40 Days for Life: Praying for God’s Intervention to End Abortion
By Tami Jackson   |   08.28.18
America has come a long way since her remarkable founding by men who authored our U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence, documents intended to create the framework of our body politic. All Americans should know by heart the historic words:...
Planned Parenthood: Killing the Pre-born and Perverting the Already Born
By Tami Jackson   |   04.10.18
Planned Parenthood has now partnered with another radical group, the Human Rights Campaign -- a virulently pro-homosexual organization, to force "comprehensive sex education" on every public school in every state.
Why Is a Young Generation Opting for Death Via Suicide?”
By Tami Jackson   |   03.29.18
Life is so precious, and the right to life recognized as a “natural” or God-given right, so much so that it was codified in our Declaration of Independence. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created...
Defying Hollywood, ‘I Can Only Imagine’ Soars at the Box Office, Resonates with Viewers
By Tami Jackson   |   03.23.18
Hollywood stands as an eclectic, self-congratulatory private club, whose mainline members flaunt wealth and hedonism, pontificating re guns and violence and the #MeToo scandals, while simultaneously producing films overflowing with guns and violence and promiscuous and perverse sex. That coastal...
YouTube Content Policing: The Fox Watching the Henhouse
By Tami Jackson   |   03.14.18
Farmers and even city slickers understand the value of protecting the hen house and would never allow a fox or wolf to stand guard. The fox does not see the hens as egg-producers, but as a lip-smacking meal ready to...
Defend the Unborn, Restore the Family, Through His Loving Eyes (Video)
By Tami Jackson   |   02.08.18
Sometimes, in 21st century America, we lose sight of the preciousness of human life. But God admonished us to choose life: I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death,...
Post-Christian America Needs Radical Help STAT
By Tami Jackson   |   02.05.18
America’s founders believed in God and His word, and predicated our founding documents on those immutable, biblical principles. Though Leftists love to spout revisionist nonsense about many of the Founders being deists or worse, those accusations don’t hold water when...
Snowflake Babies: More Precious and as Unique as Their Namesake
By Tami Jackson   |   01.26.18
“Snowflake Babies” – Care and adoption of frozen IVF embryosSnowflakes babies is a termed coined to describe the over half a million frozen embryos who are stored in cryogenic containers in fertility clinics as the “extras” of IVF treatment.
Planned Parenthood: This Evil, Baby Murder Mill Must Be Defunded
By Tami Jackson   |   01.09.18
Cecile Richards, the abortion champion and president of Planned Parenthood, is on record lauding abortion activists as "troublemakers, and hell-raisers who formed secret sisterhoods, who opened Planned Parenthood health centers in their communities, and demanded the right to control their own bodies" at the Women’s March in Washington D.C. last year. This wicked organization receives approximately $500 million a year in taxpayer funds.
Women in America: Once Protected and Honored, Now Objectified
By Tami Jackson   |   12.18.17
Once upon a time in America, society demanded civility and honored women and motherhood. But honor seems to have been tossed by the wayside in this modern era and exchanged for a cheap view of the female sex.
The Law of the Harvest: America Sows Free Love and Reaps Heartbreak
By Tami Jackson   |   11.22.17
America was founded as a beacon of light, a refuge to those who only wanted to worship the God of the Bible as they saw fit. Our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, were infused...
Conservatives and Culture: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
By Tami Jackson   |   11.01.17
The culture of America 2017 seems to be, in the words of stalwart conservative thinker and jurist, Robert Bork, Slouching Towards Gomorrah. Our society has become a living metaphor of Israel, circa 200 B.C.: In those days there was no...
Don’t Believe the ‘Legalized Pot Is Harmless’ Ruse!
By Tami Jackson   |   09.05.17
America has known greatness because the majority of Americans living in our constitutional republic led lives tempered by inward moral constraints rather than outward government oppression. But the downside of liberty comes when those freedoms are severed from that inner...
Conservatives and Christians, Do Not Be Duped By Cultural Marxism
By Tami Jackson   |   08.14.17
Virtually anyone over the age of 25 today has heard of Karl Marx and Marxism, though many remain ignorant of Marx’s history and the subsequent cultural ideology that emerged from aspects of his economic theories. Karl Marx was the grandson...
Military Lethality Demands Rigid Standards With No Exceptions
By Tami Jackson   |   08.04.17
Those first courageous settlers in the new world — circa 1607 — faced peril and hardship to make a new home in this country. They steeled themselves, ready to fight predators and all who would threaten their loved ones and...
Tami Jackson
Tami Jackson

Tami Jackson is a life-long Conservative embedded in her once red, native state of Oregon, the granddaughter of (legal) Norwegian immigrants, and the Executive Editor at BarbWire.com. Tami is an Evangelical Christian and Second Amendment aficionado. She is also Social Media/Content/Marketing for Robar Companies, and the host of The Tami Jackson Show.
Twitter:  @tamij


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