Elite U.S. Private Schools Join Forces with Sex Change Peddlers
By Alex Newman   |   07.19.22
A prominent organization that accredits hundreds of elite private schools across America has joined forces with a fringe leftwing organization that promotes transgenderism and even castration of children. The news is fueling concern among critics even as millions of families flee government schools over similar indoctrination of children in tax-funded “education.”
National Education Association Seeks World Transformation
By Laurie Higgins   |   07.11.22
The National Education Association’s (NEA) annual convention took place last week in Chicago. It opened with a theatrical speech act by NEA president, Rebecca (Becky) Pringle who has no dearth of pride in the “amazing accomplishments” of the NEA members....
The Art of Nourishing a Child’s Mind (Part 2)
By Lynn Bowman Tabb   |   07.09.22
In Part I, it was established that as Christians, our starting point for an educational system or approach must be rooted in our Christian worldview. Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education, securely rooted in such, is built upon the foundation of  “children are born persons.’ This individual personhood of each *child means we approach the child first and foremost from a place of respect for who he is–who God has created him as his own person to be.
Murderous CCP Rebranding “Confucius Institutes” In U.S. Schools
By Alex Newman   |   07.07.22
Responding to public scrutiny and government policies cracking down on Chinese Communist Party propaganda and influence in American education, Beijing has been rebranding its infamous “Confucius Institutes” and the subversive programs associated with them. But the rot is still there, according to an explosive new report.
Public Education is Making Our Children Illiterate
By Kristi Shaffer   |   07.05.22
It might not be a surprise to many to hear that our public education system is failing. However, it may come as a surprise to hear that it is creating illiteracy. The depths of the problem came to light during the years of the pandemic. Now critics of poorly developed reading curriculums and parents of struggling children are asking why we are not doing a better job teaching students how to read.
Biden Edict Imposes More Trans Extremism on School Children
By Alex Newman   |   07.01.22
As state governments respond to public pressure and work to rein in LGBT extremism in schools, the White House issued an executive order seeking to impose more gender confusion and homosexual activism on school children across the nation and beyond. The effort puts parental rights squarely in the crosshairs.
For Our Children’s Sake (Part I)
By Lynn Bowman Tabb   |   06.27.22
As parents, we desire to give our children the best education possible. In today’s culture, it’s becoming more and more difficult to achieve any kind of education through the government schools with their anti-God agenda. Private schooling, while an option for some, is not an option for many. And while it is important to not “get on our high horse” about homeschooling being the only “Christian” option, we do want to celebrate that homeschooling is a very real, desirable, and viable option! Once a family decides to enter the homeschooling arena, however, the choices regarding the method of how to homeschool can be daunting!
SCOTUS Upholds Religious Freedom in Education Choice
By David E. Smith   |   06.21.22
The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) issued a decisive victory for religious freedom and school choice this morning in a 6-3 ruling in the Carson v. Makin case.
Failing Schools in Illinois
By Kathy Valente   |   06.08.22
With thousands of your tax dollars being spent per student every year, government schools are academically failing the students who attend them. And what’s also troublesome is that the vast majority of teachers are rated proficient or excellent.
By Kathy Valente   |   06.04.22
A recent Gallop poll found that 7.1 percent of Americans now identify as LGBTQ. This is a 100 percent increase since 2012 and a 26 percent increase over 2021!

If you think that is bad, the news gets much worse...
Colorado School Employees Conspire to Change a Conservative Community
By Laurie Higgins   |   05.20.22
In May of 2021, Wellington, Colorado art and homeroom teacher Jenna Riep invited a 12-year-old girl who was new to the school to attend an afterschool art club. The girl asked for and was given permission to attend the club from her mother. But the artful dodger Jenna Riep had misrepresented the afterschool club meeting. In other words, Riep had lied to the student. It was not an afterschool art club, and the meeting had nothing to do with art. It was a meeting of the school’s “Genders and Sexuality Alliances” (GSA) club, and the guest speaker was lesbian Kimberly Chambers, who identifies as an “educator, activist, and queer woman.”
Trying to Defrock George Washington
By Dr. Jerry Newcombe   |   05.19.22
First, they came for the George Washington mural in a school in San Francisco—because our first president had been a slaveowner. Later they came for his name on the same school, and as of last count, the name survived. Then, they came for the statues of the father of our country during the summer of statue-toppling.

Now, the left wants to strip his name from his eponymous university.
Leftists “Transing” Other People’s Children
By Laurie Higgins   |   05.13.22
Cinco de Mayo was ruined at Robert Abbott Middle School in Waukegan, Illinois, the most God-forsaken state in the Midwest. It was ruined by the administration allowing the school’s openly homosexual “administrative assistant” who moonlights as a drag performer, Alfredo Isaac Zires, to sashay through the school in drag with another drag queen. What made the grotesque and inappropriate spectacle even worse was the cheering and applause from children, parents, and staff as the 39-year-old Zires strutted his stuff.
As Parents Resisted Transgender Push, Teacher Suggested Sending in Child Services
By Alex Newman   |   05.12.22
If Erin Lee had known what her 12-year-old daughter would be exposed to during an afterschool “art club” last May, she would have never allowed her to go. It began innocently enough. Lee received a text from her daughter asking if she could stay late for an “art club” at Wellington Middle School near Fort Collins, Colorado.

What happened next, though, would change their lives forever.
Schools As “Religion-Free Zones”?
By Dr. Jerry Newcombe   |   05.10.22
The U.S. Supreme Court is considering a new case related to school prayer. This story began in 2015 when high school football Coach Joe Kennedy got on his knee at mid-field after a game and thanked God quietly. Some of the players voluntarily joined him in this huddle.
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