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What A Great Opportunity!

Last night, IFI hosted its annual Faith, Family and Freedom Banquet. Hundreds of supporters from across the state gathered to enjoy a good meal and fellowship while being informed, encouraged and edified by our emcee, State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) and our keynote speaker, George Barna. Together we are working for the common good.

In my short presentation, I reminded attendees that we are called to be steadfast and immovable while abounding in the work the Lord calls us to do and to remember that our labor is not in vain. God’s truth is marching on. We are His …

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Shoppers Willing to Vote With Their Feet

A growing number of companies are publicly backing social causes but they might want to do so cautiously, warns a well-known pollster.
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ACFI Survey: Americans Are At Odds Concerning Morals in the Nation

Election 2016 will go down in history as a great surprise — a quasi-triumph for Conservatives, for Evangelicals, and a tragedy for the Progressive Left. Millions of Americans were praying, they knew the nation was heading at breakneck speed toward godless socialism, with every possible perversion being lauded by The Left.

Life and marriage, natural marriage, were still vitally important to Bible-believing Christians in America. As was our relationship, nationally, to the Jewish state of Israel. Though Donald J. Trump was an unlikely champion for such conservative issues, he was the only choice. Everyone nervously hoped Trump would keep his …

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