Judge Rules Wisconsin Must Cover Sex-Change Treatments under Medicaid
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   08.22.19
U.S. District Judge William Conley has ruled that Wisconsin cannot exclude gender-reassignment treatments from coverage under the Medicaid program. Judge Conley struck down a 1997 Department of Health Services directive that excluded “transsexual surgery” and hormonal treatment, ruling that denying the treatments constituted sex discrimination under the federal Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
‘Elite’ Pedophiles Panicking after Jeffrey Epstein Arrest
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   07.10.19
Billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein socialized with the rich and powerful, harboring a sordid hidden life that came to light in 2008, landing him in prison for the solicitation of underage girls for sex.  Epstein was infamous for his private Boeing 727 airliner nicknamed the “Lolita Express,” which ferried guests including Bill Clinton and a bevy of young girls allegedly pressed into prostitution at his Caribbean estate dubbed “Orgy Island.”
Evangelist Franklin Graham Calls for Day of Prayer
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   05.30.19
Reverend Franklin Graham, the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, posted a message on Facebook and sent an email to his social media followers requesting they dedicate Sunday, June 2, as a day of prayer for President...
The Push for a Graduated Income Tax as Illinois Hurtles Towards the Abyss
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   04.25.19
If Governor J.B. Pritzker has his way, Illinois will institute a graduated income tax to replace its flat 4.95 percent tax rate. The governor claims that increasing the tax rate will generate billions in new revenue while only raising taxes...
IFI Joins Conservative Coalition to Expose the SPLC
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   04.17.19
Blockbuster news came out this week revealing that Twitter has cut ties with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) because of reports of controversial financial activity, leaders tainted by scandal, and–according to one source–a “toxic” work environment. The news has...
Congressional Resolution Calls for the Military to Accept Transgenders
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   04.02.19
A non-binding resolution which would force the armed forces to disobey the directive of Commander-in-Chief President Donald Trump and compromise national security has passed in the U.S. House of Representatives.  The deeply-flawed resolution (H.Res. 124) is replete with LGBT ideology and is a continuation of the radical social agenda of the previous administration.
1984 and the End of Freedom in Illinois
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   03.18.19
George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, which was published 70 years ago, portrays a totalitarian world of censorship and ubiquitous surveillance where ordinary citizens are expected to report resistors who are  then ruthlessly punished for their “thought crimes.” Illinois State Representative...
Exposing the Fallacies of the Social Justice Movement
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   03.12.19
Speaking at a recent conference on Social Justice and the Gospel, Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr. addressed the meaning of social justice and explains that the term doesn’t mean what we think it means. Dr. Bauchman is a Dean of Theological...
Now More Than Ever
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   02.22.19
It wasn’t so long ago that such a thing would be unthinkable: a standing ovation for abortion in the New York State Senate chamber with the passage of legislation permitting abortion for any reason up until the moment of birth. ...
Trump Walks a Tightrope
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   02.06.19
As President Trump gazed out over his audience in the U.S. House of Representatives chamber of the United States Capitol, he could not fail to notice a prominent block of female Democratic lawmakers seated front and center and dressed in white to symbolize their growing power in the halls of government.  Their presence was a painful reminder to the President that in the 2018 Congressional races female voters preferred Democratic candidates by 19 points, sending a record 106 women to Congress. 
The Revival of “In God We Trust” in Schools
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   02.05.19
An Illinois lawmaker’s bill to publicly display the motto “In God We Trust” in public schools is the latest challenge to the secularism that is the status quo in many public schools across the country.  Though displaying the motto would...
Battle for the Children: The Parental Rights Amendment Versus the United Nations
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   02.01.19
The U.S. Supreme Court of the United States has consistently upheld the right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children within the guarantee of liberty found in the U.S. Constitution. A subversive movement emanating from the United Nations,...
The Scourge of Human Trafficking Demands Another Appomattox
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   01.18.19
The bloodiest war that the United States ever fought did not take place on a foreign battlefield but raged on American soil, as brother took up arms against brother over the issue of slavery. The war began with the bombardment...
The Transgender Juggernaut Threatens God’s Design for Male and Female
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   01.10.19
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has awarded the Trump Administration a victory by staying a lower court decision which blocked the administration’s attempts to restrict the military service of “trans”-identifying people who suffer from gender...
Timothy J. Dailey
Timothy J. Dailey

Timothy J. Dailey has senior-level research and writing experience with major Christian ministries, including working in the public policy arena in Washington DC. He has been a writer and editor of commentaries for a nationally-syndicated radio program. He has taught on the college-level both at home and abroad, including eight years in Israel teaching the historical, geographical, and archaeological background of the Bible.  Dr. Dailey’s many books draw upon insights which are drawn from the author’s extensive training, including a Ph.D. in Religion and Ethics, as well as experiences gained through more than a decade of overseas cross-cultural ministry. Having lived in Europe and the Middle East, he is uniquely qualified to address biblical and theological topics from a historical and multicultural perspective. Dr. Dailey and his Swiss wife Rebekka have five grown children.

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