Just Say No
Just Say No

Professional sports’ unconditional surrender to sinister agendas sounds the death knell for that legitimate escape from thought police, speech brown-shirts terrorizing the population.

We’ll simply grab a quick pickup game on our neighborhood sandlot thereby leaving the stadiums entirely infested by revenue-neutral crickets and confused sea gulls in search of sustenance.

Power hungry officials beholding to narrow special interests insist on hijacking & micromanaging life as schools close, churches collect dust and masking mandates become arbitrarily restrictive and debilitating.  So homeschool with trend-setting parental teaching co-ops, worship privately with faithful parishioners and challenge the overreach of despots via lawsuit and civil disobedience.

Succumb to a CANCEL mentality at your own risk.  Rather, pushback against ‘distancing’ with measured optimism born of an objective assessment of risk, as beancounters frantically search for plausible deniability when their hair-brained models crumble amidst junk science.

No doubt we’ll soon see a concerted preemptive  movement to postpone Thanksgiving & Christmas emboldened by a new cache of fake news hatched in pie chart laboratories of doomsday defeatism.  Politely inform the Uber-coachman of apocalyptic dismay that you’ll not be participating in their self-loathing nihilism this year but instead emerging victorious from beneath the terror-sustained, destructive mindset which effectively obliterated the preceding twelve months of American life.

William G. Parrot
McHenry County

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