The Pro-Life Intramural, Part 1
By Ecce Verum   |   04.25.24
There's a common debate that tends to pop up in pro-life circles when "partial solutions" to the evil of abortion are proposed. Incremental pro-life moves, such as a ban on abortion after the baby is 15 weeks old, tend to draw both ire and praise from the same side of the aisle.
Bring Life to the Ballot Box
It comes as no surprise to me that the so-called “progressive” mind embraces the idea of a woman’s choice to end a pregnancy. Nor does it surprise me that those of the libertarian mindset are willing to jump on the bandwagon for “choice" as well. It’s their “keep government out of our bedroom” mentality. 
“They Think It’s Murder. And It Kind of Is.”
By Calvin Lindstrom   |   04.23.24
For over 20 years, Bill Maher has hosted the show “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO. Recently, Maher was joined by Piers Morgan and Gillian Tett, a columnist for the Financial Times, to discuss the topic of abortion. In the clip, Morgan stated that Donald Trump’s recently articulated compromise on abortion is not that different from European countries.
Choose You This Day: Part 2
By Rev. Thorin Anderson   |   04.23.24
The atheistic Left began their assault on America over seventy years ago. Their progress was quite slow in the beginning, and one must give them credit for their determination. They have not quit to this day! A principal actor in this effort has been the Communist Party USA, but it is only one of numerous Leftist groups seeking to divide and destroy this great nation (They all lean Marxist).
Are Doors Insensitive?
By Ecce Verum   |   04.19.24
Doors are insensitive. They just stand there, entirely filling up the entrance to their houses and obstinately obstructing the way without caring who's at the doorstep. Society would seem a lot more hospitable without doors, wouldn't it? Sure, maybe—but society would also be a lot less safe. The insensitivity of a door is precisely what protects you at night.
What Do Diapers and Abortion Have in Common? More Than You Know.
By Alyssa Sonnenburg   |   04.18.24
Would you be surprised to learn that major diaper companies support Planned Parenthood? Yes, you read that correctly. Major diaper companies such as Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, and even Honest donate to Planned Parenthood.
Practical Steps Related to Prayer
By Brandon Myers   |   04.16.24
Pray faithfully in secret and grow in your prayer life by reading God’s written revealed Word and responding with heartfelt praise, sincere thanks, and bold-and-specific petitions for Christ’s church, candidates, and other civil magistrates. If you are a pastor pray faithfully and regularly in your Lord’s Day worship services for our state, our nation and the nations.
Dr. Lauren Rubal: Ethical Considerations on Fertility
By David E. Smith   |   04.12.24
It's not enough to know that we have the scientific ability to do something. We must also think about the moral significance of the thing we choose to do. The artificial reproduction technology known as IVF is no exception. If anything, it is the quintessential example; what may seem to be a miracle of science of infertile couples actually brings with it a host of severe moral complications.
What to Say?
I saw a Facebook post recently re-shared by a friend I admire. You will need to read it all the way through to get the gist of it. Since it was a public post, here’s some of it:
Assisted Suicide: Give Us Your Poor, Weak & Disabled
By David E. Smith   |   04.05.24
The arguments used to legalize assisted suicide in California back in 2016 were solely about providing relief to those with terminal illnesses. Yet today, they are considering expanding the pool of qualified applicants to include patients with ‘early and mid-stage dementia,’ while dropping a required waiting period for this morally abhorrent practice to terminate human life.
The Secret That The IVF Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know
The in-vitro fertilization industry has a heartwarming story to tell you. They will introduce you to their growing community of loving couples who wish to become parents, and show you pictures of the smiling faces who were born because of IVF practices. But this is only part of the story – a small part. The reason that the IVF industry has attacked the recent Alabama ruling is because they are hiding something, and they are afraid people will learn the rest of the story.
Mandated Indoctrination on Climate Change?
By David E. Smith   |   04.03.24
Last year I was at lunch with an evangelist. After the meal, he handed our waitress a Gospel tract. I wanted to reinforce his compassion, so I told the young lady that her relationship with God was the most important thing in the world. She responded, “Yeah, that and global warming!” She proceeded to tell us that she wakes up in fear of what may happen to the earth during her lifetime. I was shocked.
In Vitro Fertilization – Issues You Might Not Have Considered
By David E. Smith   |   03.28.24
If a medical procedure has a 90 percent fatality rate, should it still be pursued? According to Dr. Joseph Meany, president of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, this is exactly the case with the medical practice known as in vitro fertilization. While artificial conception might sound like a godsend for some couples, there are moral quandaries to consider.
Keep Hammering! Unite to Restore Parents’ Rights!
Since its inception in January, the Parents Matter Coalition (“PMC”) has been on a mission to raise awareness, educate the community, and teach Illinoisans how to advocate for their families and push back on the legislators and bureaucrats who think they know better how to parent our children.
Feelings or Facts?
By Thomas Hampson   |   03.26.24
What we think is true can have the same effect on us as what is true. We have known this forever. But today, in our post-truth culture, we are becoming less concerned with discovering what is true and more focused on what we feel is true. Public opinion today is shaped more by emotion and personal beliefs than facts. The impact of this post-truth era is profound.
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