Marriage is for the Children
By Ecce Verum   |   12.09.23
Imagine a farmer who only liked planting, and never bothered to harvest anything. Spring after spring he would scatter seed throughout his fields, and crops would grow all summer, but when fall came, he would either mow all his crops down to stubble or simply abandon them to die during the winter.
When Compromising Means Losing
It may not be a proverbial “dirty word,” but I believe the word “compromise" often comes very close. Not always, but often enough.
Biden’s HHS Claims That Those Families Who Don’t Affirm LGBTQ+ Identification are “Unsafe” for Children in Foster Care
By Kathy Athearn   |   12.06.23
The Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services Department (HHS) believes that Christians and others who hold traditional, moral values are not “safe” for children in foster care. At the end of September, they released a proposed rule of “safe and appropriate foster care placement requirements.”
When Compassion is Fatal
By Mae Arthur   |   12.05.23
Indi Gregory was a British eight-month-old who died last month after her parents were denied the right to take her to Italy for care, as well as the option to bring her home to die. Sadly, she is only the most recent in an unfortunate string of widely publicized cases of patients in the UK for whom parental rights were overridden or removed “in the best interests of the child.” Each of these cases ended in the death of children.
Wolves in Churches
By Calvin Lindstrom   |   12.02.23
In Acts 20, Luke records a powerful and poignant gathering of the Apostle Paul and elders of the church in Ephesus that took place in the town of Miletus. This would be the final time that Paul met with the leaders of this important congregation. Part of the purpose of this meeting was to give a crucial warning.
Pastor Doug Wilson: Sanity as Insurrection
By David E. Smith   |   11.30.23
Sanity as Insurrection was the title of the final session of the 2019 Illinois Family Institute Worldview Conference on the “trans” ideology. In this presentation, Pastor Doug Wilson stressed the importance of asking sane questions, —  queries that strike at the heart of the matter, when we engage in debate with our adversaries because “deliberate and premeditated sanity is a challenge to the powers that be.”
The Hebrews Irrevocable Right to the Holy Land
By Dr. Scott Lively   |   11.29.23
In Genesis, God gave irrevocable title to the Holy Land to the Hebrews... There is no ambiguity in this matter. God made a binding, perpetual covenant with the Hebrews giving them eternal title to the Holy Land... No human power can rescind or nullify a deed granted by God.
10,000 Hours of Education
By Israel Wayne   |   11.27.23
In 2008, in his book Outliers, best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell introduced a new concept into the American psyche. The “10,000-Hour-Rule” suggests that if you wish to truly excel in any field of endeavor, you need to dedicate 10,000 hours of focused and targeted practice, study and development.
Three Biblical Imperatives for Thanksgiving
In three simple commands, the Apostle Paul directs Christians at Thessalonica regarding their relationships with one another. Ever practical, the apostle gave them things not only to start but also to stop.
Eric Metaxas: Awake, You Who Sleep (2023)
By Kenna Rose   |   11.24.23
There is no sense in evading the truth; even though doing so may endear you to more people and be slightly more comfortable. But God doesn’t call us to live easy lives, and when Christians choose to stay silent –...
O, Give Thanks!
By Rev. Thorin Anderson   |   11.23.23
Social graces, such as saying, “please” and “thank you” are the “Oil of Civilization,” but they are far more than that. They are not just a matter of being nice. Gratitude, being genuinely thankful, carries with it blessing, maturity, and even spiritual growth and strength. Most important, it is a matter of obedience to God!
Strangers at Thanksgiving
Perhaps like me, you’ve wondered… “What would the Pilgrims think of our modern day celebration of Thanksgiving?” Or, maybe that’s never crossed your mind. Maybe your Turkey Day “to do” list has priority. First, the Pilgrims, who referred to themselves as the “Saints,” would have been very sad to learn that the New York Times was fairly clueless on the real events of life in the early 1600s. The paper tried to “help us” get educated with their 1619 Project, which came out a few years ago.
Masculine Christianity
By Dr. Scott Lively   |   11.17.23
Scripture teaches in Genesis that when God created man in His image, He created us male and female. The implication is that God's character spans the full spectrum of masculine and feminine qualities. This attribute is also revealed in the person of Jesus, born as a male, but manifesting both masculinity and femininity in His actions. When exhibiting feminine qualities, Jesus was more nurturing and relationship-oriented than any woman. When exhibiting masculinity, Jesus was more forceful and results-oriented than any man.
Chicagoan, Mariyah Green, Stood Up for Religious Freedom in Schools and Won A Major Victory!
By Kathy Athearn   |   11.16.23
Mariyah Green, a 2020 graduate of Bogan High School (a part of Chicago Public Schools), was awarded $150,000 by the Clerk of Court from the Northern District of Illinois on October 23 because when she was a student, she was forced to participate in Hindu meditation which violated her Christian faith.
Exporting Abortion and An Honest Evaluation
By Mae Arthur   |   11.14.23
When you’ve already achieved the status as one of the most radically pro-abortion states in the nation, what’s left to do? Export your agenda, of course! That’s what Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is doing with his newly established nonprofit, Think Big America.
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