Shut Up and Sing
Shut Up and Sing

Most unfortunately the 24/7 news cycle begets an avalanche of false narratives, criminally unprofessional reporting and, yes, the proliferation of “fake news”.  Relentless efforts to remove a duly-elected President give birth to a seemingly endless parade of shiny objects rendering the most loyal news consumer the unwitting victim of terminal whiplash.  Understandably many of us have resorted to non-stop reruns of ‘Bonanza’ on some obscure cable channel in search of relief from the insanity.

MEMO to those in power on Capitol Hill, most especially the esteemed Speaker of the U.S. House:

End the self-serving, disingenuous, annoying blather and take the impeachment vote.  Otherwise, shut up and simply perform your legislative duties in a most professional fashion; perhaps we’ll witness a long-awaited profile in political courage.

William G. Parrot
McHenry County


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