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Five Things Every Parent Needs to Know About SnapChat

Social media today is seemingly inescapable and the same holds true for Snapchat. As one of the top contenders of most loved social media platforms for teens, it is important for parents to understand this photo sharing app before deciding if it’s appropriate for your own kids. While YouTube and Instagram still dominate the social media space among teens, Snapchat comes in a close third place with 69 percent of U.S. teens using the platform according to a 2018 Pew Research Center study. Snapchat isn’t inherently dangerous right off the bat, but parents will want to ensure that their teens are safe and responsible while using the app.
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Facebook Censoring? Say it Ain’t So!

Among the reasonable and fairly well-defined criteria Twitter uses to censor content is this more ambiguous criterion: content “that incites fear about a protected group” or that “degrades someone.”

Does Twitter think it’s degrading to say “homosexual acts degrade persons”? What if homosexual acts do degrade persons? What words constitute an incitement to fear? Does it incite “fear about a protected group” to say that allowing biological males in women’s private spaces is an assault on decency and puts at risk the safety of girls and women? Does Twitter think saying “polyamory is wrong, and its normalization harms society” would …

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Worried About Social Media & Technology?

If you are concerned about raising children or grandchildren in this high tech age in which screen time is a whole new phenomenon, then you’re not alone.  A poll from Gallup finds that screens are a significant concern of parents.  Here are some of the polling firm’s findings from a poll of 1,271 U.S. parents of children from birth to age 10.
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Ireland Votes to Kill Unborn Babies with the Help of Facebook, Twitter and Google

Last week the people of Ireland voted to repeal Ireland’s Eighth Amendment that granted “equal protection of the right to life of the preborn child and his or her mother.” After the repeal, “legislators will have the power to legalize abortion for any reason up to birth.”

Leading up to the vote, however, Facebook, Twitter and Google all weighed in — arguably on the side of the pro-abort forces:

Google, Facebook, Twitter ban pro-life ads on Ireland abortion referendum

Leading up to the May 25th referendum in Ireland on repealing the Eighth Amendment, Google announced that it would suspend all

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The One Thing We Can All Agree On is That We Can’t Agree

The day after the election, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw two posts back-to-back from friends. One was convinced the world was coming to an end now that Donald Trump was elected president; the other was convinced America’s savior was now in the White House.

I’m sure you’ve seen similar contrasts – maybe even in your own household. There’s a sense of stark disunity in our culture these days, and the polls back that up. A recent Gallup poll found that 77 percentof Americans see the nation as “divided.”

Most of the time when people write about …

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“They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness, and their conflicting thoughts accuse or even excuse them.” ~Romans 2:15

In the liberal quest for unencumbered sexual license, there remains a pesky little irritant built into humans called conscience. It’s a surprisingly durable part of the human psyche and gets in the way of all sorts of behaviors, either stopping humans before they engage in them or polluting the afterglow of iniquitous deeds.

Even the Left is forced to wrestle with the presence of conscience in culture, especially when it …

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