Professor Anthony Esolen: “Reviving the Chest”
By Laurie Higgins   |   11.05.19
Professor Anthony Esolen is one of America’s cultural treasures. He writes about moral decline in America with insight, boldness, and eloquence—no timid, hesitant, evasive speech from Professor Esolen. Professor Esolen writes and speaks about the pernicious lies with which leftists...
Black Holes, Belief Systems, and Help for the Skeptical Soul
By Terrell Clemmons   |   11.01.19
Sarah Salviander grew up watching Star Wars, Star Trek, and Carl Sagan, and by age nine, she knew she would be a space scientist. She also grew up on atheism. When she was young, her atheist parents moved the family from Oregon to British Columbia to live under socialism, and she recalls having met no more than three people who identified as Christian there.
Pastor Holmes: “God’s People Must Pray”
Prayer is how God works in His world. Jesus told us we must pray for God’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done. Therefore, if we do not pray, God’s Kingdom is not established and His will is not accomplished. All the mighty works of the Spirit we see in the Bible, all the wonderful revivals in 2000 years of church history, have all been birthed through intercession and prayer.
Pastor Doug Wilson: Sanity as Insurrection
By David E. Smith   |   10.29.19
Sanity as Insurrection was the title of the final session of the 2019 Illinois Family Institute Worldview Conference on “Trans” Ideology. In this presentation, Pastor Doug Wilson stressed the importance in asking sane questions, ones that strike at the heart of the matter, when we engage in debate with our adversaries because “… deliberate and premeditated sanity is a challenge to the powers that be.”
The Decline in Religious Faith is Having a Role in Nation’s Drug Crisis
By Micah Clark   |   10.11.19
In the latest Gallup survey, only 46 percent of Americans think that religion can answer today’s problems, but the reality is that religion provides answers for one of today’s biggest problems—addiction.   This finding should not be a surprise.  With fewer...
Raising Kids in Church is Good for Future Communities
By Christine Misner   |   10.07.19
In good news for church going families, a recent study by Harvard University’s School of Public Health found kids raised going to church are happier adults. The study explored the association of the religious involvement of children and teens with their mental health and physical well-being as young adults.
The Neutrality Myths – Part 1
By Jonathan Lewis   |   09.19.19
It’s no secret that vast numbers of America’s evangelical teenagers are anemic in their faith. There are undoubtedly many factors involved, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked is education. Too often as Christians in America we overlook the significance of...
Chicago Tribune’s Flawed Theologian Zorn Goes After Eddy Piñeiro
By Laurie Higgins   |   09.18.19
Last Sunday in an on-air, post-game interview and subsequent tweet, Chicago Bears kicker Eddy Piñeiro Jr. said, “If you don’t believe in God you better start believing he’s REAL.” Anyone watching the moment with eyes unclouded by hatred of and...
Let There Be Light
Light, in all of its meanings and manifestations, is directly associated with Jehovah God and with Jesus the Christ.  In fact, a study of light in the Bible can tell us much about God and his intended relationship to Man.  When a concept is mentioned over 50 times in Scripture, we would do well to see why this is so. 
New Book Examines ‘Faith for Exiles’
By Christine Misner   |   09.11.19
A new book coauthored by David Kinneman, president of Barna Group, reveals the church dropout rate among young people who profess Christianity has increased in the last decade. But research also found a bright spot which became the focus of the book, “Faith for Exiles: 5 Ways for a New Generation to Follow Jesus in Digital Babylon.”
A Meaningful Life
By Jonathan Lewis   |   08.30.19
A recent report reveals that nearly 9 out of 10 young adults aged 16-29 in the United Kingdom say their life lacks purpose or meaning. The average across all ages is only slightly lower at 80 percent. Digging further into the numbers, it’s easy to find some clues about why this might be the case.
More than Stardust: How to Debunk Scientific Materialism for Your Kids
By Terrell Clemmons   |   08.27.19
A few weeks ago, I introduced IFI readers to Science Uprising, a project of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture that aims to (among other things) help people living in a secular culture learn to separate out legitimate...
Q&A Session With John Stonestreet
By David E. Smith   |   08.26.19
As John Stonestreet taught in his sessions at the IFI Worldview Conference, it is important for Christians to engage with culture, for culture-making is something God created us to do; to avoid culture is to avoid the world that God has given us. But how should we go about engaging culture? What about the situations we've all heard about, and are unsure of how to handle?
Kids Don’t Know Anything
By Jonathan Lewis   |   08.24.19
I’m learning an important lesson about raising children It’s taken me several years of fatherhood to learn an important lesson, but I think it’s finally sinking in. Are you ready for this nugget of wisdom? Okay, here we go. Kids...
The Effeminacy of Silence
By Douglas Wilson   |   08.23.19
We have had multiple stories we could use to illustrate how this works, three a day on average, but let me just pick one of the gaudier ones—drag queens in the kids’ section of our libraries. There are three basic kinds of characters in these stories. First, we have the drag queens grooming the little kids, and the lesbian librarians who set it all up. Second, we have a goodly number of Joe Six-packs, watching the news about this latest travesty as it comes on the 48 television sets at their favorite sports bar, with all of them saying, “What the hell?!” or the rough equivalent. And then third, we have the effeminacy of silence everywhere else.
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