Must Christians Obey Bad Court Rulings?
By Oliver Perry   |   09.09.22
We’ve heard that the SCOTUS is threatening democracy. For example, the recent Dobbs decision broke democracy – or affirmed it, depending on your point of view. It turns out that the Court can easily break American democracy, if it’s inclined to. All that need happen is for some justices to stop acting like jurists, and start acting like they took bribes. This article explores:
The Great Reset is a Sneaky Cultural Revolution
By Oliver Perry   |   05.25.22
What is this Great Reset? We’ll find that it’s yet another attempt to establish socialism. In this scheme businesses will be persuaded to voluntarily accept government control. We’d silently shift into accepting a socialist economy, along with the rest of its agenda, without even realizing it.
They Are Your Children, Not The State’s!
By Oliver Perry   |   02.16.22
Many politicians and educators want to steal our children. According to these activists, parents can feed and house children, but can’t guide their education or tell them how to choose right from wrong. Parents merely act as custodians of the State’s property. Here are recent samples of this line of thinking.
Critical Race Theory Is Anti-Christian
By Oliver Perry   |   10.08.21
Critical Race Theory is hard to understand, perhaps deliberately so. Its advocates use common terms differently than do the rest of us. For example, almost everybody associates “racist”[1] with someone who thinks one race is superior to others. But to these advocates, every American is automatically racist, even if no racial intent exists at all.

Even Christians are being deceived by Critical Race Theory. For example, one religious college held a conference that claimed “there is no such thing as being white and being a Christian.”[2] This statement underscores the need to understand the claims of Critical Race Theory and how it impacts Christianity.
American Christians, Tyranny, and Resistance
By Oliver Perry   |   05.20.21
Our American government is increasingly hostile to Christianity. Just look at the news.

No room for religious opposition. The Equality Act is again before Congress. In 2020, the same bill was called the “Criminalizing Christianity Act.” Once enacted, you’ll be denied the right to oppose abortions on religious grounds. You’ll also have to accept the transgender lie that men are women if they say they are...
Dealing with Cancel Culture
By Oliver Perry   |   01.23.21
In the article describing “hate speech” tactics, we saw how people are called haters if they oppose the homosexual or transgender agenda. The intent is to shame the opponents into silence, that the activists’ march through American culture can continue unopposed. In this article, we’ll see how the activists try to punish those who actually do stand against them.
Hate Speech Activism Means to Kill Christianity
By Oliver Perry   |   01.02.21
The Hollywood actress Ellen Page has appeared in over two dozen movies. But if you congratulate her for being a successful actress you could get into trouble. You see, Ms. Page has decided that she is actually a man.[i] Now it is Mr. Page, and in some locales saying “Ms. Page” is considered “misgendering hate speech.” Misgendering people in Norway,[ii] Scotland,[iii] Canada[iv] – or even New York[v] – could put you behind bars.
Don’t Enroll Illinois Students Into The Gender Wars
By Oliver Perry   |   03.23.20
The Illinois General Assembly is considering SB 2762, commonly called the “REACH Act.” It requires that public schools provide a “medically accurate” sex education, including “health-positive instruction on diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.”
Social Justice: What Does It Really Mean?
By Oliver Perry   |   08.13.19
What is social justice? Is it a virtue, a philosophy? Social justice encompasses economic justice. Social justice is the virtue which guides us in creating those organized human interactions we call institutions. In turn, social institutions, when justly organized, provide...
Wealth Tax: The Envious Enabler of American Socialism
By Oliver Perry   |   04.08.19
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to become President. If elected, one of her plans is to implement a wealth tax. She said: We need structural change to get our economy and our democracy back on track – and no billionaire...
To Know Socialism is to Hate It
By Oliver Perry   |   02.13.19
We keep saying that socialism is bad, but our message isn’t being believed. Maybe we don’t fully believe it ourselves. So let’s dig deeper and understand just how bad, and how anti-Christian, socialism really is. This article examines how American society changes when socialists get to run things. You’ll see, quoting the socialists themselves, how:
Is Capitalism Immoral?
By Oliver Perry   |   11.30.18
Bernie Sanders, a socialist and U.S. Senator from Vermont, doesn’t like capitalist economics. Visiting the Pope in 2016, he made some serious accusations. I told him [the Pope] that I was incredibly appreciative of the incredible role that he is...
Socialism is Also a Religion
By Oliver Perry   |   09.21.18
Many people complain about “socialist medicine,” or socialism in the schools. But what is socialism? It is frequently described as an economic system, but it also has some features of religion. This article shows how socialism qualifies as a religion.
Censoring Christianity: How We’re Being Silenced, and How to Cope
By Oliver Perry   |   04.23.18
If you are planning to assault a stronghold, you’d want to weaken its defenders prior to your attack. I discussed a weakening strategy in my prior post [i] about patriarchy and gender roles. I described how reducing the public’s valuation...
Patriarchy, Gender Roles and Marxism: An Educational Campaign to Destroy the Family
By Oliver Perry   |   12.12.17
Feminist writers claim American society is fundamentally flawed because of “patriarchy.” Whether by accident or design, this claim coincides with the Marxist goal to destroy the concept of family. This destruction is needed to implement the theft and redistribution of...
Oliver Perry
Oliver Perry

Oliver has lived in Illinois for decades.  He wasn’t born here, but got here as fast as he could.  He found his bride at church and still adores her.  Together they’ve raised three children to successful adulthood.

Oliver sees that even today the Bible speaks authoritatively on society, its government and its laws. He hopes that through these articles you will be encouraged to also think along these lines. For more, check out his blog at

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