What Hillary & Tina Can Learn from Sarah Palin
What Hillary & Tina Can Learn from Sarah Palin
Written By   |   06.24.09
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Have you noticed that the liberal left keeps someone in their cross hairs at all times? They are like the bully on the playground who always has to make a spectacle out of the kid least likely to fight back. Their tactics are the same; isolate, belittle, degrade.

Take David Letterman for example, once a funny young man, now an obviously bitter old man trying to keep his ratings up with political jokes, by vilification of the President of the United States. With republicans out of office, thats no longer in vogue. So he looks around the playground and targets the new girl–Sarah Palin (and her daughter). The Letterman assault is a perfect example of how liberals attack and destroy– with a smile.

At long last, after public outrage, last week Letterman issued his apology–and it is accepted. May I point out that it took two tries? The first round, Palin didnt buy it–and rightfully so. It was a sorry excuse for an apology. By deflecting criticism in saying that his joke was not about her 14 year-old daughter, but rather about her 18 year-old daughter shows he is completely oblivious to the fact that her daughters, at any age, should never be target of crude sexual jokes.

Tina Brown, of The Daily Beast wrote a piece titled, What Hillary Can Teach Sarah Palin. Ms. Brown joins Letterman as a classroom example of how those in liberal media/entertainment expose their belief system–and impose it.

Brown wrote of her observance of Melanne Verveer being sworn in by Hillary Clinton as ambassador-at-large for global women’s issues. She writes, “Standing in the grand Benjamin Franklin Rooms amidst a sea of some 400 animated guests, most of them unostentatious women of stature and purpose, I felt someone should pluck the combustible Alaskan away from whatever rancid talk show she was headed for and make her watch a vignette of what real female power looks like.”

Aside from the slight by implicating that Palin has been on a round of talk shows (and this is a bad thing)– which she hasn’t– the “make her watch a vignette of what real female power looks like” comment is an astounding display of arrogance.

First of all, Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska. She was chosen as a presidential running mate in the Republican Party. I don’t know of Hillary rising on her own to anything other than Senator of New York. Even there, Ms. Clinton rode into politics on her husband’s coattails– the very definition of what feminists detest. There is a difference between powerful women and power hungry women.

Brown goes on to write, “The scene was a great snapshot of two battle-tested empty nesters, both handsome blown-out blondes in their early 60s, both wearing consummately safe alpha-female pantsuits, (Hillary in self-possessed powder blue, her new ambassador in respectful grey.)”

Self-possessed powered blue and respectful grey. Rare colors obviously found only in alpha-female pantsuits. Apparently, not available where Sarah Palin rented her wardrobe for the campaign trail–now returned.

Brown continues, “Does anyone believe that Palin really, truly thought Letterman’s sexual joke was about her 14-year-old daughter, Willow, not her 18-year-old, Bristol…?”

Why would anyone think any differently? He didn’t name her, but it was said about the daughter that was with her at the ball game– thus, Willow.

She continues, “Letterman’s joke may not have been his finest hour, but at least he swiftly apologized. Meanwhile, the nation’s hockey mom scores another goal for intellectual dishonesty.”
The truth is he did not swiftly apologize. It took two tries, and a public pounding. Notice, that when a conservative is offended at crude jokes it’s intellectual dishonesty?

She winds up her column with this advice to Mrs. Palin, “Take a leaf out of Hillary’s book, Sarah. Study up and shut up. If you were a real power woman, we wouldn’t be hearing from you right now, so soon after your vice presidential flameout. You’d be too busy preparing yourself for the day when you have something to say worth hearing.”

My advice to Tina Brown; turn off the old ‘I am woman hear me roar’ record, it’s worn out.

What both Brown and Clinton can learn from Sarah Palin is that real female power doesn’t have to look nor act like a man. It does not destroy life, it creates and protects it.

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