Más Extremismo Sobre el Aborto Para Illinois
By Kathy Valente   |   02.14.19
En respuesta a la ley de aborto “peligrosa” y ” la innecesaria ley de aborto la cual requiere notificacion a los padres” y “buscando proteger la abilidad de todas las personas …” (enlace a ) Planned Parenthood, ACLU...
More Abortion Extremism for Illinois
By Kathy Valente   |   02.13.19
Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and Personal PAC have joined forces, once again, to eradicate any and all limits on killing babies in Illinois, absurdly claiming that Illinois’ parental notice law is “dangerous” and “unnecessary." The push comes from Governor JB Pritzker’s office and has materialized in the form of two bills. The language has not yet been submitted, but the intention is clear: Leftists want to make baby-killing even easier.
Better Off Dead
By Stacy McDonald   |   02.08.19
I was born in the 60’s with spina bifida to a 16-year-old unwed mother before it was legal to kill unplanned, unwanted, and/or damaged children. I was all three. But “killed” isn’t a nice word, so, maybe I should modify my terminology like a recent couple who claims to have aborted their 22-week-old daughter with spina bifida, out of a “desire to free [her] from a life of likely suffering.” They claim to have made the decision “entirely for her.”
Trump Walks a Tightrope
By Timothy J. Dailey   |   02.06.19
As President Trump gazed out over his audience in the U.S. House of Representatives chamber of the United States Capitol, he could not fail to notice a prominent block of female Democratic lawmakers seated front and center and dressed in white to symbolize their growing power in the halls of government.  Their presence was a painful reminder to the President that in the 2018 Congressional races female voters preferred Democratic candidates by 19 points, sending a record 106 women to Congress. 
Abortion Is Not a Right, It’s a Crime
By Jenna Smith   |   02.01.19
Virginia lawmakers recently rejected a bill that would have made it permissible to terminate a pregnancy throughout all three trimesters, just like the egregious bill New York recently legalized. While thrilled that Virginia lawmakers had the commonsense to vote this...
Virginia Lawmaker Wants to Make Child Sacrifice Easier
By Laurie Higgins   |   01.31.19
Nothing screams “nasty woman” quite like Virginia lawmaker Kathy Tran’s cold-blooded bill that would legalize de facto infanticide. When asked if her bill would allow the slaughter of a full-term baby during labor, she was forced to publicly admit that it would.
The March for Life Chicago and Washington have come and gone. But for real pro-life advocates, everyday is a March for Life....
29 Estados Permiten Aborto de Bebés a Término
By Laurie Higgins   |   01.28.19
La semana pasada me pregunté por qué hay tantos estadounidenses tan incredulos y ofendidos que el gobernador Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) promulgo un proyecto de ley aprobado júbilosamente por la legislatura estatal el cual que hace posible que las mujeres aborten a los bebés a término. Ciertamente, el proyecto de ley es moralmente repugnante y el aplauso jubiloso de la legislatura fue grotesco, pero otros 23 estados, incluyendo Illinois, permiten que los bebés a término sean extinguidos y por las mismas razones. Y 7 otros estados permiten que los bebés nacidos a término sean extinguidos por alguna o ninguna razón.
29 States and D.C. Permit Abortions of Healthy, Full-Term Babies
By Laurie Higgins   |   01.28.19
Why, I kept asking myself last week, are so many Americans so livid about Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) signing into law a bill passed jubilantly by the state legislature that makes it possible for women to abort full-term babies. Sure, the bill is morally repugnant and the jubilant applause by the legislature was grotesque, but 23 other states—including Illinois—allow full-term babies to be killed and for the same reasons. And 7 other states allow full-term babies to be killed for any or no reason.
En Español: Gobernador Pritzker Celebra el Aborto con Planned Parenthood
By David E. Smith   |   01.23.19
“No queremos que se haga saber que queremos exterminar a la población negra”.
~ Margaret Sanger, fundadora de Planned Parenthood, 1939 En el 46 aniversario de Roe v. Wade, el gobernador de Illinois J.B. Pritzker sostuvo una conferencia de prensa...
Gov. Pritzker Cheers Abortion at Planned Parenthood
By David E. Smith   |   01.23.19
On the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker held a news conference at a Chicago Planned Parenthood office to sign an executive order expanding abortion access in Illinois. With all the work that needs to be done in our state, the celebration and championing of abortion, what Planned Parenthood likes to call “reproductive rights,” will do nothing to solve the state’s growing fiscal crisis and outbound migration.
Composting Humans
By Laurie Higgins   |   01.22.19
What do you get when you cross a “non-religious” person with an eco-freak? You get a devotee of human composting. And by that, I don’t mean humans who compost. I mean humans who are turned into compost—after death, of course. Lesbian Katrina Spade has been promoting the eco-friendly composting of human remains since 2014 when she founded the Urban Death Project, since renamed Recomposed. Get it? Composting humans is recast as re-composing them, kind of like re-purposing them. What the new name loses in forthrightness, it gains in marketability.
Must See Pro-Life Short Film: “Mitosis”
By David E. Smith   |   01.18.19
“It’s a Wonderful Life,” Frank Capra’s beloved Christmas classic, shows the desperate, suicidal protagonist, George Bailey, what the small community of Bedford Falls would be like if he had never been born. With the help of his guardian angel, George’s...
An Amazing Video of a Living, First Trimester Unborn Baby
By Nancy Valko   |   01.15.19
Recently, I saw an amazing video in a post on the Nurses&Midwives4Life Ireland Facebook page showing a living, first trimester baby on a surgical field. The baby was moving its’ tiny head and limbs remarkably like a newborn baby. The image was both beautiful and heartbreaking since this little one could not survive.
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