Our Failing Demographics
By Oliver Perry   |   08.09.16
In an exhibition gallery, somewhere … Welcome to our display of demographic failures! Here you will see amazing things, from both near and far. Behind this first curtain we have … Japan! It’s a nice place but the locals don’t...
Christians in the Public Square
By Oliver Perry   |   07.13.16
When interviewed on The View regarding the recent Orlando shootings, ABC correspondent Sara Haines repeated a sentiment common to liberal political pundits. “Right now politicians, especially those that make law in the name of their faith need to step back...
Pinch of Incense
By Oliver Perry   |   07.07.16
Obamacare is a complex regulation mandating universal insurance coverage. It also contains deliberate offense against Christians, requiring that everyone purchase insurance having “contraceptive coverage.” All employer health plans must provide this coverage. In practice this means plans that provide abortifacient...
Oliver Perry
Oliver Perry

Oliver has lived in Illinois for decades.  He wasn’t born here, but got here as fast as he could.  He found his bride at church and still adores her.  Together they’ve raised three children to successful adulthood.

Oliver sees that even today the Bible speaks authoritatively on society, its government and its laws. He hopes that through these articles you will be encouraged to also think along these lines. For more, check out his blog at FixThisCulture.com.

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