Genius of the Founders bursts forth with Jefferson’s timeless brilliance;  “ … life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness….”

LIFE – Every human life stands as infinitely priceless, precious.  All lives truly matter despite the best efforts of the left to race-bait that reality.  America’s youth emerges to condemn the lies of Roe v. Wade as abortion nears its ultimate end in our nation.  Seen outside an abortion clinic amidst prayerful, peaceful demonstrations:  “the body inside your body is not your body …. “

LIBERTY – Freedom to make individual choices within the guardrails of an ordered society; overbearing nanny-state bureaucrats need to step aside while quietly pursuing meaningful employment for themselves in the private sector.

PURSUIT of HAPPINESS – As defined by the every man-American; put an obscenely-obese government leviathan on a crash diet.  No more taxpayer-subsidized “bread and circuses” exposed by Roman satirist Juvenal as clever crowd control for the great unwashed masses.

Hamilton, Madison, Adams and Franklin proved most convincingly that America’s greatness firmly resides within her citizenry, smarmy self-absorbed career politicians notwithstanding.

William G. Parrot
McHenry County


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