“Civil Unions” vs. Marriage
“Civil Unions” vs. Marriage
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David E. Smith, Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute, denounces the enactment of “civil unions” by a lame duck session of the Illinois General Assembly which is already affecting the civil rights of others, specifically people of faith opposed to homosexuality. 

For the first time in Illinois’ history, on June 1, 2011, 2 men or 2 women will be able to unite in a “civil union” and be officially recognized by the State of Illinois. “Civil Unions” are, in reality, same-sex marriages. Thirty or more homosexual couples will converge on Grant Park in celebration on June 2nd. 

“What is happening here in Illinois is a tragic attempt by radical forces to advance a political agenda by using the authority of the government to validate wrong and unhealthy relationships,” said Smith. “Unfortunately, this social experiment will have a ripple effect on our culture that will touch every American and, most tragically, our children:

  • Homosexuality will be taught as normal behavior to children in schools; 
  • Political lawsuits and administrative actions will be used to intimidate, silence, and coerce individuals and organizations that object to special legislation for those who self-identify as homosexuality; 
  • Disrespect for real marriage will grow as politicians embrace the “civil unions” compromise, and straight couples will exploit these laws as a substitute for marriage.

At a time when our state government and nation should be upholding natural marriage as the ideal and healthiest environment for raising children, it is a travesty that our elected officials chose instead to create a marriage-like institution that legally redefines the very meanings of “spouse” and “family.” 

“The government has no reason to provide affirmation or benefits to relationships that do not serve the public good; and relationships based on same-sex attraction and volitional homosexual acts do not per se serve the public good. Lawmakers should be looking at ways to strengthen the natural family, not undermine it.

“The state of Illinois has a compelling interest to recognize, protect and promote the God-ordained institution of marriage through legal benefits, as it is the best environment to raise the next generation,” said Smith. “The state has no compelling interest in legally recognizing homosexual relationships.” 

For more information, contact Illinois Family Institute at 708-781-9328

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