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The Exterminators’ Enemy Number One

What would it be like to be considered “Public Enemy Number One”? The term, first used in connection with Chicago’s notorious Al Capone, is a label most of us would prefer to avoid. However, when the organization slapping on this damaging label is Planned Parenthood, the label becomes a badge of honor. Such is the case for Judie Brown! According to her son, Hugh Brown of American Life League, in the early 2000s Planned Parenthood published a list of enemies to abortion rights and Mrs. Judie Brown topped the list.

Born in the mid 1940s, Judie has spent a …

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A Thousand Words

The truth of the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is one we have all experienced firsthand. While we may chat with a friend about the stunning sunset we witnessed last night or warmly remark on the smirk our child or grandchild makes which melts our heart, we are often left feeling like we aren’t quite communicating the impact of the experience. However, when we fumble for our phone, search for our photos app, and pull up the picture of the sunset or smirk, we often find, as we knowingly display the photo for our friend to see, that they are able to respond with a heartfelt “ah!” The picture, able to do what our attempt with words failed to do, speaks volumes.
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“Fatal Flaws”: A Must-See Film

With the American Medical Association considering changing its’ long-standing opposition to physician-assisted suicide despite the recommendations of its’ ethics committee and the California assisted suicide law declared unconstitutional now reinstated pending appeal, assisted suicide/euthanasia groups like Compassion and Choices (the well-funded former Hemlock Society) are ramping up efforts nationwide to legalize assisted suicide.
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