The Global Threat of the WHO Pandemic Agreement
The Global Threat of the WHO Pandemic Agreement
Written By Mae Arthur   |   05.01.24
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Trading Sovereignty for “Safety”

Picture this: nations all over the world enter into a binding agreement, not with one another, but with a global governing body that they empower to essentially take over in case of emergency.

Sounds like the plot of the next futuristic dystopian thriller, right?

The danger of trading sovereignty for “safety” has driven many big screen plotlines before. But this is no summer blockbuster. It’s real life. You might be thinking,

“This sounds terrible for the nations whose leaders endanger them in this way, but surely the United States isn’t one of them, right?”


As we’ve reported before, the perpetrator of this unprecedented attempt at a global power grab is none other than the U.N.’s global public health agency, the World Health Organization (WHO). Remember them?

Most Americans probably didn’t know much about WHO until the COVID-19 pandemic, and they certainly didn’t come out the other side with a good opinion of the agency. But this powerful governing body isn’t letting that stop them.

No, the WHO is taking to heart the words of former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel: “Never let a crisis go to waste,” using the pandemic to justify a new threat to national sovereignty and personal liberty: the WHO Pandemic Agreement.

While warning of and preemptively planning for the next pandemic (which feels suspicious at best), WHO is asserting itself as the world’s supreme authority, with flimsy guardrails for abuse and loads of leeway for them to decide what constitutes an “emergency.”

You remember the agency’s handling of COVID and their inexplicable defense of China throughout the pandemic, right? In what world should anyone be giving WHO more power?

On its face, a “Pandemic Agreement” sounds benign enough. If it’s meant to mitigate future health crises, then the agreement will help those who are subject to it, right?. Unfortunately, WHO is composed of globalists who espouse every radical, woke belief you can name, which means this is so much more a Trojan horse than a public health initiative.

Though the final text still isn’t available (more on that in a moment), here are just a few “features” of the agreement that are already known:

1.) It redistributes wealth and resources by mandating “real-time access by WHO” to 20% of the USA’s pandemic-related health products to be allocated to other nations by WHO

2.) It diminishes humanity through its “OneHealth” approach, which seeks to “balance the health of people, animals, and ecosystems”

3.) It targets free speech and personal liberty by calling on nations to target “misinformation” and empowering private-sector forces (such as social media) to censor disfavored viewpoints

4.) It promotes LGBTQ confusion by pushing “gender diversity” in clinical trials

5.) And much more…

But surely, a move this monumental would be decided upon by the people, or at least their duly elected representatives, right? Not so fast – the agreement was originally called a treaty.

Treaties must go through the Senate and pass a two-thirds vote to be ratified according to the Constitution. When the Biden admin realized that would never happen, WHO downgraded it to an “agreement,” making possible an end-run around Congress.

In keeping with his America last agenda, President Joe Biden intends to sign this agreement with no accountability to Congress, making it the law of the land. Last I checked, the Legislative Branch, not the Executive Branch (or an unelected body of non-citizens), makes our laws.

But apparently, that’s no longer the case.

The World Health Assembly (the WHO decision-making body) meets on May 27 to finalize details of the agreement. Concerningly, they were supposed to share the draft text with all member nations four months in advance, but still haven’t produced it with only weeks to spare.

At a rally at the U.S. Capitol on April 18th, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) said WHO authorities say the lack of transparency comes from the delegate’s inability to agree on precise terms. Whether that’s the case or it’s something more sinister, it’s difficult to expose nefarious purposes when no one knows exactly what is in the agreement.

Even without knowing the full extent of what is in the agreement, we can rely on the adage that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” WHO Secretary-General Tedros Ghebreyesus is a favorite of the Chinese Communist Party, installed in his position “to promote global governance,” according to Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy.

The agency is full of globalist elites who have decided they hold the key to humanity’s survival even as they quietly promote depopulation. Needless to say, this arrogance and despotic behavior is a massive red flag.

This isn’t about health. It’s about control.

The word “shall” appears 175 times in one draft of the agreement but, at the same time, it doesn’t even define the word “pandemic.” Of course, that’s by design so any “crisis” can serve as an open door for WHO to take over.

Make no mistake, this will make our government’s actions during the COVID-19 pandemic look like child’s play.

What can we do?  Take ACTION:

1.) Spread the word. Amid the demands of everyday life, skyrocketing inflation, and ongoing division and unrest in our nation (to name a few), many Americans don’t even know this is happening. We must raise the alarm.

*Family Research Council was on the ground level, raising awareness of this threat from the beginning. Visit their news site, the Washington Stand and search “Pandemic Agreement” for many more resources.

2.) Send comments to your federal lawmakers. FRC Action has a convenient online form with pre-written text you can send here.

The deadline to submit comments is Friday, May 3rd.

3.) Pray. Pray for the eyes of many to be opened to this plan. Pray for confusion within WHO, that they would not succeed in their plans.

These are discouraging times, but we must do our part even while we trust the God of whom the psalmist says,

“For kingship belongs to the Lord, and he rules over the nations.” (Ps. 22:28)

He, and no one else, is the One true Sovereign.

Mae Arthur
Mae is a freelance writer and editor, as well as a former staff member at a Washington, D.C. conservative policy group. An Illinois native, she now lives in south-central Pennsylvania with her husband and two children....
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