What ‘Muslim’ Actually Means
The entire debate about what it means to be “Muslim” and shariah-compliant might be solved with a quick lesson in Arabic grammar.This is because the word “Muslim” contains in its Arabic meaning its own definition.
Myth of the ‘Moderate Muslim’
By Matt Barber   |   01.06.16
When it comes to the global scourge of orthodox Islam, the Western world, which Islamists expressly seek to “destroy from within,” is an upside-down realm wherein objective facts, logic and reason must yield to multiculturalist make-believe, “progressive” propaganda and political correctness run amok. Faithful Muslims want to kill you, and faithless progressives seem all too happy to help them along. Look at the ongoing Muslim invasion of Europe. This progressive paradise, a burgeoning multicultural dystopia, is beginning to look an awful lot like hell on earth.
‘Christian Terrorists’ Don’t Exist
By Matt Barber   |   12.10.15
Workplace violence strikes again. “Allahu Akbar!” evidently means, “I quit,” and pipe bombs are the new resignation letter. Southern Baptist redneck Syed Rizwan Farook and his Irish Catholic wife, Tashfeen Malik, are reported to have been inexplicably in touch with ambiguously international, not-at-all-Islam-related terrorists under investigation by the FBI prior to mowing down 35 white-privileged American citizens at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California.
A Christian Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis
By Matt Barber   |   11.23.15
What was President Obama’s immediate and instinctive response to this month’s Islamic terror attacks in Paris? Did he offer prayers for the families of the slaughtered and vow to wipe out the global cancer that is Islamic Jihad? Did he pledge to come alongside France and work with our wounded European ally until every last Islamic State barbarian is wiped from the face of the earth?
Syrian Refugees: U.S. House Passes WEAK Bill
From Eagle Forum In the wake of the evil and horrific events in Paris, Congress decided to react to President Obama’s promise to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to America. The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a bill that adds...
ISIS Attacks in Paris
By John Stonestreet   |   11.17.15
Friday’s attack in Paris, when ISIS terrorists attacked a concert hall, a soccer stadium, and a neighborhood known for its cafes, killing at least 129 people and wounding another 350, was the second wave of terror launched against the City...
America’s Reckless Refuge for Jihad
Our leaders in Washington must suffer from chronic amnesia about the fatal consequences of open borders. Have they forgotten that our asylum and refugee programs are routinely abused by ordinary fraudsters and Islamic terror plotters alike?
Chattanooga-like Attack Can Happen Anywhere
"We need to give serious consideration as to how better protect our people even here at home," observes Bob Maginnis, a senior fellow for national security at the Family Research Council.
Dhimmitude in America?
You may not know what dhimmitude is and hopefully you never experience it. But you’ve probably heard of ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and you’re almost surely aware of what Christians are. Dhimmitude is an Islamic system that governs non-Muslims who have been conquered through Jihad by folks like ISIS. If you surrender to Muslim control – though not Muslim – you are referred to as dhimmi. Sounds fun, right?
Liberal Media Work With Jihadists
By   |   05.08.15
It’s strange that the liberals in the media who always complain about Joe McCarthy once having a list of communists in government are so quick to cite the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of so-called right-wing extremists or “haters.” With...
Knowing Four Arabic Words May Save Our Civilization from Islamic Takeover
In 539 BC, King Belshazzar of Babylon saw a dismembered hand-written four prophetic words on the wall. This “handwriting on the wall” was finally interpreted by the prophet Daniel as predicting the fall of the kingdom.
Dr. Erwin Lutzer on Islam in Politics [VIDEO]
By Monte Larrick   |   04.30.15
With the influence of Islam ever increasing, Dr. Erwin Lutzer of Moody Church says the Christians must be ready of the challenges and opportunities that are coming our way. See video below. Dr. Lutzer will be speaking live on the...
God, Reason, and Our Civilizational Crisis
The way that a culture understands the nature of God shapes its conception of man, reason, and society. Though this presents enormous challenges for the Islamic world, it also has significant implications for the sustainability of Western civilization.
How Should Christians Respond to ISIS?
It seems that every day is met with a new atrocity stemming from the Islamic State. We've lost track of the executions, the crimes against women and children are incalculable and unconscionable, and it seems that every drop of innocent blood feeds a thirst for more.
NY Post Recommends that Obama Tell Still More Falsehoods About Islam
By   |   03.05.15
Yet another non-Muslim assures us that the Islamic State is not Islamic. And once again, his analysis is based on comforting falsehoods about Islam that will not convince even one young Muslim who is considering joining the Islamic State not...


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