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LGBT Political Flag Flying Over the Illinois Capitol
As a longtime resident and citizen of Springfield I am expressing my disappointment of the placement of the first-ever LGBTQI Pride flag over the state Capitol building. The Pride flag does not represent all of the people and should not...
Horrible Bills in Springfield
Once more, the legislature races before its May 31st deadline to pass laws repugnant to freedom loving Patriots.  Democrats insist on increasing the rate of flight from Illinois. 1.) Extreme abortion-promoting laws, ala New York State, overturning the Parental...
Former SCOTUS Justice O’Connor’s Prophecy
With all of the personal discussion about abortion going on across America, one past comment by a notable on the subject not being brought forward, amazes me. The “Talking Heads within the media have failed to mention past Supreme Court...
With relentless collusion/obstruction charges quietly set asunder, morally bankrupt media celebrities completely vested in absolute destruction of a sitting President now scramble for an alternative narrative to feed their divisive/destructive bias. Bad mouth America on your own time; we’re simply...
Ominous Parallels
Recently congressional U.S. Senate Democrats again blocked a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would require medical professionals to give the same medical care to a baby who survives an abortion as they would to any other...
Infanticide As “Choice”
As a veteran Pro Lifer of 46 years, It pains me to see the extreme lack of knowledge most citizens have towards what Roe v Wade allows. Without any question, late term abortions have been the law of our land...
Abortion Is Not a Right, It’s a Crime.
Virginia lawmakers recently rejected a bill that would have made it permissible to terminate a pregnancy throughout all three trimesters, just like the egregious bill New York recently legalized. While thrilled that Virginia lawmakers had the commonsense to vote this...
Traditional Thanksgiving observances came and went, with little if any mention of the November 22nd anniversary of a young President’s assassination in 1963.  President John F. Kennedy, at the apex of his political ascension, challenged every American to “.....
Marijuana will bring harm to Illinois
Before legalizing marijuana, I would invite Illinois legislative members to visit the state of Colorado to see the impact of five years of legal marijuana use. Jo McGuire, Colorado native and chairman of the Board of National Drug and Screening...
Observe the stark contrast between the image of Lady Liberty in New York harbor reaching out to those arriving Ellis Island legally in pursuit of freedom’s dream and the deliberately-choreographed, hyperbolic media melodrama depicting defiant mobs of pathetically-manipulated invaders demanding...


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