Thanksgiving: The Neglected Counter-Cultural Holiday
By Kenna Rose   |   11.25.22
Thanksgiving, especially in recent years, is a neglected holiday. Sandwiched  between Halloween and Christmas, and overshadowed by Black Friday, people know Thanksgiving is there, but many don’t put much thought into it until they have to start planning family, food and travel. In recent years, Halloween has become a more culturally celebrated holiday than Thanksgiving. There was even a fun little trend going around social media where you’d show a picture of yourself on Oct. 31 ready for Halloween, and then on Nov. 1 ready for Christmas with Thanksgiving not even an afterthought. There’s just not much societal excitement for Thanksgiving, which is interesting - but it makes sense. Thanksgiving doesn’t fit the ‘cultural narrative’ of self-focus that has been set up.
Adoption: The Loving Choice
By Kenna Rose   |   11.14.22
In this day and age, adoption seems to have fallen off the proverbial table. In a conversation with a struggling young expectant mother, abortion is far more likely to be suggested as an option than adoption. In fact, during arguments for the Dobbs case in June of 2022, those arguing for Roe V. Wade touted abortion as the loving option and adoption as cruel. But is this the case?
Bold Christianity
By Kenna Rose   |   11.05.22
When freedom of religion doesn’t exist, you end up with horrible tyrannical governments and systems such as communism or socialism. Abolishing religious freedom is often done to stifle Christianity, because Christians (and the truth of the gospel) are a hindrance to evil tyrants, power-hungry officials, and a populace desiring to live in its flesh.
Gender’s Redefinition and God’s Perfect Design
By Kenna Rose   |   10.25.22
In our current culture, gender is attacked in pretty much every way possible. Gender and the innate things that go along with being male or female are caricatured, blown up, held to impossible standards, ignored as merely feelings or fancies, and beat down on as toxic or harmful. It creates a mess that harms both individual people and the society in which they live.
Planned Parenthood’s Abortion RV Seeking to Devour
By Kenna Rose   |   10.19.22
Due to the reversal of Roe V. Wade, Planned Parenthood has been forced to close many clinics in states whose lawmakers and governors are upholding the sanctity of life. But sadly, the culture of death has so pervaded our society that many women in more pro-life states have been traveling to pro-abortion states (like Illinois) to kill their babies.
Blasphemy on Billboards
By Kenna Rose   |   10.10.22
California Governor Gavin Newsom recently rented billboards in several pro-life states and slathered them with pro-abortion messages inviting pregnant women to get their abortions in California. One billboard in particular, however, stood out, because Newsom ended his pro-abortion message with the words of Jesus in Mark 12:31: “The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”
American Crime Wave Continues to Flourish
By Kenna Rose   |   09.29.22
I know I’m not the only one who has noticed the uptick in crime lately. Anyone paying attention has seen frequent and numerous examples cited in the news or on social media. Yet the Democrat lawmakers who remain in control...
Kenna Rose
Kenna Rose

Kenna Rose is a Christian and a biblically conservative speaker and writer. She sincerely cares about worldview issues and wants to discuss them from a biblical perspective. Kenna Rose co-hosts the podcast Self-Evident in order to speak truths that were once self evident and do so in love. She also writes articles and produces videos for Illinois Family Institute.

Kenna Rose is a homeschool graduate who loves the magic reading and writing can produce. She’s under the opinion that storytelling is a powerful force and to that end runs to help Christians be discerning in what they read. She is an avid student of the Bible, and In her spare time she enjoys playing the piano, making videos with friends, running, and crafting.

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