YouTube Content Policing: The Fox Watching the Henhouse
By Tami Jackson   |   03.14.18
Farmers and even city slickers understand the value of protecting the hen house and would never allow a fox or wolf to stand guard. The fox does not see the hens as egg-producers, but as a lip-smacking meal ready to...
The First Amendment Is In Far Greater Danger Than The Second
Our nation’s elites are waging war on the American people, wielding the institutions they’ve spent several decades capturing to punish those who disagree with their preferred positions and to deny them the ability to speak publicly, all in an effort to stifle free and open debate. And no, this isn’t a George Orwell novel — this is the United States of America.
CMA Rejects Biblical Truth and Mike Huckabee
By Laurie Higgins   |   03.03.18
Homosexual head honcho in the country music industry, Jason Owen, threw a tantrum over the appointment of Mike Huckabee to serve on the board of the philanthropic arm of the Country Music Association (CMA). Owen was furious that Huckabee holds the theologically orthodox belief that homosexuality is a sin and that Huckabee supports the NRA.
The New Federal Conscience and Religious Freedom Division
By Nancy Valko   |   03.02.18
As a nurse threatened with termination for refusing to participate in an unethical health care decision years ago, I have a special interest in conscience rights for health care professionals. Over the past several decades, new threats to conscience rights...
Advancing Religious Liberty Is ‘America’s Most Noble Effort’
The U.S. Senate recently confirmed Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback to be the new U.S. ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom in the US Department of State. "Never before has there been more religious persecution than there is in the world today, I am sad to say that," Brownback said. "Yet this is a foundational human right. If you want more security and less terrorism in your country have more religious freedom. It's a byproduct, a fruit of more security and peace. It's in all the data and now we need to spread it to all the world."
The Way Back to Religious Liberty
By Robert Knight   |   01.27.18
In early January, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) overturned a longstanding policy that forbade churches from getting federal disaster relief money. The rule change by the Trump Administration affected any houses of worship that were damaged on or after August 23, just before...
What is the Conservatives Movement’s Answer to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube’s ‘Viewpoint Discrimination’?
By John Biver   |   01.22.18
Last year brought a flurry of news reports about how Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been actively working to suppress the conservative message. Their actions are not new -- all the big four tech/social media giants are run by Leftists. Some speculate that the election of Donald Trump increased their motivation to step up their efforts.
Illinois Pregnancy Centers Take Stand Against Compelled Abortion Advertising
WASHINGTON—today twenty-three Illinois pregnancy centers filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court of the United States in the case of National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra. Their brief defends their right to not promote abortion and a woman’s right to choose life for her unborn child. The NIFLA v. Becerra case out of California deals with whether the government can force pro-life pregnancy care centers to provide free advertising for the abortion industry. The Illinois centers contend...
Religious Liberty Wins, For Now.
Based on a quick survey of news articles and blogs on Mississippi’s law, HB 1523, you could conclude that gay, lesbian, transgender, and people who have sex outside of marriage, are about to be in great danger. That is because the news articles and blogs are filled with hyperbole about...
What’s at Stake in the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision on Forced Abortion Speech
By Andrew Willis   |   01.08.18
Roe v. Wade may have locked the “right” to abortion in American caselaw for the present future, but the courts have generally been respectful to medical professionals who wish to abstain from any affiliation with abortion. If doctors, nurses, or...
Coalition Letter Urges Trump Administration to Resist Courts on “Transgenders” in Military
By John Biver   |   12.26.17
A coalition of Christian leaders, including the Illinois Family Institute’s Dave Smith, has sent a letter to President Donald Trump calling on him to move forward with his plans to revoke President Barack Obama’s policies regarding "transgenders" in the military...
Making Room for Baby Jesus in the Illinois Rotunda
By Monte Larrick   |   12.07.17
Thanks to the work of the Springfield Nativity Scene Committee, the state capitol rotunda is once again the site for a privately funded creche display. Tom Brejcha, the president of the Thomas More Society​, points out that the public interest law firm is working with groups to bring nativity scenes and the Gospel message to cities across the nation.
Why the Masterpiece Cake Case Matters to All Americans
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   12.04.17
Should a gay baker be required by law to design a cake with the message, “God hates fags”? Should an African American t-shirt maker be required by law to design a t-shirt saying, “Long live the KKK?” Should a Muslim caterer be required by law to provide pork for a secular event? Should a Jewish photographer be required to shoot a wedding on the Sabbath? The answer to all these questions is: Of course not. Why, then, should a Christian baker be required by law to design a cake celebrating the “wedding” of two women (or men)?
Pray for Religious Liberty at the SCOTUS
By David E. Smith   |   12.03.17
This week the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will hear a case that will either preserve our First Amendment religious liberty in the United States or diminish it. The case is about Jack Phillips, a bakery owner in...
Asinine Idea to Protect Christian Vendors from Lawsuits
By Laurie Higgins   |   11.30.17
Legal affairs columnist at The Daily Beast, Jay Michaelson, has offered the dumbest idea yet to solve the problem of homosexual couples trying to force Christians to provide goods and services for their faux-weddings. Michaelson, who writes on “law, religion, and sexuality,” is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Law School, which provides clear evidence that intelligence and prestigious educations provide no bulwark against foolishness.
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