Tell Corporations to Stop Funding the Far Left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center
By David E. Smith   |   11.15.17
The evidence against the far Left-wing agenda of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is overwhelmingly plain. Yet, this sinister agenda is ignored by many corporations, politicians, academics and the so-called "news" media. With their assistance, the SPLC regularly maligns conservative voices, especially Christian organizations that promote traditional sexual morality.  Illinois Family Institute has been targeted by the SPLC since 2008.
Kneeling Down for Our Anthem is Standing Down on Our Responsibility
One could make the argument that the most important documents of the United States, hailing it as the most unique and blessed nation in the world, are The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. However, most Americans are more familiar with and can recite our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. A musical essay of words that reminds us of the love Americans have for this unique country.
Conservatives and Culture: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
By Tami Jackson   |   11.01.17
The culture of America 2017 seems to be, in the words of stalwart conservative thinker and jurist, Robert Bork, Slouching Towards Gomorrah. Our society has become a living metaphor of Israel, circa 200 B.C.: In those days there was no...
Shoppers Willing to Vote With Their Feet
A growing number of companies are publicly backing social causes but they might want to do so cautiously, warns a well-known pollster.
Dependable vs. Deplorable
The 'deplorable' reports keep flowing out of Hollywood, including the sophisticated cover-up which afforded a powerful predator, Harvey Weinstein, to stalk and then silence dozens of victims. One would assume that the "are you kidding me?" response given to Vice President Mike Pence’s personal ethical guidelines earlier this year, regarding his treatment of women other than his wife, might get a more favorable reconsideration in light of the Hollywood ethic. Reporters, academics, entertainers, and art enthusiasts claim to envision a 'respect women' ethic. I can only wonder which vision best aligns with their's - Weinstein or Pence?
Manufacturing and Trade as a ‘Moral Crisis’
By John Biver   |   10.20.17
Both as a candidate, and now as president, Donald Trump knows how to intensify attention on a topic. Since he launched his presidential campaign two years ago, manufacturing jobs and fair trade have been the focus of a massive debate...
The Uses and Abuses of Hate
By Robert Knight   |   10.19.17
Given its prominence in current public discourse, one would think that hate, not love, is a many splendored thing. The perfectly good word, which oozes out of every media pore, is now so overused that it means next to nothing.  ...
How The ‘Revolution’ Is Eating Its Own
By Robert Knight   |   10.13.17
At a forum at the College of William & Mary on Sept. 27, the ACLU got a sample of what conservatives have been experiencing on campuses for years. As Claire Gastanaga, executive director of the ACLU of Virginia, began speaking...
Detaching Sex From Marriage
By Micah Clark   |   09.29.17
Sociologist Mark Regnerus has a new in-depth study of how our culture’s lack of sexual morality is impacting relationships in ways not seen in previous generations.  There was a fascinating, if not disturbing, review of Regnerus’ new book (Cheap ...
The Battle Between the NFL and America
By Jonathon Clay de Hale   |   09.26.17
One can’t help but contemplate the amazing momentum surrounding the national anthem protests in the National Football League. What started as a lone individual—former San Francisco 49ers back-up quarterback Colin Kaepernick—taking a knee during the anthem has become a flashpoint of conflict that has spread to the National Basketball Association, the Women’s National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball.
Connected? Big Government, Labor Decline and Opioid Addiction
By Micah Clark   |   09.20.17
There is a great deal of talk about America’s opioid crisis and what can be done about such drugs.  This has led to a focus on narcotic painkillers.  In reality, America has an addiction problem.  “What might be some of...
Is One Parent Just as Good As Two?
By Micah Clark   |   09.14.17
A recent article in Psychology Today named for a survey of 1,000 women announced, “One Parent Can Do Just as Good a Job as Two, Women Say.”  More than 70 percent of those surveyed believed that a single parent could...
The Smartphone Generation
By Micah Clark   |   08.31.17
Jean Twenge is a researcher who has looked at data on over 11 million youth as part of a new generational study.  The millennial generation is timing out as a new, unnamed generation appears.  These young people could be called...
A Biblical View of Climate Change
By David E. Smith   |   08.22.17
Last year I was at lunch with an evangelist. After the meal, he handed our waitress a Gospel tract. I wanted to reinforce his compassion, so I told the young lady that her relationship with God was the most important thing in the world. She responded, “Yeah, that and global warming!” She proceeded to tell us that she wakes up in fear of what may happen to the earth during her lifetime. I was shocked.
State Politicians Turn Illinois into a ‘Sanctuary State’
By John Biver   |   08.19.17
Most everyone has heard about “sanctuary cities” during the past few years due to the attention they received during the presidential election. But have you heard of sanctuary states? How about sanctuary government buildings? Governor Bruce Rauner has agreed to...
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