download, it is wise to order bulk quantities of the printed version now to share with your friends, neighbors, family and at church (with your pastor's permission).
Stand With Us
By David E. Smith   |   08.21.22
Illinois Family Institute has been fighting for traditional family values for more than 30 years now. We have never been afraid to stand up and speak out in the public square for the Judeo-Christian values upon which our country was...
Early Bird Deadline for IFI’s Annual Banquet Approaching!
By David E. Smith   |   08.19.22
We are looking forward to welcoming Kevin and Sam Sorbo to our annual fall banquet in a few months to share their faith, concerns about the secular culture and the need to return to Judeo-Christian values. The Sorbos are a different kind of "power couple" -- they are, in our opinion, an amazing Christian husband & wife team who, despite being blacklisted by Hollywood, have been very outspoken about abortion, public school indoctrination, and a host of other social issues.
Are You Registered to Vote for the 2022 General Election?
By David E. Smith   |   07.27.22
God has blessed America with the gift of self-government -- a "government of the people, by the people, and for the people." Voting is a privilege that millions of people in other parts of the world are denied.

But this unique blessing also comes with a tremendous responsibility. In Romans 13, we are told that all authorities are appointed by God. If you look at the first three words in our U.S. Constitution, you'll find out who that authority is in America -- "We the People..."
2022 Primary Election Voter Resources
By Kathy Valente   |   06.27.22
For vital information about state and federal candidates, the IFI Voter Guide is possibly the best source in the state of Illinois! The non-partisan IFI Voter Guide will help you learn more about the candidates on the June 28th ballot and their positions on important issues that directly affect your family and the culture around us. (We also have other resources on this page.)
Worldview Conference: Apostles of Wokeism or Disciples of Jesus Christ?
By David E. Smith   |   02.01.22
Please join the Illinois Family Institute for our annual Worldview Conference on February 26th at Village Church of Barrington. UPDATED: This year we are featuring a distinguished group of speakers who will expound on the lies and fearmongering that is sweeping throughout the world, including Dr. Everett Piper and Dr. Rob Rienow.
Two Important Updates From IFI!
By David E. Smith   |   12.31.21
Did you know? The IRS will allow taxpayers to claim both the standard deduction and a limited deduction for donations to qualified charities for the 2021 tax year.
2021 Matching Challenge Update
By David E. Smith   |   12.29.21
Dear Friends, We’re almost there! Many of you have given sacrificially, and through December 31st these donations will be doubled up to $150,000 through the generosity of amazing supporters who agree with the work being done at IFI. I can’t...
Four Days Left to Meet Our Challenge Match!
By David E. Smith   |   12.27.21
Thanks to your generous contributions we have raised a little more than 75 percent for our End of Year Matching Challenge Campaign. We have until the stroke of midnight on Dec. 31st to raise the remaining 25 percent to reach our goal!
The JOY of Christmas
By Rev. Thorin Anderson   |   12.24.21
What is the joy of Christmas? I expect we are all familiar with the biblical account of the angel's announcement to the shepherds, "Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy. . . " But have we forgotten what those tidings were?
10 Day Count Down! More Than Halfway There…
I am excited to share some good news with you about the $150,000 matching challenge we wrote about two weeks ago: The response to this challenge has been encouraging, and we are making good progress toward meeting the goal before...
Double Your Donations to IFI in December!
By David E. Smith   |   12.16.21
For almost three decades now, IFI has stood alone in boldly defending faith and family in the Land of Lincoln. The world of local conservative politics—political pundits, consultants, establishment members, and activists for other causes—constantly tell us that what matters most are fiscal issues. IFI is the only voice boldly upholding the truth in the public square that what matters most in public policy are the sanctity of life, the traditional family, and religious liberty.
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