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Marijuana will bring harm to Illinois
Before legalizing marijuana, I would invite Illinois legislative members to visit the state of Colorado to see the impact of five years of legal marijuana use. Jo McGuire, Colorado native and chairman of the Board of National Drug and Screening...
Observe the stark contrast between the image of Lady Liberty in New York harbor reaching out to those arriving Ellis Island legally in pursuit of freedom’s dream and the deliberately-choreographed, hyperbolic media melodrama depicting defiant mobs of pathetically-manipulated invaders demanding...
No Due Process Necessary?
Let’s get this straight. Obviously the woman should always be believed. Obviously the female accuser is always right. Obviously Atticus Finch was a slimy misogynistic lawyer who defended an obviously guilty and deranged psychopathic rapist. Ditto for Emmit Till’s accuser....
Have you seen quite enough of this wanton destruction of a decent man and his family, simply for being a U.S. Supreme Court nominee, at the hands of sinister, despicable bottom feeders pledging allegiance to the liberal/progressive scorched earth mantra?...
Shocked by the Continued Violence
I, along with many others, am shocked about the amount of violence this past weekend. I believe that the police are doing all they can to prevent the violence but I also believe that the rest of the criminal justice...
Therapeutic Cleansing
Information-hungry Americans genuinely dedicated to this nation’s hard-fought prosperity and prayerful longevity now possess extraordinarily powerful technology with which to circumnavigate the tidal wave of “news”, pursuing truth versus corruptible bias. With objective journalism dead and buried, professional reporters find...
Ignoring the Obvious
Political leaders in Chicago have done practically nothing to stop the outrageous inner-city violence and murder rate, yet they champion Planned Parenthood’s work to murder pre-born human beings, which disproportionately target black & brown babies. Can you say “eugenics” —...
America’s Exceptional Role and History in the World
Neil Steinberg’s Memorial Day column [in the Chicago Sun-Times] rightly gave praise to The American military, while acknowledging that America’s history includes some flaws. I don’t think anyone, no matter how patriotic, would contest that. He noted the mission of...
How telling that the same sanctimonious media celebrities demonizing Mr. Trump as a womanizer, bully and thoughtless manipulator of a vulnerable proletariat consistently vilify Mr. Pence as a prudish, naïve, out-of- touch Boy Scout.  Bent upon creating news rather than...
Once again flags at half-mast project national mourning, shattered dreams, unforeseen funeral arrangements.  Enter the pundits. Self-anointed experts rush to label an inanimate tool (an AR) somehow intrinsically evil, as SWAT/first responders wield that same tool to eliminate threats, protect...
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