Illinois Law Could be Impacted by California Right of Conscience Case if it is Heard by SCOTUS
By John Biver   |   11.01.17
In a fast-moving story, right of conscience cases are moving forward and possibly to the U.S. Supreme Court. Here are just two recent headlines from Life News: October 30: Pregnancy Centers Ask Supreme Court to Overturn California Law Forcing Them...
Environmentalist Lobby Goes After Christian Nominee
Remember when Bernie Sanders passionately attacked budget office nominee Russell Vought because Vought believes salvation comes only by faith in Jesus Christ—something Christianity has taught for two millennia? It looks like it’s open season for anti-Christian bigots to hunt down and destroy any Christian nominated to public office—especially if that Christian doesn’t toe the line of environmental political correctness. Forget Article 6 of the Constitution ...
Black Church Leaders Defend Baker in Wedding Cake Case
A Colorado baker has a right not to make a wedding cake celebrating a same-sex marriage that is against his faith, and the LGBT agenda is not a new civil rights movement, black Christian leaders said Monday outside the U.S. Supreme Court. The nine leaders spoke in support of Jack Phillips, whose lawyers will ask the high court...
Relief from Onerous HHS Mandate Restores Religious Liberty
By David E. Smith   |   10.13.17
Last week, President Donald Trump announced that his administration will exempt employers who have a faith-based or moral-based objection to providing contraceptives, including drugs that can cause abortions. This is important action to restore religious liberties that were stripped away in the Obamacare HHS mandate.
Censoring Sermons
For more than 60 years, the IRS has used the “Johnson Amendment” to censor what churches and pastors preach from the pulpit. Under the Johnson Amendment, pastors' First Amendment rights have become bargaining chips to be exchanged for a tax status. Pastors who share truth on biblical issues – like the sanctity of life and marriage – could risk intrusive IRS audits, incur steep fines, and even jeopardize their church’s tax-exempt status.
Religious Freedom Cases Stacking Up
By John Stonestreet   |   10.03.17
Court cases across the country continue to point to the big showdown coming soon at the U.S. Supreme Court.In the ongoing legal battles over religious freedom, there are advances and setback. One win happened last month. When Amy Larson, a ...
We’ve got Jack’s Back
By Aaron Baer   |   09.29.17
Jack Phillips’ case going before the U.S. Supreme Court later this fall is a case that has the potential to alter the course of American history. If Jack loses in court, our ability to live out our faith will be...
Diane Feinstein Doubles Down on Her Discrimination Against Christians Holding Public Office
By Joshua Denton   |   09.20.17
After an embarrassing rant about Christianity somehow disqualifying an individual from public office and impying that a religious test should be implemented for those seeking to hold public office, California Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein is doubling down on her remarks.
Profits of Hate: The Southern Poverty Law Center Video Special
By John Biver   |   09.12.17
“If you believe in traditional marriage and historic Christianity — watch out — there is a powerful organization that is trying to marginalize you by designating you as a hater — and they could even put your life in danger.”...
Downers Grove Village Council Ousts Only Conservative Library Board Member in Service of Inclusion
By Laurie Higgins   |   09.07.17
Can you hear the harmonious choir of diverse voices echoing from the Downers Grove Public Library Board of Trustees? You can’t? Oh, that’s right, Tuesday night in the service of diversity and inclusion, the Downers Grove Village Council expelled the one conservative member from the library board.
Conservative Organizations Join Forces to Expose the SPLC
By John Biver   |   09.06.17
The Illinois Family Institute has been covering the scandal surrounding the Southern Poverty Law Center for years, and now IFI has joined forces with the leaders of over three dozen conservative organizations from coast to coast to raise awareness about the true nature of the SPLC.
ACLU Backs Measure Restricting Religious Liberty
By Charlie Butts   |   09.04.17
The American Civil Liberties Union has found another way to demonstrate it is turning its back on the Constitution by insisting on the restriction of religious freedom.
SPLC Challenged to Back Up Their ‘Hate’ Talk
By Charlie Butts   |   08.26.17
A prominent Christian ministry is taking the Southern Poverty Law Center to task over its published list of what it considers "hate groups."
The SPLC: An Anti-Christian Hate Group
By Laurie Higgins   |   08.19.17
“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose...
Judge Loses Her Position for Belief in Traditional Marriage
By Andrew Willis   |   08.18.17
Busy schedule? Valid reason. Don’t know the couple? Valid reason. Watching football? Still a valid reason. Violates your conscience? You’re fired. Or so goes the logic of the Wyoming Supreme Court. In December 2014, a reporter asked Judge Ruth Neely...
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