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New Study Reveals the Startling Rise of Gen Zers Identifying as LGBTQ
By John Stonestreet   |   12.28.21
Earlier this year, a Gallup poll announced that one in six Gen Zers identify as LGBT. That was a significantly higher number than ever reported in any previous years. Then, last month, a new survey released by Arizona Christian University reported that about 39 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds claim the label.
Self-Giving in the Nativity
By John Stonestreet   |   12.14.19
Many articles this time of year wrangle over the specific details surrounding Christ’s birth—Did it really take place in a stable? Was it really in winter? When did the Magi show up? But the core of the story is unmistakable, because it’s taken straight from the pages of the Gospels. And we see it depicted in every nativity scene.
Marijuana and Psychosis
By John Stonestreet   |   03.29.19
The pitfalls and perils of marijuana legalization are well-documented. But whenever we discuss that research here on BreakPoint, we’re accused of not having the right research. What that means is that we’ve used studies that contradict the very vocal advocates ...
The Cost of Skipping Children
By John Stonestreet   |   02.18.19
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported late last year that Americans aren’t having enough babies to replace themselves. In fact, a record one in five American women will never have children, and those who do will, on average, never exceed two. As a result, the death rate is outpacing the birth rate, which means—except for immigration—the U.S. has joined many developed countries on the long, slow road of population decline.
Worldview Work Isn’t Optional
By John Stonestreet   |   04.25.18
Some are saying that Christians have lost the culture. But what if it was never a war to win, instead it was a calling to embrace? If there is an overarching theme for BreakPoint—starting with Chuck Colson and now with ...
A Sound, Compassionate Response to the Transgender Movement
By John Stonestreet   |   03.12.18
Transgender ideology is being disproportionately aimed at children, teaching them that they are not the inherently valuable image bearers God created them to be.
Alabama’s Big Win
By John Stonestreet   |   01.13.18
Two years ago on BreakPoint we told you about a promising young Christian football player. On Monday, he was the hero of Alabama’s national football championship win. Alabama’s stunning come-from-behind NCAA championship victory over Georgia was fueled by freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa...
Getting Creative with Education
By John Stonestreet   |   10.24.17
Throughout history, Christians have been at the cutting edge of education. It’s time to reclaim that tradition.
Religious Freedom Cases Stacking Up
By John Stonestreet   |   10.03.17
Court cases across the country continue to point to the big showdown coming soon at the U.S. Supreme Court.In the ongoing legal battles over religious freedom, there are advances and setback. One win happened last month. When Amy Larson, a ...
Opposing the Transgender Craze
By John Stonestreet   |   06.10.17
It doesn’t matter that you’re one of the world’s leading psychiatrists if you question the new orthodoxy about sex and gender.
Religious Freedom and SOGI Laws
By John Stonestreet   |   02.25.17
Before Christmas, I warned how Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity laws, or SOGI laws, as they’re called, create new protected classes of people based on inclination and behavior, not biological realities of race and sex. I also warned that so-called...
Pro-Woman, Not Pro-Abortion
By John Stonestreet   |   01.27.17
In a recent Saturday Night Live sketch, a group of millennial women visit the historic home of suffragette Susan B. Anthony in Rochester, New York. Devout feminists one and all, they decide before leaving to invoke the ghost of Anthony...
No, We Can’t ‘Agree to Disagree’ on Marriage
By John Stonestreet   |   12.05.16
For years, a steady drumbeat of Christian pastors, musicians, and authors have announced they’ve “evolved” on the issue of homosexuality. Authors like Matthew Vines and more recently, Jen Hatmaker, musician Nicole Nordeman and Yale philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff argue that the...
Homeschooling, the Feds, and You
By John Stonestreet   |   10.17.16
Recently, US Secretary of Education John King, while speaking at a press conference, remarked that although some homeschool situations are just fine, in general, “Students who are homeschooled are not getting kind of the rapid instructional experience they would get in school.”
LGBT Is Not a Color
By John Stonestreet   |   10.10.16
Are sexual orientation and gender identity the same as race? That message is being snuck in all over the place.
John Stonestreet
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John Stonestreet

John Stonestreet is a Speaker and Fellow of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He is a gifted communicator on areas of faith and culture, theology, worldview, education, and apologetics, and is a sought-after speaker at conferences, colleges, churches, schools, and other various gatherings each year.

He is the co-host with Eric Metaxas of BreakPoint, the Christian worldview radio program founded by the late Chuck Colson, and the voice of The Point, a daily national radio feature on worldview, apologetics and cultural issues.  He also serves as a Senior Content Advisor for Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

John holds degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Illinois) and Bryan College (Tennessee), and is the co-author of Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview (Sheffield Press).

He and his wife Sarah have three daughters and a dog, and live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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