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NBA, NFL Choose Sides in Culture War Battles
By John Stonestreet   |   04.01.16
The NFL and the NBA are tackling issues having nothing to do with football or basketball, and they’re putting a full court press on our freedom.
ISIS Attacks in Paris
By John Stonestreet   |   11.17.15
Friday’s attack in Paris, when ISIS terrorists attacked a concert hall, a soccer stadium, and a neighborhood known for its cafes, killing at least 129 people and wounding another 350, was the second wave of terror launched against the City...
Redefining Marriage Redefines Parenthood
By John Stonestreet   |   04.20.15
Redefining marriage doesn’t just redefine marriage. It also redefines parenthood. Just ask the kids.
You Really Want Us to Keep Our Faith to Ourselves?
By John Stonestreet   |   04.11.15
Growing numbers of voices are telling Christians “Keep your views to yourself!” “Stay out of the public square!” Well, what if we did? Frank Capra’s classic Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” showed a despairing George Bailey, played by Jimmy...
Indiana’s RFRA: The Smear Campaign Against Mike Pence and Religious Freedom
By John Stonestreet   |   04.10.15
Even before this year’s NCAA “Final Four” Basketball Championship in Indianapolis was set, much of the media’s attention had already pivoted to what one pundit called “the nightmare [looming] in Indiana.” The “nightmare” being referred to was the new Indiana...
Why We Shouldn’t Take “The Marriage Pledge” Too Soon
By John Stonestreet   |   11.25.14
The next several years are going to be messy for Christians. We already know that some who claim to be within our fold will continue to challenge the historic, orthodox teaching about sexuality, marriage, and the essence of what it...
Respectable Barbarism
By John Stonestreet   |   08.28.14
We’ve all been shocked by the barbarism we’ve seen committed in the name of Islam. But what about the respectable barbarism we see around us every day?
Gambling, Drugs, and Odd Political Bedfellows
By John Stonestreet   |   08.06.14
What do legalized gambling and legalized pot have in common? They fill government coffers and fuel social pathologies -- all in the name of personal freedom. I’ll explain...
Miley Cyrus and the Moral Gag Reflex
By John Stonestreet   |   07.28.14
Looking at culture, it’s tempting to give up in despair. As the dad of little girls, for example, when I see the relentless objectification of women by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, I’m tempted to think that any attempt in what William Wilberforce called a “reformation of manners” is futile. It seems that instead, in the words of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, we have to “define deviance down.”
John Stonestreet
Christian Apologist
John Stonestreet

John Stonestreet is a Speaker and Fellow of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He is a gifted communicator on areas of faith and culture, theology, worldview, education, and apologetics, and is a sought-after speaker at conferences, colleges, churches, schools, and other various gatherings each year.

He is the co-host with Eric Metaxas of BreakPoint, the Christian worldview radio program founded by the late Chuck Colson, and the voice of The Point, a daily national radio feature on worldview, apologetics and cultural issues.  He also serves as a Senior Content Advisor for Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

John holds degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Illinois) and Bryan College (Tennessee), and is the co-author of Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview (Sheffield Press).

He and his wife Sarah have three daughters and a dog, and live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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