Just the Facts, Ma’am!
By Israel Wayne   |   02.21.24
“Just the facts, Ma’am.” In the 1950s, this phrase caught hold in our American vocabulary, inspired by the persona of Sergeant Joe Friday of the TV show, Dragnet. The no-nonsense police investigator reflected a concept (even if he never uttered the exact words that became so well established in pop-culture) embraced by the Modernist worldview.
Whom Should We Distrust: Parents or the Government?
By Israel Wayne   |   12.13.23
This past week, I’ve been dealing with a lot of media being interviewed by publications like The Washington Post, The Detroit Free Press, a CBS TV affiliate, an ABC radio affiliate, etc.
10,000 Hours of Education
By Israel Wayne   |   11.27.23
In 2008, in his book Outliers, best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell introduced a new concept into the American psyche. The “10,000-Hour-Rule” suggests that if you wish to truly excel in any field of endeavor, you need to dedicate 10,000 hours of focused and targeted practice, study and development.
Culture Can Shift Faster Than You Think
By Israel Wayne   |   08.17.23
I recently had a speaking tour through three South American countries. As I talked with many Christians in these nations, I heard a lot of discouragement. They feel they simply don’t have the influence they need to see positive change occur. In some of the countries, Marxism has taken root and has a stranglehold on politics and economics. Many Protestant Christians I talked to there are hoping to start Christian schools and desire to legalize homeschooling. This seems daunting as Protestants make up only 10-20% of the population.
The Coming Demise of Disney?
By Israel Wayne   |   07.26.23
It is no secret to anyone who pays attention to pop culture that Disney has abandoned its family-friendly business model for a radical pro-LGBTQ agenda. Disney has been going woke for decades, but in recent days, that approach seems to be backfiring on them financially.
What About Poor Children? (Christian Education Solution)
By Israel Wayne   |   02.08.23
The safest place for children to be is at home with loving parents. As it stands, well over 90% of all parents send their children away from them for over 10,800 seat hours K-12 to be instructed by people they barely know. Fifty-eight percent of all working parents send their preschoolers to daycare where they are watched all day by people they barely know. As has been reported elsewhere, sexual abuse of children in daycares and government schools is rampant!
Parental Rights and Teen Sexuality
By Israel Wayne   |   01.27.23
I just read an op-ed from a feminist author, published by CNN, who I will leave unnamed (no need to give her career free publicity), attacking the concept of parental rights... The irony is she believes schoolteachers, physicians and politicians SHOULD have the right to facilitate major life-changes for these impressionable young people.
Hasidic Schools – A Lesson Regarding School Choice
By Israel Wayne   |   12.29.22
The first compulsory attendance laws in America were introduced by Horace Mann in Massachusetts in 1852. This created a shift from what I consider to be true “public schools,” which were open to the public, but controlled by parents in local communities, to “government schools,” which we have had ever since. Today’s schools are funded by the government, regulated, and controlled by the government, and all of the standards are set and enforced by government dictates.
Chuck Schumer Laments Lack of Workers, Calls for Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
By Israel Wayne   |   11.21.22
Left-wing Democrat U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer rallied with Dreamers last week claiming that mass immigration is vital for the survival of the U.S. because not enough Americans are having children. Therefore, Schumer announced, Democrats' "ultimate goal" is to create "a path to citizenship for all 11 million" illegal immigrants in the country.
The Gay Celibate Christian?
By Israel Wayne   |   10.27.22
Looking over a list of Christian conferences coming up in 2023 I ran across one that states it is for: “LGBTQ+ Christians who have committed to celibacy as a personal call in their spiritual journeys.”
Why Some Children Leave the Faith
By Israel Wayne   |   08.17.22
Over the years I have observed hundreds of Christian families who seemingly did all the right things in raising their children, yet one or more still walked away from the faith of their parents once they were old enough to make their own decisions. No parent wants to go through all the trouble of training his or her children in the way they should go, only to find them turning around to head in the opposite direction.
School Choice: Parable of Two Roads
By Israel Wayne   |   04.27.22
Imagine a two-lane road. On one end is a large government monopoly that seeks to control every facet of education and eliminate all competition. People who have their children in this system, and many who work for it, are usually oblivious to the perils of such a monstrosity. Or they see the dangers but don’t know how to get out.
Good Enough for Your Children (But Not Theirs)
By Israel Wayne   |   01.20.22
Sexual Abuse of Children in Public Schools In an excellent essay by journalist, Alex Newman published on January 5, 2022, entitled, Illinois Public Schools Battle Plague of Violence, Sexual Abuse, the author points out the deplorable scandal of children being...
Transgender Student in Public Schools Wins $1.3 Million Lawsuit
By Israel Wayne   |   09.16.21
A public-school board in Virginia (Gloucester County Schools) has been court ordered to pay a $1.3 million dollar settlement to a transgender student who wanted to use the boys’ bathroom.

“Gavin Grimm” was born a biological female in 1999, but eventually underwent a legal name change in her freshman year and reconstruction and hormone therapy treatments to transition to her desired status of being considered a male.
Hollywood Actress Calls Christians to Pull Their Kids from Public Schools
By Israel Wayne   |   04.10.21
Actress and former model, Sam Sorbo, has been featured in many movies and television shows, including appearances in the popular tv show Hercules, starring her husband, Kevin Sorbo. As a mother of three, Sam has been concerned for some time about the negative influence the American public school system has on the hearts and minds of children.
Israel Wayne
Israel Wayne

Israel Wayne is an author and conference speaker, and the Director of Family Renewal, and the the father of eleven children. He writes on Politics, Education, Worldviews, Religion, Cultural Issues and Philosophy at the ChristianWorldview.net blog (where he serves as Site Editor).

He is the author of the books Raising Them Up: Parenting for ChristiansQuestions God AsksQuestions Jesus Asks and Pitchin’ a Fit: Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting, Education: Does God Have an Opinion? & Answers for Homeschooling: Top 25 Questions Critics Ask.

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