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Philip Haney: The Problem of Sharia in America
By John Biver   |   11.25.17
Philip Haney is a former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistle blower and counter-terrorism expert. Haney studied Arabic culture and language while working as a scientist in the Middle East before becoming a founding member of the DHS in 2002....
Pastor Usama Dakdok Exposes the Qur’an
By John Biver   |   11.24.17
Egyptian born Usama Dakdok is the author of The Generous Qur'an, An Accurate, Modern English Translation of the Qur'an, Islam's Holiest Book. He studied Islamic law in college, and is now a Christian. In his remarks, he addressed head-on the claim that “radicalization has nothing to do with Islam.” “Are we really that stupid?,” he asked.
Anni Cyrus Shares Her Experience with Sharia Law in Iran
By John Biver   |   11.21.17
Iranian born Anni Cyrus came to the United States for freedom, she says. Back in Iran, she had been declared an adult at age 9, and a few years later was sold for fifty American dollars by her father to...
Congressman Randy Hultgren Introduces Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
By John Biver   |   11.20.17
Have you ever heard of the “Values Action Team,” which is a subgroup of the U.S. House GOP Republican Study Committee? Somehow in all my years of paying attention (including working a stint on Capitol Hill for a member of...
Every 12 Years: A Review of the Book ‘Saving K-12’ (Part Two)
By John Biver   |   11.18.17
Last time I presented some of the background about why I enjoyed Bruce Deitrick Price’s new book Saving K-12: A Citizens Guide to Improving Public Education. In this post, I will present a few examples. Giving the background on a...
Every 12 Years: A Review of the Book ‘Saving K-12’ (Part One)
By John Biver   |   11.17.17
Every 12 years another set of children progress through America’s government-run school system. Those that graduated this past spring started twelve years before that as first-graders in 2005. In 2005 I had the honor of serving as the president of the Family Taxpayers Foundation (FTF), a non-profit focusing chiefly on school reform -- both curriculum and finance…a to z, soup to nuts.
‘This is Not Your Father’s Culture War’
By John Biver   |   11.10.17
Months before I started alternating between Identity Politics and Paraphilias, incest was featured in one of my articles. At the end of it was this question: “How will society respond when those who practice incest start self-identifying as such and begin clamoring for their ‘rights’?” “Rights” in this context means, among other things, the right to get married, complete tolerance and acceptance by society and for their incestual relationships to be viewed as completely normal.
George Soros Gets It: When Will More Wealthy Conservatives?
By John Biver   |   11.09.17
Here was the headline: “Soros Shifts $18 Billion To Foundation He Uses To Fund Left.” That is not a typo. $18 billion with a B. This guy is serious about seeing Leftism advanced. The facts about that “shift” of dollars...
‘Trillions of Dollars Are at Stake’: It is a Battle Over ‘The Future Wealth of the United States’
By John Biver   |   11.04.17
Is that headline dramatic enough for you? Since writing the four part series focusing on trade and manufacturing jobs (one, two, three, four), Jim Dicks at American Thinker added some interesting political information to the mix. Steve Bannon, Jim Dicks...
International Trade: Plenty of Destruction, Not Enough Creative
By John Biver   |   11.03.17
“Creative destruction” is a common phrase used in economics. One simple example that’s in the news a lot lately, is the phenomenon of Since it launched in 1994, countless small books stores have been put out of business, and...
Illinois Law Could be Impacted by California Right of Conscience Case if it is Heard by SCOTUS
By John Biver   |   11.01.17
In a fast-moving story, right of conscience cases are moving forward and possibly to the U.S. Supreme Court. Here are just two recent headlines from Life News: October 30: Pregnancy Centers Ask Supreme Court to Overturn California Law Forcing Them...
The Debate: Free Trade, Fair Trade, Balanced Trade
By John Biver   |   10.30.17
Last time we heard from Illinoisans John Westberg and Steve Rauschenberger, two knowledgeable voices when it comes to the topic of manufacturing in the United States. An article earlier this year by American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson titled, “Free Trade, Fair...
Wikipedia and Our Paraphilias of the Day: Acrotomophilia and Apotemnophilia
By John Biver   |   10.27.17
These days government (“public”) schools prefer to teach from Howard Zinn’s text book rather than fact based American history. Mobs want to tear down monuments to everyone from Columbus to Lincoln, Wikipedia hasn’t gotten up to speed. Leftists want history...
Seeking Solutions: John Westberg’s ‘New Hope for America’
By John Biver   |   10.24.17
In the last article, we outlined John Horvat’s argument that America’s economy cannot be solved merely by bringing back jobs from overseas, but rather, “America faces a grave moral crisis that needs to be addressed.” Then we introduced former manufacturing company owner John Westberg, who not only understands our county’s moral challenge, but also has some ideas on how we can bolster American manufacturing and improve our country’s trade position...
‘Identity Politics Aim for the End of America Itself’
By John Biver   |   10.23.17
The above title was used as a subheading in this article by Elizabeth Kantor at The Federalist: “Donald Trump Isn’t Fighting a Culture War but A Cultural Revolution.” Underneath that subheading, Kantor writes: [T]he genius and the miracle of America...
John Biver
John Biver

John Biver is a Christian, an American citizen from Illinois, and works in the arena of applied political science. He is a writer, activist, and analyst with over twenty-five years of experience in the political arena. John has worked in politics and government in Washington, D.C., and in Illinois at the state and local level.

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