Polyamory and Open Marriage
By Kenna Rose   |   02.20.24
When a culture increasingly redefines marriage, marriage itself will eventually become meaningless. If marriage can mean anything you want it to, then it actually means nothing. An example of this is a new trend that is emerging in our country: open marriages and polyamory.
What to do with Generation Z
By Kenna Rose   |   01.23.24
Much of Generation Z is heading into adulthood, and we’re realizing that being an adult is hard, a bit scary, and often unenjoyable. Anxiety and fear are incredibly high among Gen Z-ers, also known as Zoomers. I saw an article last month reporting that 86% of Generation Z has “menu anxiety,” or overwhelming anxiety about eating out. Another article published in November reports that Gen Z is having difficulty adjusting to the demands of a 9-5 work week.
The Reality of Social Media Part 2: Instagram
By Kenna Rose   |   01.12.24
Even though social media isn’t yet 50 years old, warnings against it have become a bipartisan concern. But, it’s also a huge part of our world used by many people to connect and businesses to engage with their clientele. For parents especially it can be stressful to figure out how to monitor their children’s use of social media, and let’s face it, it can even be difficult for adults. That’s why we are working on a series of articles about social media. Starting with a general overview, and then going more in-depth on popular apps.
The Downfall of Scholastic Books
By Kenna Rose   |   01.05.24
Stories are powerful and incredibly influential. Almost everyone can point to at least one story, if not more, that have deeply changed the way they think, act, or live. Even without meaning to, we tend to base our perception of reality around the stories we know, love, and tell.
Dr. Dorothy Tillman: An Example of Homeschool Success
By Kenna Rose   |   12.29.23
Some of the best parts of being homeschooled are the flexibility of your schedule and the ability to tackle subjects at the pace you need. This not only ensures that you understand what you are learning but gives the opportunity to do things that the stringent schedule of a public school doesn’t allow.
The Reality of Social Media: Part 1
By Kenna Rose   |   12.04.23
Everyone knows social media has negative effects. It’s the topic of countless articles, films have been made on it, people constantly discuss it, and it’s generally considered a bipartisan issue. Warning cries about social media have been sounded so often that they have become background music, even though it isn’t even 50 years old.
Eric Metaxas: Awake, You Who Sleep (2023)
By Kenna Rose   |   11.24.23
There is no sense in evading the truth; even though doing so may endear you to more people and be slightly more comfortable. But God doesn’t call us to live easy lives, and when Christians choose to stay silent –...
Do Not Be Conformed To This World
By Kenna Rose   |   11.06.23
“My friend’s daughter went off to college, and now she’s a totally different person. It’s so sad.” How many times have you heard this story? I used to wonder how simply going to college could effect such a sudden and drastic worldview shift. I mean, going to a school couldn’t possibly change such a large thing as a worldview, especially one that has been held since childhood, right?
Christianity and Science: Are They Compatible?
By Kenna Rose   |   10.30.23
One of the main arguments against Christianity has existed in our modern society for longer than a century. It’s a major talking point debated by some of the smartest minds in this world. Some have dedicated their lives to proving this argument, and others to disproving it. It’s entirely relevant, certainly relatable, and based on something that controls much of the movement and forward progress of societies, cultures, and nations.
Gender and True Identity
By Kenna Rose   |   10.19.23
Everyone knows that one kid who joined the theater program and then became the epitome of a “theater kid.” If you asked them to tell you who they are as a person, they would probably say something related to theater, because it’s become their whole identity.
The Power of Prayer
By Kenna Rose   |   08.26.23
As Christians, we have the amazing freedom of coming before the throne of the Almighty, Holy, Omnipresent, All-Powerful Creator of the universe to petition Him in prayer – without being destroyed – because of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. It’s an incredible privilege, and what’s more, we’re told in James 5:16b that “the prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” Prayer is powerful because we are talking to a powerful God. As we wrestle against “the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Eph. 6:12), prayer is one of the strongest weapons we have.
Can It Even Be Narnia Without Aslan?
By Kenna Rose   |   08.07.23
A couple of weeks ago, I was scrolling through Not The Bee when I came across an article entitled “They Want Narnia Without Aslan.” My heart skipped a beat, and I hastily clicked the link to discover a ScreenRant article titled “Netflix’s Chronicles of Narnia Using the Original Books’ Ending Would be a Huge Mistake.”
OTC Birth Control: Destructive “Progress” for American Women
By Kenna Rose   |   07.31.23
On July 13, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced its approval of Opill, a form of birth control to be sold over the counter – no prescription needed. Opill will become available for purchase in early 2024. The FDA...
Being Proactive: Abstinence & Marriage
By Kenna Rose   |   07.28.23
The pro-life movement is rightly focused on preventing abortions. Sometimes this leads us to gloss over root causes. But – what is the driving factor behind a lot of abortions? And is there something we can do to address it? Enter Scott Phelps, the Executive Director of A&M Partnerships. His approach to the pro-life battle is entirely different, borne from a desire to do something to “save the babies,” plus a series of curious events (which in my humble opinion, could be taken as the Lord’s direction).
Dude Perfect and Its Encouraging Stance
By Kenna Rose   |   06.23.23
In a world where bad news in reporting is the norm, a single piece of good news can feel like a rainstorm in the desert. I recently came across an encouraging piece of news in the form of a YouTube channel called Dude Perfect, and it’s good timing for parents with the disappointing news about Mr. Beast.
Kenna Rose
Kenna Rose

Kenna Rose is a Christian and a biblically conservative speaker and writer. She sincerely cares about worldview issues and wants to discuss them from a biblical perspective. Kenna Rose co-hosts the podcast Self-Evident in order to speak truths that were once self evident and do so in love. She also writes articles and produces videos for Illinois Family Institute.

Kenna Rose is a homeschool graduate who loves the magic reading and writing can produce. She’s under the opinion that storytelling is a powerful force and to that end runs goodcleanreads.com to help Christians be discerning in what they read. She is an avid student of the Bible, and in her spare time she enjoys playing the piano, making videos with friends, running, and crafting.

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