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The Audacity of Gender-Reveal Parties: Another Step Towards Cultural Insanity
By   |   11.06.18
The leaders of the transgender revolution revile the celebrated declaration, “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl,” when a baby is born. Transgender activists recognize that their revolution cannot succeed until doctors who deliver babies, or ultrasound technicians at women’s...
Performing Abortion is “God’s Work?” The Real Story of Christianity and Abortion
By   |   05.18.17
The shame is not that evangelicals hold these pro-life convictions now. The shame is that there was ever any evangelical equivocation on such a matter of life and death and human dignity.
The Shack — The Missing Art of Evangelical Discernment
By   |   03.08.17
The theorized submission of the Trinity to a human being -- or to all human beings -- is a theological innovation of the most extreme and dangerous sort.
Religious Liberty and the Right to be Christian
By   |   07.29.16
Moral revolutions require legal revolutions. This is certainly the case with the sexual revolution and its various causes of sexual liberation. A revolution is only complete when the legal structure aligns itself with a new moral understanding. This alignment is...
Everything That is Solid Melts Into Air — The New Secular Worldview
By   |   04.14.16
Christians are the intellectual outlaws under the current secular conditions. To believe the truth claims of Christianity is to defy principalities and powers -- and to face an intellectual onslaught.
Secularization and the Sexual Revolution (Part 1)
By   |   02.29.16
In the face of the sexual revolution the Christian church in the West now faces a set of challenges that exceeds anything it has experienced, of a similar magnitude, in the past. This is a revolution of ideas—one that is...
Relativity, Moral Relativism, and the Modern Age
By   |   12.12.15
Moral relativism and the rejection of absolute truth now shape the modern post-Christian mind. Indeed, relativism is virtually taken for granted, at least as an excuse for overthrowing theistic truth claims and any restrictive morality.
Bad News, Indeed – Playboy Opened the Floodgates and Now the Culture is Drowning
By   |   10.23.15
A venerable parable from Confucian China told of an elderly man who had seen emperors and events come and go, and observed from his Confucian worldview that good news and bad news were often difficult to tell apart. “Good news?...
When ‘Discernment’ Leads to Disaster
By   |   08.19.15
The historic First Baptist Church of Greenville, South Carolina, announced in May that it would declare itself be “open and welcoming” to all people and that it would allow same-sex marriage and ordain openly homosexual ministers. The move came after...
“Whoever Would Save His Life Will Lose It” — A Charge for Graduates
By   |   05.09.15
And calling the crowd to him with his disciples, he said to them, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it,...
This is How Religious Liberty Dies
By   |   04.15.15
The vast high-velocity moral revolution that is reshaping modern cultures at warp speed is leaving almost no aspect of the culture untouched and untransformed. The advocates of same-sex marriage and the more comprehensive goals of the LGBT movement assured the nation that nothing would be fundamentally changed if people of the same gender were allowed to marry one another. We knew that could not be true, and now the entire nation knows.
Fifty Shades of Shame — The Evolution of Pornography
By   |   02.18.15
The release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is a more important and lamentable event than many Christians may realize. What the movie represents is nothing less than the evolution of pornography in an age increasingly distant from a...
Religious Liberty vs. Erotic Liberty
By   |   01.14.15
Barely five days after The New York Times ran a major news article on the firing of Atlanta’s fire chief for his views on homosexuality, a major Times opinion writer declared that religious liberty is a fine thing, so long...
Moses Without the Supernatural — Ridley Scott’s “Exodus: Gods and Kings”
By   |   12.16.14
Timed for a Christmas season release, director Ridley Scott’s intended blockbuster, Exodus: Gods and Kings hit the big screens this past weekend. On its opening weekend the movie shot to the top of the box office charts, displacing the latest ...
The Vindication of Antonin Scalia
By   |   10.10.14
A giant milestone in the moral revolution passed this week when the U.S. Supreme Court turned down every single appeal from several states on the issue of same-sex marriage. This decision not to take at least one case under consideration stunned both sides in the same-sex marriage battle...
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