Pitch Battle
Pitch Battle

Veritable pitch battle for America’s heart and soul begins now with dire consequences for popular indifference, withdrawal and widespread ignorance.  Stay engaged.

Clandestine hearings with obligatory leaks, unsubstantiated rumor/innuendo, specious character assassination by gutless political trolls/vacuous charlatans colluding with unprincipled ‘journalists’ seek to destroy this glorious experiment in self-governance.  Cast aside the chaos, sophomoric behavior to drain all the swamps.  It’s well past time to steam clean the fruited plain.

Against the backdrop of this non-stop charade of predictable cowardice, the only genuine American heroes rest at Arlington and every U.S. cemetery from Normandy and Belgium to Hawaii’s historic Punch Bowl.  It falls to each and every one of us to provide them long-awaited transparency, redeeming truth and genuine accountability for which they willingly gave that last full measure of devotion.

William G. Parrot
McHenry County


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