Support for Abortion Funding Should Sink Any Legislator’s Re-Election
By John Biver   |   02.18.17
Here is some bad news: Illinoisans who support the use of your money to pay for abortions have been calling their legislators asking them to support HB 40. A vote on this bill could come at any time. The good...
Are Progressives Targeting Minorities with Abortion?
By John Biver   |   02.08.17
Pro-life advocate Chris Iverson noted this fact in an article here at IFI recently: The U.S. abortion rate is the lowest in recorded history! The Guttmacher Institute found that there were 14.6 abortions for every 1,000 women aged 15-44 in...
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Illinois Abortions Increased 3.5%
By Chris Iverson   |   01.05.17
The Illinois Department of Public Health recently released updated statistics on abortions for 2015.  The number of pre-born human babies aborted in Illinois increased by 1,384 in 2015 to a total of 39,856.  The Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 (720...
Are Trigger Warnings Needed for Invocations?
By John Biver   |   12.24.16
In today’s “politically correct” America, it is evidently a possible offense to quote a former president and discuss the role of Christianity in the founding of the nation. The State Journal-Register’s political reporter Bernard Schoenburg recently reported on an invocation...
Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford Wins Injunction
By John Biver   |   12.21.16
It seems that our nation's founding fathers were not clear enough with their use of language in the First Amendment, which protects some of our God-given rights. That "make no law" thing is confusing for many, and that "abridging" business, well, that's way over the heads of Illinois Leftist lawmakers.
Baby Jesus Goes to Springfield
By Monte Larrick   |   12.19.16
The very secular home of state government in Illinois is now the site of a nativity scene and it is all so legal for it to be there.
Make Illinois Great Again? Run for Office
By Monte Larrick   |   12.06.16
Illinois' April 4th consolidated election is just a few months away...and Christians are needed to run for local offices.
More Questions About Dubious Illinois Human Rights Commission
By Laurie Higgins   |   12.02.16
Yesterday, I wrote about the profoundly unjust decision of the ideologically imbalanced three-member panel of commissioners from the Illinois Human Rights Commission who decided that Christian bed and breakfast owner Jim Walder should pay $80,000 for refusing to rent his facilities to a same-sex couple for their civil union ceremony. But there is more!
Homosexuals & Corrupt Illinois Human Rights Commission vs. Christian Business Owner
By Laurie Higgins   |   12.01.16
A three-person panel of commissioners from the 13-member Illinois Human Rights Commission (IHRC) has decided not to review the egregious decision of IHRC administrative law judge Michael Robinson in the discrimination complaint filed by homosexuals Todd and Mark Wathen against Christian bed and breakfast owner Jim Walder.
‘Lame Duck’ Tax Increase Debated While Both Parties Struggle with Basic Math
By John Biver   |   11.30.16
Anyone paying the least bit of attention to Illinois government knows the state is a fiscal mess, and the ongoing drama being played out between our Republican governor and Democrat General Assembly is like a long-running TV soap opera. The...
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