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U.S. Senator Marshall’s Stand

On May 15, U.S. Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) introduced two bills to the U.S. Senate—one that would prohibit federal funds from supporting gender transition procedures, and another that would altogether ban such procedures on minors.
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Our Border Crisis

Biden’s border crisis is dangerous enough already, and it may soon get worse. But his Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandra Mayorkas, paints a rosier picture, “We are preparing for the end of Title 42….We continue to enforce the laws of this country.”
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A Thousand Words

The truth of the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is one we have all experienced firsthand. While we may chat with a friend about the stunning sunset we witnessed last night or warmly remark on the smirk our child or grandchild makes which melts our heart, we are often left feeling like we aren’t quite communicating the impact of the experience. However, when we fumble for our phone, search for our photos app, and pull up the picture of the sunset or smirk, we often find, as we knowingly display the photo for our friend to see, that they are able to respond with a heartfelt “ah!” The picture, able to do what our attempt with words failed to do, speaks volumes.
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Politics Influencing Blue States to End Mask Mandates

In the last week, several Democratic-led states have announced that they would be pulling part or, in some cases, all of their masking mandates within their states. States that have removed or changed their regulations include California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Most will be ending the mandates within the next several weeks.
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