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The Ideological Non-Sense and Hypocrisy of Leftists

One of the more grotesque demonstrations of leftist non-sense and hypocrisy was demonstrated a week ago following an episode of the wildly popular Disney show The Mandalorian when “Baby Yoda” eats the unfertilized eggs of a Frog Woman who is transporting her eggs to her husband so he can fertilize them thereby preventing their species’ imminent extinction. Fans of Baby Yoda freaked out, incensed at the lighthearted treatment of what they deemed genocide by the beloved Baby Yoda.

The moral incoherence and hypocrisy should be obvious. In the Upside Down where leftists live, when a human mother hires someone to …

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Prayers Needed: Upholding Faith, Hope and Liberty

Late last month we sent email alerts to churches and pastors to let them know that we were organizing lawsuits to challenge Gov. J.B. Pritzker‘s illegal “shelter-at home” Executive Orders, and invite them to join us in making a case against his abuse of authority.

Big box stores, Planned Parenthood clinics, “medical” marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores are considered “essential” by the governor, while church services have been banned. This sets a dangerous precedent. The First Amendment specifically protects our religious liberties from tyrannical government forces. It doesn’t take much foresight to realize how similar future orders could be …

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Socialism Violates All Ten Commandments

With a couple dozen Democrat presidential hopefuls vying to see who’s pinker, perhaps it’s time to contrast socialism with something more helpful and permanent:  The Ten Commandments.

Socialism teaches that wealth should be held in common ownership, controlled by the state. Hence, the Democrats’ constant push to have government confiscate ever more income and power.

By contrast, the Bible teaches that God owns all things and that we’re merely stewards of His creation. When we look at each of the Ten Commandments, we see that they’re directly at odds with socialism.

 You shall have no other gods before Me.

Socialism …

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