Child Abuse in Plain Sight
The COVID-19 school lockdowns have led children to live lives of social isolation, which have increased rates of anxiety, depression and suicide. Additionally, the learning loss has been incalculable. And now, many of those who have been able get back to in-person classes are being subjected to woke schooling and its foundational underpinning, Critical Race Theory (CRT). Those who condemn CRT pedagogy... usually comes from those who have an issue with its inherent radicalism. But what about its effects on children’s psyches?
Is This the Worst School Board in Illinois?
By Laurie Higgins   |   04.16.21
Illinoisans have no dearth of reasons to remove their children from our government faux-education camps that are called “schools” in Newspeak. Leftists control teachers’ unions, the Illinois State Board of Education, and the fetid Springfield Swamp from which have emerged...
A Plea to Exit Public Schools ASAP
By Laurie Higgins   |   04.14.21
While claiming they don’t believe homoerotic attraction is biologically determined, far too many conservatives act as if they do so believe. If conservatives really disbelieved the assertion by leftists that homoerotic attraction is biologically determined, they—that is, conservatives—would be far...
How Socialists Used Teachers Unions Such as the NEA to Destroy Education
By Alex Newman   |   04.13.21
When examining the hydra that is the collectivist “education” establishment that dominates public schools in the United States, among the most important tentacles have been the teachers’ unions—especially the National Education Association (NEA). Along with other leading unions, the NEA...
Hollywood Actress Calls Christians to Pull Their Kids from Public Schools
By Israel Wayne   |   04.10.21
Actress and former model, Sam Sorbo, has been featured in many movies and television shows, including appearances in the popular tv show Hercules, starring her husband, Kevin Sorbo. As a mother of three, Sam has been concerned for some time about the negative influence the American public school system has on the hearts and minds of children.
Big Foundations Unleashed Collectivist ‘Revolution’ via U.S. Schools
By Alex Newman   |   04.06.21
It may seem counterintuitive, but massive tax-exempt foundations funded by some of America’s most prominent capitalists and industrialists helped foment what congressional investigators described as a collectivist “revolution” in the U.S.

The goal was to “so alter life in the United States that it could be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.” Many tools were used, but the public education system was the most important and effective.
Frankfurt School Weaponized U.S. Education Against Civilization
By Alex Newman   |   03.29.21
Understanding that future generations are the key to building political power and lasting change, socialists and totalitarians of all varieties have gravitated toward government-controlled education since before the system was even founded. The communist “Frankfurt School” was no exception in...
Wokeness at Wheaton College
By Laurie Higgins   |   03.25.21
The esteemed evangelical Christian Wheaton College is really woking up. The administration has removed a plaque honoring Wheaton alumni and missionaries Jim Elliot and Ed McCully because it described as “savage” the indigenous Ecuadorian tribe that brutally and without cause...
Socialists Used Public Schools to Destroy Literacy in America
By Alex Newman   |   03.24.21
Widespread illiteracy and the ignorance it produces represent an existential threat to the United States today. But it wasn’t always this way.

And it can be fixed.

Fortunately, neither the cause of this crisis nor the solution to it is a mystery—at least to anyone who has studied the issue.
Gov. Pritzker Wants To Drastically Cut Tax Credit Scholarship Program
By Calvin Lindstrom   |   03.22.21
In 2017, the state of Illinois surprisingly made a very good decision in establishing the Invest in Kids Act which allowed private citizens to make a contribution for private school scholarships and receive a tax credit for their donation. It is a carefully regulated process, but it works.
John Dewey’s Public Schools Replaced Christianity With Collectivist Humanism
By Alex Newman   |   03.19.21
When Dewey launched his crusade to erode the faith and individualism of Americans, the United States of America was among the most devoutly Christian nations that the world had ever known. Church and the Bible were an inseparable part of life and education for virtually everyone.
ANOTHER “Woke” Education Law Just Signed by Gov. Pritzker
By Laurie Higgins   |   03.15.21
I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings to hardworking Illinoisans—which, by definition, excludes members of the Chicago Teachers’ Union—but there’s more news on the education front. Lefty swamp creatures in Springfield wallowing in their own presumptuousness and power...
How John Dewey Used Public ‘Education’ to Subvert Liberty
By Alex Newman   |   03.13.21
Dewey is often lauded as the founding father of the “progressive” education that now has more than 85 percent of American children in its grip. Although he wasn’t alone—he stood on the shoulders of fellow collectivists Robert Owen and Horace Mann—Dewey certainly deserves much of the credit, or blame, for unleashing it on the United States and humanity.
IFI Urges Supreme Court to Take a Case to Stop Discrimination Against Religious Schools
Last Thursday, IFI’s lawyers filed a “friend of the court” brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to take a case (Carson v. Makin) that could end discrimination against religious schools. The case involves a Maine school program that pays the private school tuition for students who live in an area that lacks a public high school. The schools eligible to receive this tuition are, according to the Maine Department of Education, private secular schools and nominally religious schools, but not schools that intentionally teach subjects from a religious perspective.
How Horace Mann Worked to Destroy Traditional Education—and America
By Alex Newman   |   03.05.21
Before government took over education in Massachusetts and eventually the rest of the United States, the state and the nation had a thriving education system that produced the best-educated population on the planet up until that time. But then, Horace Mann came along, and everything changed.

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