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Marijuana Update
By   |   04.06.19
Illinois Senate Bill 7 to legalize and commercialize passed out of committee this week as a “shell bill”.  The sponsor said they are still working on the language for the bill and will file an amendment by the end of...
24 Hour, Non-Stop Video Gambling in Tinley Park?
By   |   07.13.18
The Tinley Park Village Board will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, July 17 at 6:30 p.m. at the Village Hall, 16250 S.Oak Park Ave.  to consider annexing of land for a gas station to become a truck stop.  If approved, the truck stop, near a residential area, could have video gambling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Local residents could gamble all night on the video gambling machines.
Illinois Senate Expands, then Passes Another Huge Gambling Bill
By   |   03.01.17
Yesterday, the Illinois Senate put two amendments on SB 7 -a massive gambling bill- and then called the bill for a vote without a committee hearing. This proposal authorizing casinos in Chicago, Rockford, Danville, Lake County, south suburbs of Chicago, Williamson County and 4 casinos at racetracks. It is important to note that this legislation would legalize a city-owned casino for Chicago with a perpetual license that cannot be revoked or suspended. No other city in the United States owns a casino.
Illinois State Senate to Vote on Gambling Expansion (SB 7) in Feb
By   |   01.27.17
The Illinois State Senate Gaming Committee recently heard testimony on SB 7, the massive gambling expansion bill. There were many questions from members of the committee asking sponsor Illinois Sen. Terry Link (D-Gurnee) to make changes to the bill. The Senate moved SB 7 to third reading so it can be called for a vote at anytime now. Illinois Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) filed Senate Amendment 2 to SB 7 to include slot machines at Chicago airports for passengers who at least 21 years of age and members of a private club.
Massive Gambling Expansion in SB 7
By   |   01.18.17
Democratic Senate President John Cullerton and Minority Leader Christine Radogno negotiated an ambitious plan to end the budget impasse. Promising to act on a package by month's end, they introduced 13 measures that included sweeteners that are not budget-related for both sides.
State Rep. Zalewski Files Bill to Legalize Internet Sports Gambling
By   |   10.27.15
House Bill 4323, introduced by State Representative Michael Zalewski (D-Riverside), creates the Fantasy Contests Act.  This proposal would legalize Internet Sports gambling for anyone 18 and older.  The language is very vague about the number of entries that could be...
Racetracks in Illinois to Shut Down
By   |   10.07.15
The owners of Arlington Park closed the racetrack 18 years ago, saying that competition from casinos was killing horse racing. Two years later, under Governor George Ryan, the Horse Racing Act was amended to subsidize horse racing by reducing or...
Counterpoint: A Chicago Casino Would Take Money Fom Illinois Residents
By   |   03.23.15
Remember when Illinois politicians told us revenue from riverboat casinos would come from out-of-state residents? Then surrounding states built casinos to compete with Illinois. Many of the same companies owned casinos in both states and profited from the expansion. Now...
Video Slot Machine Thefts a Worrisome Trend
By   |   10.11.14
The gambling machines have been in operation for 2 years, and now video gambling thefts are coming to light. The city of Springfield has the most video gambling machines in the state. Thieves have broken into six bars a total...
Illinois Senate Considering Truck Stop Casinos
By   |   04.12.14
State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) has sponsored SB 3144, a bill to double the number of video gambling machines at truck stops.  This would legalize up to 10 video slot machines at truck stops.   SB 3144 was called for a...
Gambling Action Alert
By   |   03.24.14
Rep. Robert Rita (D-Blue Island) introduced two amendments this week to SB 1739 that would expand gambling in Illinois.
Springfield Adds Even More Gambling
By   |   02.11.14
The Illinois House and Illinois Senate were in session just one day in January, yet they managed to pass a gambling expansion bill.   The Senate amended an unemployment bill (SB 11) and transformed it into a gambling expansion bill on...
New Proposal for Non-Stop Casino Hours
By   |   09.17.13
Illinois casinos have petitioned the Gaming Board to allow 24-hour, non-stop gambling 7 days a week. The Illinois Gaming Board turned down 24 hour gambling at casinos three times before, because of all the opposition they received from many of you.
Keep Calling the Governor to VETO Gambling Bills
By   |   07.22.13
The Governor has not taken action on the following gambling expansion bills.  Keep calling the Governor’s office at (800) 642-3112 and ask that he VETO these bills:   House Bill 996 is an expansion of charitable gambling that also allows video...
Gambling Action Alert
By   |   05.28.13
Backroom deals are being cut on a massive gambling expansion bill (SB 1739). This 500+ page bill adds 5 new casinos, authorizes video slot machines at existing racetracks (creating 6 new racinos) and would make Illinois one of the first...
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