PragerU Video: School Choice Saved My Life
Giving parents the ability to choose which schools their children attend can turn lives around. Just ask Denisha Merriweather, whose life was transformed thanks to the opportunity to attend private school through a voucher program.
Trump Admin Pressures Schools to Reinforce Transgenderism
By Joshua Denton   |   07.12.17
The Trump administration's Department for Civil Rights at the Department of Education has issued a memo to schools stating that civil rights investigations will be launched against individuals at schools who refuse to address transgender students by their preferred gender pronouns.
Liberal Bias Starts Long Before College
There are too many examples of college campus craziness to count. However, for all the attention we give to these episodes at the collegiate level, we miss the root of the problem, and without addressing the cause we can’t hope for a solution.
Illinois Home Education Makes the Grade
By Monte Larrick   |   06.15.17
An education leader says you can thank President Obama in part for the growth of Christian home education. Kirk Smith with Illinois Christian Home Educators also says it looks like the Trump Administration will let homeschool parents teach their kids without government interference.
A Stunning High School Graduation Blunder
By Laurie Higgins   |   06.14.17
Another high school graduation has been marred by politically correct fecklessness. This time it wasn’t a controversy over a student’s speech that marred the event but instead an award that tainted what should have been a joyous family affair.
Colonel Allen West on The Military, Foreign Affairs and School Choice
By John Biver   |   06.13.17
In an interview posted at the Accuracy in Media website, Colonel Allen West delivers what conservatives have come to expect from him since his arrival on the national political scene back in 2010 when he was elected to Congress from Florida.
Study Reveals Cuts to Sex Education and Birth Control Lead to LOWER Teen Pregnancy Rates
Researchers David Paton of the Nottingham University Business School and Liam Wright of the University of Sheffield discovered that pregnancy rates for women under 16 have seen the sharpest decline in local authority areas that drastically cut funding for “preventative” programs.
Drag Queens, “Queers,” and Toddlers, Oh My!
By Laurie Higgins   |   05.25.17
Pray for our nation’s little ones. If they manage to survive the womb and are lucky enough to have both a mommy and a daddy, they may end up at their local library or bookstore for story time with drag queens. I kid you not. A widely circulated Associate Press (AP) news video exposes the repugnant spectacle.
There’s a Method to the Political Correct (PC) Madness
By Robert Knight   |   05.13.17
Many years ago, I witnessed what happens when people who prevent others from speaking are not dealt with promptly. During a “Firing Line” taping with William F. Buckley at Bard College in New York State on the topic of “Resolved: The ACLU is full of baloney” (the short answer is “yes”), two female activists stood up and started chanting “women of color have no voice.”
Plain Talk about Law School Rot
The legal academy is a strange place. It differs from other intellectual disciplines in that legal scholarship is published mainly in student-edited law reviews, not peer-reviewed journals. Most faculty members at elite law schools have never practiced law, or have done so only briefly and usually without professional distinction. The curricula at many of the nation’s law schools are larded with trendy courses devoted to identity politics and social issues du jour. Elite law schools eschew the teaching of “nuts and bolts” fundamentals, deriding such practical instruction as resembling a “trade school.”
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