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IFI’s Rescuing Our Children Forums

One month ago, the IFI Team set off on a five day, eight stop tour of the state of Illinois. Our mission was to reach parents, grandparents and church leaders with an urgent message.  These “Rescuing Our Children” forums featured bold presentations about the perpetual academic failures of our public schools, and worse, the intentional anti-Christian indoctrination that intensifies year after year.

One has to look no farther than the Illinois Capitol for evidence of this malfeasance. The 102nd General Assembly finished their spring session on May 31st. State lawmakers have introduced more than 7,000 bills this …

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Even During a National Medical Emergency, the Abortion Industry Still Thinks It’s “Essential”

As part of their COVID-19 response, the U.K. initially approved new measures to allow women to take the complete abortion pill regimen at home. Now, it appears that this measure has been reversed. The reasoning given was, “This was published in error. There will be no changes to abortion regulations.”
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When Abortion Politics Overrode Women’s Health

In 1996, Dr. Joel Brind along with colleagues at Penn State Medical College published a meta-analysis of peer-reviewed literature on the connection between induced abortion and subsequent breast cancer. Based on 23 studies, it found a 30 percent higher rate of breast cancer for women with abortion histories. Six years later, in February 2003, the National Cancer Institute officially declared the abortion breast cancer link nonexistent. Clear-thinking people know risk factors are complex and that study results are subject to interpretation, but which is it? Some say the abortion-breast cancer link is real; some say it’s not. Who should we believe? Hold that thought.
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Stuff You Should Know About “Trans”-Cultism

Despite a lack of evidence proving the safety and efficacy of chemical and surgical interventions and social “transitioning” for those who experience gender dysphoria, “progressives” plow forward mutilating the healthy bodies and manipulating the psychology of children who feel they are or wish they were the sex they are not.

The science-denying, incoherent “trans” ideology affects all of society. The end game for “trans” activists and others in cultic thrall to this superstition is not access for a few boys and girls or men and women to opposite-sex private spaces and sports. The end game is the eradication of all …

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