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Peace Peace, When There is No Peace
Near where I live, there is a park and a little lake where I walk. Some evenings I notice a lot of Asians. Other evenings I am barraged with people from India, flying kites. I often see people from Pakistan...
Decision America Tour in Springfield with Franklin Graham
It was finally our turn. We had looked forward with anticipation for many months for the day Franklin Graham would stand on our capital steps to lead us in prayer. His plan was to visit the capitols of all states...
So, we had some of our Grandkids visiting this past week, and decided to take them to Chuck-E-Cheese. You know the place that has all the games, and if you are skillful or lucky, you win tickets that you can later redeem for prizes. Oh, and they also serve pizza, which none of the kids found time to eat as long as they have tokens to spend.
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Pro-Lifers Urge Gov. Rauner to Keep His Word and Veto HB 40
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