Reducing Drug Penalties Leads to Harrowin’ Problems
By Monte Larrick   |   03.10.17
An expert on the new generation of very potent marijuana is cautioning lawmakers in Illinois against taking any steps that would weaken penalties for activities involving pot and other drugs.
Drugged Driving and Cannabis Related Deaths on the Rise
By Kathy Valente   |   01.13.17
On January 1, 2014, an Illinois law went into effect allowing marijuana for “medical” use. As a result, drugged driving is now on the rise in Illinois.
Is Our Constitution Going to Pot?
Imagine this: Upon taking his oath of office, President Donald Trump instructs his new attorney general, Jeff Sessions, to ignore civil rights laws. How would that go over?
The Multiple Harms of Marijuana for Youth
Federal Law in the United States has prohibited the manufacture, sale, and distribution of marijuana for more than 70 years. However, with the discovery of potential medicinal properties of marijuana and the increasing misperception that the drug is harmless, there have arisen increased efforts to achieve its broad legalization despite persistent problems of abuse.
The Dirty Tricks of Big Marijuana
The most dangerous side of legal pot is Big Marijuana, say foes of the referenda in five American states on election day. To see what’s coming down the pike, consider what happened to Colorado’s ballot initiative 139.
New Study Confirms Marijuana Use Up Drastically in Workforce
This November, there are a record number of ballot initiatives in at least nine states regarding so-called medical marijuana or outright legalization of the Schedule I drug. The pot pushers, both small businesses and large, want more people smoking, eating, and consuming more pot because it is good for their bottom line.
Marijuana Decriminalization Puts Children and Families at Greater Risk
By Kathy Valente   |   06.07.16
Before the regular session ended on May 31st, State Representative Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago) and State Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago) were able to legislation to decriminalize marijuana passed in both the Illinois House and Senate. This dubious bill (SB 2228) will soon be sent to Governor Bruce Rauner, who will then have 60 days to sign it into law or veto it.
Cannabis Myths Exposed
I retired after three decades as a prosecutor. While in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, I drafted a training manual called Narcotics Law which was later used in the office as a manual for Assistant States Attorneys for over a decade and years after I retired. After I retired I have defended people accused of violating the Cannabis Control Act. Knowing how the system really works, I can dispel several cannabis myths.
The Myth of “Harmless” Pot
A massive new study sponsored jointly by Duke University, the University of California at Davis and other research institutions shows that marijuana is hardly a harmless diversion.
These Bills Will Put More Impaired Drivers on the Roads
By Kathy Valente   |   04.04.16
Contact Your Lawmakers to Oppose HB 4357 & SB 2228! Children at Risk State Representative Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago) has introduced HB 4357 in the Illinois House and State Senator Heather Steans has introduced SB 2228 in the Illinois Senate. Both...
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