IFI Prayer Team: February 2024
By David E. Smith   |   02.06.24
One of my favorite Bluegrass Gospel renditions is sung by a group known as Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. The song is titled, “He’s In Control” and the beginning reminds us: "There are days that darkness seems to gather in from every side. But my Lord is in control."
Evangelize or Else: Defending Christian Culture
By Oliver Perry   |   02.05.24
Would you like a government that reflects your Christian beliefs? If so then congratulations, you’re a threat to democracy! Or so says Rob Reiner, who produced a movie meant to alarm you about Christian nationalism, He even tweeted that Christian nationalism is “a danger to Christianity itself.” His message, and his movie, joins an already noisy crowd just dying to tell you that applying Christianity to politics is wrong.
Christians, Stop Living Like You’re Lost!
By Rev. Thorin Anderson   |   02.03.24
“Amazing grace! how sweet the sound-that saved a wretch like me!  I once was lost but now am found. . . .” These opening words from John Newton’s famous gospel song acknowledge the reality of our lost condition without Jesus Christ.
Illinois Youth Survey Warrants Caution
By Ecce Verum   |   02.02.24
Every school has to know at least a little bit about the students it is teaching, and every school has to provide at least something of value to its students. But there's a flipside—in pursuit of these goals, schools should not pry into areas of family life beyond their proper purview. While every family will have slightly different standards about what is appropriate for schools to inquire about or provide for their kids, I think that concerned parents and observers of the education system may soon sound the alarm that schools are becoming too intrusive.
The Mistake by the Lake: Alistair Begg, Public Sins, and the Decay of Evangelicalism
By Brandon Myers   |   02.01.24
In a recent American Reformer article detailing the decay of doctrine among Evangelicals, the point that generated the most attention by far concerned popular pastor Alistair Begg’s counsel from September of last year in which he advised a woman to attend her grandchild’s transgender “wedding.”
Love Story
February has some interesting distinctives. Back in the olden days (when I was growing up), we celebrated TWO presidential birthdays this month: Abraham Lincoln’s and George Washington’s. Now we celebrate only one—a generic President’s Day for our Monday holiday benefit. 
Join the IFI Prayer Team!
By David E. Smith   |   01.30.24
We know that the many cultural battles we face today are spiritual battles that cannot be won by relying solely on our own strength and methods. In truth, these battles must first and continually be waged through prayer to our holy, righteous and merciful God.
Solving Manufactured Problems?
By Ecce Verum   |   01.27.24
Does it ever seem if the cultural left's calls to action are often aimed at problems that seem—at least somewhat—manufactured? Does it seem almost as if, in a world that isn't run their way, we wouldn't have to face the kinds of issues that they’re trying to fix?
“Illinois is Failing Children of Color?”
By Kathy Athearn   |   01.27.24
A recent news story by Chicago’s WGN9 is titled “Illinois is Failing Children of Color.” It examines  “Race for Results” –a report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation which found that children of color face several “inequities” in Illinois.
Local Focus
By Thomas Hampson   |   01.25.24
Why are local elections so uninteresting to voters? Local elections in Illinois generally draw about 16% of registered voters. This is compared to the average turnout over the last 20 years for presidential elections in Illinois of 63% and the average turnout in the off-year elections of 44%.
His Will Be Done
Being the Speaker of the House of Representatives puts you into the credibility circle. This important role, as with any political leader, gives rise to all sorts of questions exceeding the focus of the job at hand. Often, such questions come with an agenda.
What to do with Generation Z
By Kenna Rose   |   01.23.24
Much of Generation Z is heading into adulthood, and we’re realizing that being an adult is hard, a bit scary, and often unenjoyable. Anxiety and fear are incredibly high among Gen Z-ers, also known as Zoomers. I saw an article last month reporting that 86% of Generation Z has “menu anxiety,” or overwhelming anxiety about eating out. Another article published in November reports that Gen Z is having difficulty adjusting to the demands of a 9-5 work week.
Don’t Call it Conservatism
By Mae Arthur   |   01.23.24
With every passing year, it seems we Christian Conservatives find ourselves increasingly in the minority. There might be more of us than we know, but the loudest and best-funded voices are almost exclusively liberal. If we know our Bibles, this shouldn’t come as a shock to us. For many of us who are weary of fighting in relative obscurity, though, there is a real temptation to uncritically align with anything or anyone that seems allied to our purposes.
Life on the Line
Perhaps you’ve never heard of Allie Phillips. She is one to keep your eye on. Her story may help determine the fate of babies in Tennessee and elsewhere. 
What’s at the Root of All This?
By Ecce Verum   |   01.18.24
Ever since we were little, when we'd wander out into our backyards and wish we could fly like the birds overhead, every one of us has had to wrestle with the difference between the way things are and the way we want them to be. We didn't create ourselves; we were born with certain physical characteristics that both empower and limit us. The same is true of our human nature overall.
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