Sensitive Snollygosters At It Again
By Jenna Smith   |   03.11.22
“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people
who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”
~Mark Twain DISCLAIMER: This article was assembled with a heavy dose of sarcasm. Proceed at your...
Prosecution of the Persecuting Parent
By Jenna Smith   |   01.21.22
Introduced by the brilliantly brave State Representative La Shawn Ford (D-Chicago), HB 4040 would criminalize any discipline, correction or action perceived as "persecution" by a parent toward their minor child--aka, “bullying.” If passed, this law would give a minor child the legal ability to sue their parents for the emotional damage caused by a word or look.
Down Syndrome Awareness Month
By Jenna Smith   |   10.16.21
It may have slipped your notice, but October is Down Syndrome Awareness month.

Down syndrome (DS) is a genetic condition that occurs in one of every seven hundred babies born in the United States (CDC). The medical community, as evidenced from the source above, views it as a disease that makes life not worth living for those affected by it--which explains why so many mothers choose to abort their babies when diagnosed.
Illinois Pro-Lifers Answer the Call
By Jenna Smith   |   03.23.19
As the oldest teenage daughter of Illinois Family Institute’s executive director, I have had the privilege of visiting Springfield for a great number of events. But this past Wednesday was perhaps the most important event I’ve volunteered for as I witnessed over four thousand pro-life Illinoisans converge on our state capitol to oppose two extreme abortion bills currently pending in the General Assembly.
Abortion Is Not a Right, It’s a Crime
By Jenna Smith   |   02.01.19
Virginia lawmakers recently rejected a bill that would have made it permissible to terminate a pregnancy throughout all three trimesters, just like the egregious bill New York recently legalized. While thrilled that Virginia lawmakers had the commonsense to vote this...
Jenna Smith
Jenna Smith

Jenna is a 19-year-old Christian homeschool graduate who is striving to make “all of Christ for all of life” her motto. She is an amateur writer, an ivory-tickling pianist, a book vortex, and a convicted consumer of podcasts such as Crosspolitic, the Plodcast, and WhatHaveYou.

Aside from that, she is the daughter of IFI’s Dave Smith, so you can see there really is no nepotism in publishing her at all. You can follow Jenna on Instagram at @charming_undomiel.

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