Why is it so hard to understand?
By Aaron Baer   |   05.24.17
Remember learning about the Pavlovian experiment where every time he rung a bell, he gave a dog a treat, resulting in the dog connecting the sound of bell with food? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just watch...
Lord Willing, This is the First of Many
By Aaron Baer   |   05.19.17
Let’s flash back 10 years ago… This was a time when a majority of states had constitutional marriage amendments defining marriage s the union of one man and one woman – a time when support for this definition was bipartisan:...
Did “Snowflakes” Attack Professor Anthony Esolen?
By Laurie Higgins   |   05.08.17
The snowflake metaphor for Millennials who quash speech that they don’t like seems particularly inapt. These petulant ruffians are more like jackhammers. Snowflakes are delicate, complex, singular, ineffably beautiful and naturally occurring. They fall from the sky through no human interventio
Good News: President Trump Signs Executive Order to Promote Religious Liberty
By John Biver   |   05.04.17
Fulfilling a campaign promise to get rid of the “Johnson Amendment,” President Donald Trump, according to Liberty Counsel, “signed an executive order today that promotes religious liberty throughout the federal agencies in general and in certain specific areas”: The executive...
Gruff Ruff, the Unhinged “Progressive” Public School Administrator
By Laurie Higgins   |   05.03.17
If you want to know what lurks in the hearts, minds, and mouths of many taxpayer-subsidized “educators” in government schools, watch the first 8 1/2 minutes of this video of unhinged assistant principal Zach Ruff shouting, hurling obscenities, and singing show tunes to silence two young pro-life Christian conservatives.
Vimeo Declares War on Gospel Transformation
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   04.03.17
If Jesus has changed your life and set you free from homosexual practice, your testimony is not welcome on Vimeo – not now, not ever. And if you see homosexuality as another aspect of sexual brokenness, something for which Jesus...
New Bill Forces Pastors to Take Mandatory Training
By Andrew Willis   |   03.28.17
Novelist Vikram Seth wrote, “God save us from people who mean well.” Who are among those well-meaning people from whom we desperately need saving? Politicians. In a well-intentioned but misguided attempt to attack the widespread and grievous problem of domestic...
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Beyond Boycotting to Stewardship
By Israel Wayne   |   03.22.17
To boycott, or not to boycott? That is the question. Inevitably a company will take a social position that offends the sensibilities of a large segment of their customer base. This happens on the political right and left. Those whose...
Shame on the Silent Christian Leaders Who Refuse to Stand Against Government Tyranny
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   02.17.17
There is only one thing more appalling than the Washington Supreme Court’s 9-0 ruling against religious liberty [on Thursday]. It is the silence of Christian leaders across America, leaders who choose convenience over confrontation, leaders who would rather be popular...
Identity Politics and Paraphilias: Body Integrity Identity Disorder
By John Biver   |   01.30.17
Three and a half years ago in an article titled “Frightening The Horses,” writer and editor Rod Dreher opens giving a fellow writer kudos. “Ben Domenech calls it,” Dreher notes, and then excerpts him: I think they have really been...
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