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Islam Exposed As a Religion of ‘Brutality,’ Not ‘Peace’
By   |   01.21.19
Despite the rendition of Islam portrayed by the mainstream media and education system as a “religion of peace,” experts on the Muslim culture argue that the West is in denial about the sheer brutality at the core of the religion based in Shariah. [Caution: This article contains some graphic descriptions that could be unsettling to some readers.]
30 Years Later, Global Warming Still Hasn’t Sunk Maldives
By   |   09.24.18
After alerting the world in September 1988 that the Maldive islands of the Indian Ocean would be submerged by rising seas in less than three decades – due to the so-called first effects of man-made global warming – officials of the United Nations and associated climatologists are scratching their heads that the island chain is still there.
Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon in Cahoots w/SPLC
By   |   06.09.18
Facebook, Twitter, Google and Amazon reportedly all have working partnerships with the far-left group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which is notorious for giving conservative organizations unwarranted “hate group” labels.
Most Americans Want Abstinence Taught in Sex-Ed
By   |   09.11.17
With the younger generation of Americans growing up in a day and age when they are exposed to much more sexually explicit materials and experiences than ever before, a recent study shows that most Americans believe sex education should include abstinence – not just safe sex, as former President Barack Obama’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention program instructs.
Dobson Urges Christians to Flee Public Schools
By   |   04.03.17
Renowned pro-family advocate Dr. James Dobson is inciting Christian parents across the United States to pull their children from public schools and protect them from the progressive anti-Christian teaching by homeschooling them and putting in church-run schools.
Obama Awards Abortion Activists Bill, Melinda Gates
By   |   11.26.16
President Barack Obama presented longtime pro-abortion activists Bill and Melinda Gates with the Presidential Medal of Freedom – the highest honor the United States can bestow upon a citizen who is not a member of the U.S. military.
Professor Retracts Same-Sex “Marriage” Study Over Fake Data
By   |   05.26.15
The co-author of a study that claimed opponents of same-sex “marriage” can be quickly persuaded to change sides on the issue has retracted the findings after learning that the data used to make the assertion was fake.
5th Blow to ObamaCare: SCOTUS Rejects Abortion Mandate
By   |   04.20.15
Chipping away at ObamaCare one case at a time, pro-life advocates scored another victory for religious rights and preborn children on Thursday at the United States Supreme Court, where the controversial federal healthcare policy’s abortion mandate was struck down.
Consumers 140xs More Likely to Buy from Liberal-Sponsoring Corporations
By   |   03.18.15
Whether you’re going out for a pizza, a coffee, a grocery run, a tank of gas or a washer and dryer, chances are more than 142 times greater that your hard-earned dollars are lining the pockets of your favorite corporations...
Americans Fed Up With Billion$ Going to Christian Persecuters
By   |   02.28.15
Even with the daily pro-Muslim sentiment coming out of the White House on a daily basis, many Americans are surprised to find out that billions of their tax dollars are funding nations that enforce Islamic law and persecute Christians — and an overwhelming majority oppose it.
Bill Maher Blasts Liberals’ for PC Reactions to Paris Massacre
By   |   01.12.15
HBO's liberal "Real Time" host, Bill Maher, candidly spoke out Wednesday on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," blasting the Leftist media for skirting around calling the jihadist assassination of 12 French citizens at Charlie Hebdo an Islamic terrorist attack — and noting the depravity of "mainstream" Muslims applauding the massacre.
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