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IFI Prayer Warriors Needed!

We know that the many cultural battles we face today are spiritual battles that cannot be won by relying on our own strength and methods. In truth, these battles must first and continually be waged through prayer to our holy, righteous and merciful God. Please consider volunteering to be part of the IFI Prayer Team.
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Public Education – Transparently Opaque

Why are so many public schools in Illinois keeping so many secrets from the public? Last August, Christopher Rufo disclosed that Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, unbeknownst to parents or the general public, was collaborating with Chicago area schools to promote “radical gender theory, trans activism, and sexually explicit materials in at least four Chicago-area public school systems: District 75, District 120, District 181, and District 204.” Three of these school districts are elementary districts and one is a high school district.
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It Is Time to Exit Illinois Public Schools: A Businessman’s Perspective

Business leaders are tasked with developing and executing strategies that lead to desired results, namely, to maximize shareholder value in a manner that is honest, moral, and upright.  Successful businesses measure their performance in a myriad of ways and use these results to implement changes, if needed, to achieve desired results... Why is this not the case for the Illinois Public School system?
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Alarming and Disarming

The Biden Administration’s efforts to trample our Second Amendment rights fall into two categories: overt and covert.

In the more overt category is the game of “changing semantics”- the evolution of word usage usually to the point that the modern meaning is radically different from the original usage. This trend seems to be happening at an ever quickening pace. Even words once easily defined such as “woman” have the power to stump some of our nation’s most educated–case in point– Ketanji Brown Jackson—President Joe Biden’s recent nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Another word not so easily defined …

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