Be Bold and Courageous
Be Bold and Courageous
Written By Lynn Bowman Tabb   |   05.16.22
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With the U.S. Supreme Court announcing it will be issuing opinions starting this week, we may have a final decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health – the case that should overturn Roe v. Wade. Should this occur, and after nearly 50 years of bloodshed of the innocent and unborn, rejoicing will abound!

Not to dump buckets of cold water on our rejoicing, but the reality for constituents in Illinois is this will be the time to “not be weary in well-doing,” but to soldier on and turn our attention more than ever to being vocal, educating those around us, and applying pressure to our elected representatives.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect either– as dozens of our legislative representatives are running for re-election, and may be more inclined to listen to their constituents’ concerns. What’s more, with a bit of courageous boldness on our part, our quasi pro-life friends and neighbors who, rather than select a candidate based on a “single-issue,” might be persuaded that this “single-issue” is THE issue forming the basis of our society. This truth could also motivate the otherwise “too busy to vote” crowd to get out and cast a ballot.

As we have these conversations, it’s helpful to be reminded of what makes a good legislature: lawmaking coupled with a balancing of power and representing one’s constituents–most important in a representative republic! So, what DO the voters of Illinois want from their lawmakers?

Given the fact that Illinois has recently passed radical pro-abortion legislation such as taxpayer funding [2018] and removed all abortion restrictions including parental notification [2021], our legislature has clearly not represented the majority viewpoint of Illinois voters on these issues.

A statewide poll of Illinois voters in March of 2021 commissioned by One Nation Under God Foundation and Illinois Family Institute, conducted by the Tarrance Group, helps to answer the question of what “we the people of Illinois” want in terms of these issues.

Here are a few of the key responses to the survey:

If a minor under the age of 18 is seeking an abortion, do you think the law should require her parent or guardian to be notified before the procedure? Overall 72% voted “yes.

56%        Yes (strongly)
16%        Yes
22%        No
6%          Undecided

Would you say that the government is taking away too many rights from parents and preventing parents from raising children in an appropriate way?

67%        Yes
28%        No
5%          Undecided                 

Taxpayer funding of abortion.  We did not poll this question, however, other Illinois polls place opposition to taxpayer funding at around 65%.

It’s  easy to feel alone in the crowd, isn’t it? You’re one small voice in the community, right? Actually, these statistics indicate nothing could be further from the truth! An overwhelming majority of Illinois voters are on the side of life, parental rights, and family.

This fact was driven home last night as I sat in a Precinct Committeeman training meeting. A roomful of Illinoisans, most of whom had never met before, found camaraderie over these issues that are affecting our state. Finding others that are like-minded helped to fan the flame of my courage to get vocal in a bold and courageous way.

We rejoice in the likelihood of the overturning of Roe v. Wade so that the abortion issue can be returned to where it belongs – the states. It is a victory to be celebrated for sure. It will be a gift from above, but in Illinois, it might be a temporary gift if we don’t get busy in “well-doing.”

Get equipped!

-Click here to access the 2022 Primary Election Voter Resources.

-Click here to read about the connection between Common Law, Abortion, and Nuremberg. It might be a good talking point with your neighbors as you seek to inform.

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