Dr. Robert A.J. Gagnon: Is “LGBTQ” Pressure Beginning to Crack the Evangelical House?
By Laurie Higgins   |   04.03.20
Our season of sheltering-in-place provides the ideal opportunity to prepare for the next season when we will re-engage in the public square. One of our responsibilities as Christians is to help foster an environment in which truth prevails and families...
Michele Bachmann: The Cost of Liberty
By David E. Smith   |   04.02.20
In 2016, IFI was fortunate to have as our annual banquet keynote speaker former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a strong and consistent voice for pro-family values. A former candidate for POTUS, she not only distinguished herself by forming and chairing the Tea Party Caucus in 2010 in the U.S. House. In her speech, Mrs. Bachmann speaks on Christians' responsibility to defend truth in our country. Using the example of the Pilgrims, who came to found a new community on Christian principles, she argues for the good that Christians can do in a society to preserve its culture and uphold truth.
A Conversation With<br>Dr. Allan C. Carlson
By David E. Smith   |   03.26.20
In his interview with Derek Buikema of Orland Park Christian Reformed Church, Dr. Allan Carlson discusses the current political climate as it relates to American Christianity and the family. Certain policies, for example, though promoted by the Republican party, are detrimental to the family.
Neutralize COVID-19 Hysteria With Faith and Kindness Toward Neighbors
Ray Comfort, in his book “Spurgeon Gold: Pure and Refined,” describes Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the 19th-century preacher who ministered in the streets of London during the cholera pandemic of 1854. Spurgeon’s words, says Mr. Comfort, were pure and refined. They were rhetorical and theological gold. Spurgeon, “had the ability to take the hammer of eloquence and nail a particular truth, to pull back the veil of the eternal and give us a fleeting glance.”
Ask Dr. Brown: Why Don’t More Pastors Speak Out?
By David E. Smith   |   03.19.20
When it comes to addressing complex issues of our day – homosexuality, trans-ideology, and abortion, just to name a few – most pastors choose to remain silent and “safe,” rather than boldly confront our culture with the Truth of Scripture....
Coronavirus:<br>National Day of Prayer
By David E. Smith   |   03.14.20
President Donald J. Trump has called for a National Day of Prayer this Sunday. While there is never a lack of serious issues to pray about, the level of anxiety and even fear among citizens is at a level many...
Dr. Allan Carlson: What Can America Learn From Other Christian Politics?
By Laurie Higgins   |   03.13.20
Between the increasingly bitter political divisions, intensifying anti-Christian hostility, and coronaviral pandemic, it is becoming challenging to feel hopeful. But there are many reasons for Christians to feel hopeful. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal...
Leftist Hostility to Pence, Prayer, and God
A meme circulating Facebook depicts a disconcerting dystopian scene: A man in a trench he cannot climb out of is warming himself before a fire; he has used the rungs of the ladder he could have used to climb out of the trench to build the fire. So, he has destroyed his own means of freedom for temporary comfort.
Voting with Your Feet to Serve the Common Good
It’s election season in the U.S., and we are hearing a lot about voting. I saw a public service announcement on television, and a Hollywood actress asked us to vote. I suspect she wouldn’t want my vote if she knew what it was, but she was encouraging voting nonetheless.
A Conversation with Rod Dreher [Full Interview]
By David E. Smith   |   03.06.20
Previously we have featured a series of video excerpts, but, as promised, we are now pleased to present the entirety of Pastor Derek Buikema’s recent interview with Rod Dreher, senior editor at the American Conservative and author of The Benedict...
Study Finds ‘Church Hopping’ is Becoming More Common
By Christine Misner   |   03.06.20
In its new State of the Church 2020 study, the Barna Group has uncovered how Americans are maintaining their connections to churches while at the same time “renegotiating” what those connections look like in terms of today’s society.
Rod Dreher: Should Christians Ever Get Angry?
By Laurie Higgins   |   02.28.20
In this, IFI’s final excerpt from the outstanding interview Derek Buikema, pastor of Orland Park Christian Reformed Church, conducted with Benedict Option author and blogger at the American Conservative, Rod Dreher, they discuss the critically important issue of anger. Pastor...
Rod Dreher: How do Christian Colleges Stay Faithful?
By Laurie Higgins   |   02.21.20
In Part 6 of Pastor Derek Buikema’s interview with Rod Dreher, author of The Benedict Option and blogger at American Conservative, Pastor Derek asks how Christian colleges can stay faithful to Christ. Rod’s edifying, inspiring, and convicting response encompasses far more than suggestions for Christian colleges. He offers a vision...
Rod Dreher: How Should We Create Communities?
By Laurie Higgins   |   02.14.20
In Part V of Pastor Derek Buikema’s interview with Benedict Option author Rod Dreher, Pastor Derek asks what communities that seek to cultivate a deep and abiding faith within our increasingly anti-Christian culture will or should look like. Rod explains that there is no formula and that different cultural milieus will produce different kinds of communities. He shares what one such community looks like and looks forward to seeing what kinds of diverse communities will develop.
Arthur Brooks is Wrong About Love—Reflections on his Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast
By Ron Citlau   |   02.12.20
Arthur Brooks, devoted Catholic, writer for the Washington Post, and professor at the Harvard Kennedy School, spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast last week. He is a compelling speaker who spoke clearly of his devotion to Jesus. His remarks were...


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