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The Collapse of Gender Sanity

Physiology doesn’t lie: Women are less effective than men at meeting military objectives, and far more likely to be injured in combat. Let’s stop denying reality in a misguided effort toward “equality” and agree that women should not be drafted to combat roles.
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Warning Goes Forth, Again, Over Ratifying UN Treaty

A U.S. Senate panel has advanced to the full senate a treaty that could pose a danger to parents and to pre-born babies. 

After a contentious hearing this week, the Judiciary Committee advanced the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which one expert says has a nice title but is deceiving.

Will Estrada of the Home School Legal Defense Association says there are three concerns, beginning with an intrusion into national sovereignty. The treaty would change America’s current system to allow “unelected United Nations bureaucrats” to monitor how the United States implements the treaty and advise …

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