What Was Sodom’s Sin?
By Calvin Lindstrom   |   08.10.22
Recently on social media and in the past, various people have claimed that Sodom was destroyed because the citizens of Sodom were not helping the poor... The city of Sodom is first mentioned in Scripture in Genesis 10:19. Three other cities were in the vicinity of Sodom: Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboiim. Often the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are mentioned together but Sodom stands out in the listing of these cities and is mentioned the most of the four cities in Scripture - 49 times.
IFI Prayer Warriors Needed!
By David E. Smith   |   07.30.22
We know that the many cultural battles we face today are spiritual battles that cannot be won by relying solely on our own strength and methods. In truth, these battles must first and continually be waged through prayer to our holy, righteous and merciful God. Would you please consider volunteering to be part of the IFI Prayer Team?
A Biblical Perspective to Senseless Violence
By Calvin Lindstrom   |   07.28.22
On July 4, 2022, more than 80 rounds of ammunition were fired into the crowds watching the Highland Park July 4th Parade. Seven were killed and dozens were injured in this perverse attack. Predictably, many on the left were again calling for increased gun control. What is a Christian response to the violence that plagues our nation?
I Have Voted Republican for Many Years, But I Do Not Put My Trust in a Political Party
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   07.25.22
Because the Republican platforms over the years have been much closer to my values than the Democratic platforms, I have voted Republican for as long as I can remember. But when it comes to bringing about moral and cultural change in America, I do not look to a political party. Not a chance. There is moral compromise in both major parties, and the battle we are fighting for the soul of the nation is a spiritual battle long before it is a political battle. The recent U.S. House vote to codify same-sex “marriage” was yet another reminder for us.
Pastors MUST Get More Involved, Says Liberty Pastors Network Founder Paul Blair
By Alex Newman   |   07.21.22
Pastors were crucial in the founding of America and its biblical principles, and they need to once again take their rightful place as leaders who teach the "whole counsel" of God for every area of life including politics, Liberty Pastors Network founder Pastor Paul Blair of Oklahoma tells us in this interview.
Pelosi Durbin and the Denial of Communion
By David Curtin   |   06.24.22
A question that’s been roiling the Catholic Church for years is whether Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin and other Catholic politicians should be denied Communion since they support the legalized killing of children in the womb.
We Will Not Celebrate Sexual Sin and Pride
By David E. Smith   |   06.22.22
On June 1, 2022, Gov. JB Pritzker sent out a tweet celebrating the month of June as LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Throughout his term in Springfield, Pritzker has been vocal in his support for radical left-wing policies and social issues. He has pandered to the LGBTQIA community and has been a regular participant in "Gay" Pride activities across Illinois.
IFI Prayer Team: Abortion, Justice, Life and Peace
By Calvin Lindstrom   |   06.21.22
January 22, 1973 – This is a horrible date that we should all know -- the day the horrific decision, Roe v. Wade, was issued and announced. Almost 50 years later and over 63 million lives taken, this drastic decision could finally be overturned.
Dr. Rob Rienow: The Church, The Family, and the Kingdom of God
By Brian Wencel   |   06.20.22
As the Church continues to grow, and youth ministries flourish, you would expect this generation of children to be closer to God more than ever. You would expect plenty of children to become and continue being Christians, and in return, Christianity would prosper. But as most of us know, this is sadly not the case. Christianity is on the decline and many children who grew up as Christians are tragically leaving the faith as they grow older. Why is this happening despite churches being plentiful and youth ministries nearly at every church? Why would Christianity be in dire trouble if churches seem to be stronger than ever? Dr. Rob Rienow doesn’t think that the Church is to blame; he thinks it is a problem with the family and the home.
How LGBTQ+ Activism Has Negatively Impacted the Church
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   06.16.22
American culture has changed dramatically in the last thirty years. Before that time, Christianity was generally respected by the society while homosexuality was disdained. Today, the tables have turned to the point that almost anything LGBTQ+ is celebrated while the Church is largely denigrated. In short, if gay is good, the Church is bad. This is another reason why many have left the Church, especially among the younger generation.
The Essential Book
By Rev. Thorin Anderson   |   06.10.22
Maybe you haven’t missed it yet, but you should have. I am referring to what we once referred to as America’s common culture, a generally accepted understanding of how things should be which was largely based upon, believe it or...
Christian Publishing Company Bought Out by Satan
By Laurie Higgins   |   06.09.22
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, the well-known 108-year-old Christian publishing company, continues its slide into heterodoxy by celebrating June “pride” month. On June 3, 2022, in a post on Eerdmans’ blog, the company recommended not one, not two, but six books for Christians to read in honor of “Pride Month” (rainbow colors seen here are Eerdmans/Satan’s—not God’s or mine).
The False Gospel of the Progressive Church
By Kristi Shaffer   |   06.06.22
Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, recently had a warning for the Christian church: be cautious of the infiltration of the false doctrine of the progressive Christian movement. "Progressive Christianity denies the divinely inspired, authoritative truth of the Bible as it intersects every facet of living," Graham states in his article, “The Eternal Peril of Christianity.” Graham says that the distortion of the gospel is potentially causing confusion and ultimately sending people to Hell.
The Path to Medical Freedom
By Lynn Bowman Tabb   |   06.03.22
“Information is power” and the Medical Freedom vs. Medical Tyranny Forum hosted by Illinois Family Institute was clearly an evening of empowerment! Attended by an estimated 500 people–young and old alike–the audience, rapt with attention, benefitted from the insights of Dr. Mark Zumhagen, MD and Dr. Simone Gold, MD,FD, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS).
Salvation in Simple Terms From the Perspective of the Grave
By Rev. Thorin Anderson   |   05.31.22
Any time we stand next to the casket of a loved one we may find ourselves asking why death exists in the first place.  Even those of us who know that God is love and reigns supreme see death as a very dark experience.  Could He not have devised an easier way for us to depart this life into eternity?  Must there be such pain?  I am quite sure that God, in His sovereignty, could have done things differently, but He chose not to.  Officiating at the funeral of a good friend recently reminded me of the suffering surrounding death.  But the passage to our eternal state is difficult for a reason and I would like to address some reasons for that suffering. 
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