Gov. Pritzker Cheers Abortion at Planned Parenthood
Gov. Pritzker Cheers Abortion at Planned Parenthood
Written By David E. Smith   |   01.23.19

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”
~Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, 1939

On the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker held a news conference at a Chicago Planned Parenthood office to sign an executive order expanding abortion access in Illinois. With all the work that needs to be done in our state, the celebration and championing of abortion, what Planned Parenthood likes to call “reproductive rights,” will do nothing to solve the state’s growing fiscal crisis and outbound migration.

Gov. Pritzker says he wants to make Illinois “the most progressive state in the nation” when it comes to abortion access. Yet this wicked policy is unequivocally regressive and, in fact, counterproductive.

A shrinking population doesn’t bode well for the economic health of our state. The extermination of future human capital, ingenuity and productivity that would grow our economy—not to mention broaden our tax base—is at minimum shortsighted.

While many on the political left criticize President Trump’s immigration policies as racist and xenophobic, they refuse to acknowledge how abortion in Illinois and throughout the nation disproportionately affects black and brown communities. The facts are clear, abortion destroys a significantly higher percent of pre-born African-American and Latino lives.

Moreover, we must not turn a blind eye to the abortion industry’s connection to the elimination of “persons with less desirable qualities,” as Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger grotesquely referred to those she deemed of lesser value decades ago.

Everyone knows the product of conception between two humans is a human, endowed by his or her Creator with unalienable rights, chief among which is the right to live.

Gov. Pritzker, why are you doing the bidding of Planned Parenthood and its anti-life allies?

Take ACTION: Click HERE to send an email or fax to Gov. Pritzker’s office to let him know what you think of his abortion cheer-leading.

You may want to remind him that abortion does, in fact, destroy a human life. You may want to let him know about  Planned Parenthood’s racist roots and how abortion providers target black and brown babies. You may want to ask, “Gov. Pritzker, why are you doing the bidding of Planned Parenthood and its anti-life allies?” Either way, please speak out for life!

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David  E. Smith
Dave Smith is the executive director of Illinois Family Institute (501c3) and Illinois Family Action (501c4). David has 25-plus-years of experience in public policy and grass-roots activism that includes countless interviews for numerous radio, television, cable programs and newspaper articles on topics such as the sanctity of life, natural marriage, broadcast decency, sex education, marijuana, gambling, abortion, homosexuality, tax policy, drug decriminalization and pornography. He and his wife of 26 years are blessed to be the parents of eight children. He also serves as a Republican Precinct Committeeman in his community and as an ordained minister and elder in his...
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