Yet again our local news organ, teetering precariously upon self-inflicted demise the result of journalistic dishonesty, falls woefully short of its own pathetically low standards in deeply slanted coverage of a highly-successful SUPPORT the BLUE rally in our county.


Decades of fiscal irresponsibility & seemingly unchallenged governmental malfeasance in Chicago and Springfield all but guarantee the death of a once rightfully proud state known as the Land of Lincoln.

Swamp dwelling bureaucrats, slimy career politicians and a terminally corrupt/unprincipled media cabal invests four frantic years of misinformation, lies and leaking to destroy a President refusing to play along with their self-serving charade of Beltway deceit, corruption and chicanery.

So how does this grand American experiment of self-governance, this God blessed miracle of limitless opportunity purchased with the blood of selfless patriots, survive the deluge of rank negativity wrought upon her citizens by evildoers seemingly everywhere in our body politic?

We persevere, flourish and succeed by the inherent goodness of her law-abiding, justifiably proud and steadfastly resolute silent majority emboldened by His grace to right the Ship of State here and now.

Recess completed, snowflakes dismissed and adult supervision assumes control.

William G. Parrot
McHenry County

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