Lawmakers Want to Put POT SHOPS in Your Neighborhood
Lawmakers Want to Put POT SHOPS in Your Neighborhood
Written By Kathy Valente   |   04.13.17

Illinois State Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago) and Illinois State Representative Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago) believe that legalizing marijuana for recreational use will be good for Illinois so they have introduced introduced SB 316 and HB 2353 and, as part of the public relations push, formed the Coalition for a Safer Illinois.

Yes, Safer. It’s hard to imagine how adding more drugged drivers on the roads and putting more drugs into the hands of our children could possibly make Illinois safer.

The bills before the General Assembly would legalize the possession of up to 28 grams of marijuana and allow facilities to sell marijuana products for adults over 21 and tax and regulate those sales “in a manner similar to alcohol.”

“Safer?”  Hardly.  We just have to look to the examples of Colorado and Washington State to see the consequences.  Both states legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2013 and 2012 respectively.

Colorado now has more pot shops than Starbucks and McDonald’s combined. [1]


Keep reading, parents, because you can help stop this!

Impact on Kids

Each year two-thirds of new marijuana users are under 18. [2]

Colorado Youth (ages 12-17) rank #1 in the nation for “past month” use, and 74% higher than the national average. [3]

During the 2015-2016 Colorado school year, 62% of all expulsions or suspensions were marijuana violations. [4]

In 2016, 82% of the 103 Colorado school resource officers surveyed reported an increase in marijuana-related incidents since legalization. They reported 45% obtained it legally, 24% obtained it from black market, 22% from their parents. [5]

In Colorado, College-age (18-25) “past month” use increased 17% in the 2-year average after legalization, while nationally it increased 2%. [6]

Colorado school officials say the #1 problem in schools is marijuana. [7]

Impact on Road Safety

Marijuana-related traffic deaths increased 62% by 2015, two years after Colorado’s legalization. By 2015, 21% of drivers involved in all traffic fatalities in Colorado tested positive for marijuana. [8]

Colorado has seen a 67% increase in operators testing positive for marijuana who were involved in a fatal traffic accident since recreational marijuana was legalization in 2013. [9]

By 2014, Spokane Valley (Washington State) youth marijuana DUI’s increased 1700% and youth accounted for 64% of all confirmed marijuana DUI cases in Spokane Valley.[10]

In Spring Valley (Washington State) from 2012 to 2014 marijuana-related DUI’s increased 400% and marijuana–only DUI’s increased 460%.[11]

According to the NHTSA FARS (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Reporting System) data, the “rate of marijuana involvement in fatal car crashed will soon rival alcohol as the #1 preventable traffic problem.” [12]

Impact on the Workplace

An increase in marijuana use makes doing business costly and challenging. The pool of drug-free workers will be in decline. “Marijuana use impairs the ability to function effectively and safely on the job and increases work-related absences, tardiness, accidents, compensation claims, and job turnover.”  [13]

Safety, absenteeism, turnover rate, tardiness, productivity, work quality, and lawsuits are significant liabilities for employers with marijuana-using employees.

Colorado companies are encountering job candidates who fail pre-employment drug testing. As a result, many are actively recruiting from other states and many have moved their business to other states.

Illinois has a severe exodus of businesses and people. Can we afford more leaving the state?

Because the Arizona churches got involved, recreational marijuana was defeated at the ballot box last November. They realized that you can’t be a good husband, father or worker if you’re stoned.

You can STOP this!

Call or email your state representative today and urge him/her to oppose any attempts to legalize or decriminalize marijuana. CLICK HERE to find your state rep and senator. Your state rep and senator will be listed as the last 2 entries on the page, once you fill in your zip code and address. Simply click on their names. CLICK HERE to send them an email.

Read more:  Resources on the Truth and Consequences of Marijuana


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Kathy Valente
Kathy joined the IFI team as our Director of Operations in 2008. Previously, Kathy was the state director for Concerned Women for America for 4 years. But even before that, Kathy and Dave worked together as volunteer activists battling pornography and obscenity in the public square. Kathy has consistently taken a stand for traditional Judeo-Christian values and has worked tirelessly to foster a wholesome environment for family living, advocating for high community standards. Kathy recognizes that sexual immorality, pornography, obscenity, promiscuity, state sanctioned abortion and gambling threaten the moral fabric of our society. The well being of our communities, the...
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